I want to write something witty and funny, something that will make someone laugh or pause, think I’m really clever or lead some sort of semi-charmed, magical life.

After opening the car door, my key disappeared.  6:20am in the morning and defying the laws of physics.  I look for it – not on the floor of the car, not on the driveway, not in the backseat and if I keep this up I will late for work.  I can’t be late for work – I have a morning of training.

A frantic search yields – nothing.

I wake my dad and hastily explain the situation.  He comes out to help the search – nothing.

I ask for a drive a to work, he does one better and hands over his vehicle, with key for me to use.

I drive to work, I’m late, I’m late, I’m late.

Defy the laws of time and space and end up at work exactly on time.  Without speeding.

How did that happen?

One parking pass card and one parking code do not work and my parking pass has the wrong plate number on it.  No tickets for these three violations.

Home after work and gobble a snack – dad found my key.  And made me five extras “For when this sort of thing happens again.”  He knows my luck too well.

Drive over the train station – find the best possible parking spot.

At the climbing gym – lean against the freshly painted white wall and no paint gets on me.

Have a panic attack on a 5.9 – never done this route before and it is a challenge, but good and I live through it.  Manage not to freak out, but one long, shuddering breath when I’m back on terra firma means that I have inhaled someone’s…something…that I’m allergic to…

Have to stop my climb partner so I can cough, run to the front door for fresh air and I can’t stop coughing, throat closing up and struggling for air.

We leave.

But, we are early, it is almost an hour to my train, so we go for sushi, which I originally planned to miss.  It is awesome and good to talk and talk and talk.

Miss the train I wanted to catch so have to wait almost an hour.

I’ve brought a book with me so make it through almost all the short stories – stop at the sketch of the “Tree Trying to Tell Me Something” – yes, Vonnegut again.

My mind was on tectonic plates all day. My thoughts in Haiti.