Grand Funk – is today Thursday?

Spending the day at the positive deviance workshop – it is way cool, but not as cool as the name implies.  A good time was had by me. Chatting with a friend online – clearing the funk out of my brain and readjusting my focus. Hocus pocus. Meandering conversation lead to thoughts of feeding catsContinue reading “Grand Funk – is today Thursday?”

Positve Deviance, Vitamin D, body scanners and Cougars

“Positive Deviance” is a wonderful term to indict deviant behaviour that changes society in a positive or socially just way. This sounds like a great concept, right? It is. Only problem is that this is not was “Positive Deviance” is.  “Positive Deviance” basically means that a solution to the a problem is thought up byContinue reading “Positve Deviance, Vitamin D, body scanners and Cougars”