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I’m up.

No, I’m not.

Yes, I’m up.


Not up at all.


I’m snuggling down in my bed, warm, cozy, listening to the birds outside my window – sounds like some people are ready for the day.

I’m not.

I’m going to snuggle here and be warm, hang out with my plushies, breath deeply and just, you know, have a bit of rest. Plushies seems A-OK with this, so I’m just going to go with it and enjoy.

Oxygen fills my lungs, heart is beating slow and steady – still at the resting rate – slow, strong, steady, peripheral burn from the lactic acid in my muscles and yep, feelin’ fine. Feelin’…haha, groovy.

I’m going to blow off the gym today and take a day off. I’m going stay right here in bed and not do anything or go anywhere or –


I’m not.

With that, I’m out of bed, breakfast-ed, showered, dressed and yes, out the door and on my way to the gym.

Weight machines today, start with a solid 15 on the elliptical and then, yep, time to work it. Abs, legs, rear, biceps, triceps, back. Whew!

Adrenaline releases and hums along in the blood. Hmmmmmmm. Blood is doing musical scales in my veins, through my heart.

Finish it off with some time on the treadmill, to cool down, collect myself and reflect on the workout.

Yes, to catch some reality TV as well.

“B” hair day so I don’t linger for long and I’m back home and –

Hungry. Really, really hungry.

Today lunch takes the form of a thin bagel with mashed up avocado (salted and pepper-ed!), turkey bacon, pickles, banana and a tall glass of water. Oh, yum. The body needed this so bad.

More job searching, more resumes out.

Sun breaks through the fog and what a beautiful day it is.

To think, I almost spent it in bed.


Try as I might, I just figure out the “upside” to feeling like this.

After getting all caught up on writing on Sunday, I made some plans for a hot stone massage with a friend in mid-November (some people are just that busy!), had some tea and threw up.

Four (4!) days spent in bed, losing bits of nutrition in very messy and painful ways. Sleeping too much. Being bored out of my skull when I’m awake, ‘cuz it isn’t like I can do anything.

Three days of waking up at normal time, only to either lose my breakfast or feel like my breakfast would be lost at any moment.

Two days of being able to get into the shower and get clean, for work.

One day, today, getting to work, only have to leave four hours later.

It is enough to make a person cry.

So, the positives.

I’ve spent a lot of time with my plushies.

Here is what I have learned:

Rufus, the toque-wearing puppy-dog has matured enough to now be a fine example to stuffed-animal dogs everywhere. When Rufus was new, he was a “bed gypsy”, he wandered all over the bed at night and I would find him in very unlikely (and sometimes very comfortable!) places. Rufus, now stays put and cuddles nicely. Good for Rufus!

Carlito the Caribou is young but wise. When I complained and asked Carlito why I was sick, Carlito simply said nothing and stared at me until I stopped asking stupid questions. Pretty smart for a tiny caribou!

The other ones don’t seem to begrudge being on the shelf, I mean they have a pretty good view of things, including outside and from what I saw today, the leaves are lovely.

Funny, the more I think about it, the more this October feels like…February.

I’s so sick of being sick.

Another Thursday.

The Good: Today is Uncle Basil’s Birthday!

The Bad: There is no ice cream cake.

The Good: The are lots of moose  in Newfoundland.

The Bad: People get hurt crashing cars into moose.

The Good: I don’t live in Newfoundland.

The Good: I own a moose plushie. So if someone crashed into this moose, no one would get hurt.

The Bad: Except my plushie moose.

The Good: Last night, I totally got up that climb that was giving me trouble.

The Embarassing: It was a 5.8.

The Good: It was on steep incline, so at one point I was hanging on with my hands while my feet where off the wall, hanging in space

The Bad: Doing that sacred the heck out of me.

The Conclusion: I’m still afraid of heights.

The Good: I’m climbing again on Saturday.

The Bad: Today is Thursday.

The Worse: Broccoli for dinner.

The Good: I don’t have to eat it!

The Better:  I just had roasted, salted cashews as a snack!

The Bad: I only got one thing completed at work today.

The Good: My colleagues know that I only got one thing completed at work today but they know that one thing is really, really important.

The Bad: I’m really, really behind at work.

The Good: My manager knows this, accepts it and assures me that everything is ok.

The Bad: The one thing was a survey.

The Good: I get to work with people I really like.

The Plan: A colleague and I are going drinking together.

The Bad: It cold and it is still winter.

The Good: The windshield wiper squirter on the driver’s side of my car works.

The Bad: I don’t know the right term for “windshield wiper squirter”.

The Odd: I own a car.

The Bad: I’m cold and sore.

The Best: I’m having a hot bath after dinner!

All in all, a pretty good Thursday.  One down, 51 more to go..