Sometimes the things that are most salient bubble up through the thoughts aft.

Playing music yesterday, post-book, could I feel my brain chemistry changing?  Could I feel those chemical going “pop, pop, sizzle” in my brain, between my neurons and synapses? Did they feel like dancing?  Did I want to raise my voice in song?


Yes. I did.

I don’t know if is possible, but playing music, it felt like…well, like the world is filled with possibilities.  And there I was, right in the middle.

Is this extasis?

The book made me feel ok about not liking the first “Lord of the Rings movie.  I commented to a friend about them once that there wasn’t enough music in it, in the book they are always singing and walking or singing and sitting around the fire or listening someone else sing etc.  She said to me that if they put all the songs in the movie would be a musical – “Exactly.”

Musicals sometimes have a bad rep, but I love them. Some people hate them ‘cuz “people don’t go around bursting out into song at every little thing”.

Of course they do!

I feel like I’ve made my life back into a musical.

Bring on the jazz hands!

In other news, a white Siberian tiger killed it’s owner, during feeding time.

I’m not sure what to think about this. Cougars are hunting down people in the wild and others are keeping tigers as pets.  I mean, sometimes my house cat was a little wild and aggressive when I fed her or kept her ball of yarn away from her or wanted to do something other than sit around and pet her.

They are wild animals, man, wild animals.

Is it possible to be too happy?

Many people I met tell me how nice I am or how pleasant or how cheerful or how much fun to talk to or how lovely my smile is or how they do see people smile like that all the time.

So, I wonder, I am too happy when I met people and talk to them?

I hope that we can be as happy as our hearts can take before they break.  I hope that no one limits our happiness or tells us that there is such a thing as being “too happy”.

The stupidest thing I did today was go outside with a colleague, without a coat, hat, scarf, mitts, fleece, in little silky top with short sleeves to show my colleague that I was having problems with a parking code.  It was about minus 10, but a wet minus ten.  We thought it might be the machine, so we went to another one, just to be sure.  It wasn’t the machines!  It was the code!

No worries, I think I’m almost thawed.

Home late tonight, I’ve been learning things.  A little knowledge is a dangerous thing and it can make you late for dinner too.