Making the most of Saturday

Saturday, Saturday, Saturday. I look forward to all week and when you are here and I am in the moment, your perfection blows away all my expectations. Climbing in the am, 6 climbs = 1 x 5.8 (wimpy) + 3 x 5.9 + 2 x 5.10- (finally back at an appropriate difficultly!). Then, sushi! AndContinue reading “Making the most of Saturday”

Singing in the lunch line

Incredible meeting – my agenda item to share with the group – we got approval to use the checklist I’ve been working on. Congrats all the way around, most directed at me. Funny. ‘Cuz I didn’t believe, at any point during the project, that it was needed. I guess I was way wrong. I haveContinue reading “Singing in the lunch line”

Free form jazz

bah-da-bah-bahdabahdabahba-bah-deeeeeeee! ba-n-ba-do-wah. bah-da-bah-dabahdabahdabah-bah-deeeeee! ba-n-ba-do-wah. bah-dab-dab-bah-deedeedeedeedee-deeee-deeeeee! wah-wah-wah-waaaaahhhhh! teah-teah-teah-teah-ba-n-ba-do wah. ba-n-ba-do waaaaah! do-do-doooo-dodododododododododododdododoooooooooooo! ba-da. ba-da. ba-da. ba-da. ba-da. ba-da. badabadabadabadabadadadawah-waaaah! wah-wah-wah-waaaahhh! wooooo! (sometimes my heart just wants to sing)  

Trouble with beginnings

I’m having trouble. The Olympic criticism, Toronto’s new budget, my new credit card, USA’s return to nuclear power, how King Tut died, new mortgage laws and the conversation over on the CBC newsboards about if aliens built the pyramids – today I don’t know where to begin. I got my new Beatles book via courierContinue reading “Trouble with beginnings”

“I’m a wild animal”

Seeing “The Fantastic Mr. Fox” at the rep cinema near a friend’s place today  the different characters neighbourhoods have strikes me . Last time, we were the only ones that laughed in the film, this time, we laughed along with people (kids includes, which also didn’t happen last time) for the first part of theContinue reading ““I’m a wild animal””

Worm in my ear, song in my heart

“Cecilia” playing on the radio this morning, some cover version, stayed with me – hard not to spend all day singing along with the worm in my ear. Reminds me of when friends Carl and Kevin spent one gloomy, wintry week-end in the university dorm playing this song.  No one got angry. Sitting around inContinue reading “Worm in my ear, song in my heart”

The day after

Sometimes the things that are most salient bubble up through the thoughts aft. Playing music yesterday, post-book, could I feel my brain chemistry changing?  Could I feel those chemical going “pop, pop, sizzle” in my brain, between my neurons and synapses? Did they feel like dancing?  Did I want to raise my voice in song?Continue reading “The day after”

The World in Six Songs: How the Musical Brain Created Human Nature by Daniel J. Levitin book review

I am in love with this book. When I grow up I am going to marry this book and have, like, ten thousand of it’s babies. Finished it off today and I can’t even begin to express what a great read this was – for me – it had everything, total sensory experience, due toContinue reading “The World in Six Songs: How the Musical Brain Created Human Nature by Daniel J. Levitin book review”

“…my friend Oliver Sacks…”

Seriously?  Your friend Oliver Sacks?! If I thought this books was cool before, well!  I don’t even know what to say about it now…what do you say about book, when in the second chapter the writer puts something out there like that?  AND then goes on to talk about what Oliver Sacks shared about hisContinue reading ““…my friend Oliver Sacks…””