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Waddling along in a straight row, they looked like an omen of…something.  I think they were just lost. Or there to visit someone.

Other geese in the sky, flying in the distinctive “V”, are they coming home or going away?  Animal behaviour a bit topsy-turvy at the moment so confused at to if it is spring or fall.  But, this is winter.

What I learned today:  That book isn’t for me.

What I’m going to do: Read it.

What else I learned today: A lot of people think I’m funny.

Other things I learned today: A lot of people have a questionable sense of humour.


“Cecilia” playing on the radio this morning, some cover version, stayed with me – hard not to spend all day singing along with the worm in my ear.

Reminds me of when friends Carl and Kevin spent one gloomy, wintry week-end in the university dorm playing this song.  No one got angry. Sitting around in the hall outside their room talking and singing for hours – when the song finished Carl or Kevin would pop up, run into the room and hit replay.

Reminds me of the best parts of summer.

Listening to it now – I love the sound of records, the snaps, the crackles and yes, even the pops.  Digital is lovely, but the imperfections, the warmth of a record is unbeatable.  Maybe this is the real reason that I haven’t got an iPod?

So, read the reviews and looked at the specs.  I want an iPad.  Right now. This little machine is totally sexy and exactly the Mac for me – thanks Steve Jobs!  I knew you could make something just for me – small, sexy, touch sensitive and awesome for travel.  Just like me!

Should be called the “iBex”.

What I learned today: Dell sucks. Really. Dell sucks.

Why I didn’t believe the rumours: No company can be that bad and still be in business, right?

Other thing I learned: All that talk about call centres being in other countries is true.

What this makes me wonder: If I’m talking to them at 8am my time, what time are they working and doesn’t this mess up their circadian rhythm? What do they do about the problems with sleep deprivation?

Other thing that I learned: I’m a little bit racist.

How I learned this: I thought:  “May I please just speak to someone who speaks English?!  Pretty please?!!” while I was trying to get help from the Dell call centre.

What this makes me what to do: Sing that song “We’re all a little bit racist inside” from Avenue Q.

Another Thursday.

The Good: Today is Uncle Basil’s Birthday!

The Bad: There is no ice cream cake.

The Good: The are lots of moose  in Newfoundland.

The Bad: People get hurt crashing cars into moose.

The Good: I don’t live in Newfoundland.

The Good: I own a moose plushie. So if someone crashed into this moose, no one would get hurt.

The Bad: Except my plushie moose.

The Good: Last night, I totally got up that climb that was giving me trouble.

The Embarassing: It was a 5.8.

The Good: It was on steep incline, so at one point I was hanging on with my hands while my feet where off the wall, hanging in space

The Bad: Doing that sacred the heck out of me.

The Conclusion: I’m still afraid of heights.

The Good: I’m climbing again on Saturday.

The Bad: Today is Thursday.

The Worse: Broccoli for dinner.

The Good: I don’t have to eat it!

The Better:  I just had roasted, salted cashews as a snack!

The Bad: I only got one thing completed at work today.

The Good: My colleagues know that I only got one thing completed at work today but they know that one thing is really, really important.

The Bad: I’m really, really behind at work.

The Good: My manager knows this, accepts it and assures me that everything is ok.

The Bad: The one thing was a survey.

The Good: I get to work with people I really like.

The Plan: A colleague and I are going drinking together.

The Bad: It cold and it is still winter.

The Good: The windshield wiper squirter on the driver’s side of my car works.

The Bad: I don’t know the right term for “windshield wiper squirter”.

The Odd: I own a car.

The Bad: I’m cold and sore.

The Best: I’m having a hot bath after dinner!

All in all, a pretty good Thursday.  One down, 51 more to go..