Today felt like a Thursday.

Like I was sent home with a pat on the head and a tupperware container of vegetarian pizza.

Felt discouraged and little out of sorts.

So what to do?

Break out the sparkling wine!

Found half an avocado waiting for me – buttery, rich, filled with those lovely amino acids that the body loves.  Smooth and lovely in my mouth, sliding down my throat.  The bubbles tease my palate and pale yellow and pale green make me think of…spring.

Eating and drinking spring.

The surviving pizza from a work meeting, Greek in theme – the pizza, not the meeting – contrasts and heightens the sparkles of the wine.  This wine makes me think of Phranque “Everyday champagne.”

Did he mean to remind me that everyday is a celebration?

It’s not pink, though, but perhaps next time?

Next course – dark chocolate with almonds.

I can’t stand chocolate bars with nuts in it!  Got into a very large row with a friend about the difference between a chocolate bar with almonds in it and almond bark.  I love almond bark, but hate chocolate bars with almonds.

It is a bar thing or a bark thing?

The bark is better than the bar.

Spending a lot of time lately wishing I could be smarter. I mean, there are some extremely smart people out there, intelligent even and some days I feel like all I learn is how stupid I am.

But at least learning that I get smarter, right? Hopefully. Maybe.

The perfect job for me was on a radio show on the drive home today.  After getting over the surprise of remembering that I own a car and where I parked – I really listened…CCO – Chief Culture Officer.

Chief Culture Officer.

So, someone at the corporation pays attention to culture and makes sure that the business takes trends into account.

Avoids those gaffes like Levis “missing hip-hop” – they didn’t realize there was a market for baggy jeans!

If I can’t be an Ethics and Morality Consultant, then CCO is where it is at for me!

Actually, I know few people who would be great at this CCO position – yes, I am thinking about you.

Can’t make the author’s talk, totally unwilling to drive after a few glasses of bubbles.

This whole driving thing is about gains and losses.

I’ve gained more than two hours to my day.

I’ve lost the care-free-ness of someone else driving.

I’ve gained independence.

I’ve lost the time to read or do a crossword puzzle during my commute.

(I was getting very good at crossword puzzles.  Actually I should get a job designing these, that would rock my socks.)

I’ve gained debt.

I’ve lost having to ask permission to use someone’s car.

I’ve gained size of my carbon footprint.

But I can listen to the radio.  Ah!  News during the drive home, sublime.