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Saturday, Saturday, Saturday.

I look forward to all week and when you are here and I am in the moment, your perfection blows away all my expectations.

Climbing in the am, 6 climbs = 1 x 5.8 (wimpy) + 3 x 5.9 + 2 x 5.10- (finally back at an appropriate difficultly!).

Then, sushi!

And you know, that alone makes for a perfect Saturday, but the fun did not stop there, on no. Me = home and it is all laundry all the time.

Then – bonus champagne and OJ arrives when mum and dad get home and…they have cake! Woooo!

Jump in the shower and do a re-fresh of the hair and the self and I’m off to see some music at a house concert hosted by two excellent friends of my bro. My bro and sis-in-law are out of luck and won’t be there, but me, I have a Saturday night, so may as well use it, right?

I’m carrying my yoga bag which has a folding lawn chair in it and you what? There aren’t many people toting around yoga mat bags at night. Just saying.

So the concert.

What I can say about it?

Tonight I’m seeing Sora.

Who, I will tell you straight up, before last night, no idea who she is. But, you know sometimes there are certain people whose tastes I just trust. Like these friends of my bro, I trust their taste, they are super friendly, super talented people, so I’m just going to go along with it, ok?

Happy I did.

Her voice was…like a bell. Clear tone, resonant and struck me right in my little heart.

As she sings, her music, gets into my bone and muscles and my ligaments unwind and my spine straightens and all that work from climbing that made my fingers and toes so sore? Slowly leaching out into the air around me, dropping into the floor.

I close my eyes and I’m just…swept clean. Swept away.

I’m not sure how to explain the music…there was harp and violin and piano (Frank even played in the second half!), but I close my eyes and I got a bit lost there. I enjoyed getting lost in there. Themes of Greek mythology and love and passion and angst and some different takes and insights into stories.

And she was wearing this beautiful corset.

And she thinks I have awesome hair!

Excellent evening.

Check her out.

Had to leave early ‘cuz it is Pilates and yoga in the am.

Hit the bed hard and sleep takes me quickly.

Up after 7.5 hours, slept for about 7, which is pretty good, the body = exhaustion.

Out the door and I’m at the gym to get in 30min of the treadmill before Pilates. Word to Pilates instructor and explain I’m going to leave class 5min early for the Hot Yoga class (which is still Warm, so happy about that). She is happy for me and encourages me to go when I have to so I make the class. Also, let her know how much I enjoy the class and how, with Hot Yoga, it is really helping me after the ole’ Saturday climb.

She is impressed with me climbing.


Great class, she gets right into those muscles under the should blades. I don’t know what they are called, so I call them “Fred” and “George” and they are all loose and feel great.

Hot Yoga is an excellent class as well and after class, get into a conversation with the two yoga guys who are there today.

We talk about our practice, instructors and I talk about climbing.

And you know, they are both blown away that I climb and have all these questions for me. I talk about it, ‘cuz the only thing I like better than climbing is talking about climbing and you know what?

I think I convinced them both to try it! They both said that would check out the gym near where the gym is. So there you go.

After, I’m soooo hungry so it is time –

For a movie!

Yep, treated myself to a late lunch at the movie theatre.

I owe you a review for “Anonymous”.

After movie is home time! And –


My bro, sis-in-law and niece are over for a visit.

My niece comes to greet me and she –

Is wearing one my old sweaters! It is huge on her, but she looks terribly cute. This sweater used to be my mum’s and she gave it to me when I fit into it and…my ex shrunk it when he washed it this one time. Broke my heart and I kept the, now-shrunk sweater ‘cuz I loved it so much.

For the record, this is exactly why I instructed my ex never, under any circumstances to ever, ever touch my laundry – I was afraid he would shrink something.

And he did.

Don’t worry, he learned his lesson and never touched my laundry again.

Our guests leave and now there is something yummy cooking for dinner. No idea what, but I’m sooooo looking forward to it.

Ironing for the week is done along with some other things that I found around here that were wrinkled and crying out for me. Gym clothes are on the last spin and you know what?

I’m ready for Monday!


Incredible meeting – my agenda item to share with the group – we got approval to use the checklist I’ve been working on. Congrats all the way around, most directed at me.


‘Cuz I didn’t believe, at any point during the project, that it was needed.

I guess I was way wrong. I have to laugh about it.

Next steps – the Group wants me to present at the first meeting with all our colleagues and teach the information and present the checklist to everyone.


I’m not sure how I get myself into these things.

Lucky for me, I’m ok with presenting during a videoconference. I have some good clothes to wear for it and I always smile and nod during these things – you never know when you are on camera.

Feels good to get a project finished.

The way upside: This means I can get back the project that I like more! Yay!

Also way up there: The checklist is going to help. I like things that help.

Bonus – today in the cafeteria they were playing one of my fav songs. I sang along, out loud and made like I was having a free concert. I’m not sure how the audience (my colleagues) enjoyed, but no one threw rotten tomatoes at me or anything, so there you go.

Yes, I blew off the gym to shovel the driveway. Yes, I blew off shoveling the driveway to…drink tea. At least I’m keeping up with one of my New Year’s Resolutions.

Tonight – early, ok earlier, to bed! Up in the morning to climb some walls!








teah-teah-teah-teah-ba-n-ba-do wah.

ba-n-ba-do waaaaah!





ba-da. ba-da. ba-da.




(sometimes my heart just wants to sing)


I’m having trouble.

The Olympic criticism, Toronto’s new budget, my new credit card, USA’s return to nuclear power, how King Tut died, new mortgage laws and the conversation over on the CBC newsboards about if aliens built the pyramids – today I don’t know where to begin.

I got my new Beatles book via courier today.

I’m going to leave the world and go and play.

Seeing “The Fantastic Mr. Fox” at the rep cinema near a friend’s place today  the different characters neighbourhoods have strikes me . Last time, we were the only ones that laughed in the film, this time, we laughed along with people (kids includes, which also didn’t happen last time) for the first part of the film.  The second part, my friend and I were alone again.

Watching “District 9” last night with a different friendit is interesting how different people are tuned to different messages.  I see a film and racism and oppression, he sees a film about aliens with cool technology.  I see a film with a very clever and thoughtful ending, he sees a film that he wants to see the sequel to, so he can aliens kicking some human butt.

Thing that had my attention all week-end: Cancer Bats covering “Sabotage”, by the Beastie Boys.  Whoa.  Awesome cover.

I don’t understand your band name, but love your cover.

Thing I learned today: Sometimes I think to hard.  Just relax the brain of let the body take over and everything will be ok.

“Cecilia” playing on the radio this morning, some cover version, stayed with me – hard not to spend all day singing along with the worm in my ear.

Reminds me of when friends Carl and Kevin spent one gloomy, wintry week-end in the university dorm playing this song.  No one got angry. Sitting around in the hall outside their room talking and singing for hours – when the song finished Carl or Kevin would pop up, run into the room and hit replay.

Reminds me of the best parts of summer.

Listening to it now – I love the sound of records, the snaps, the crackles and yes, even the pops.  Digital is lovely, but the imperfections, the warmth of a record is unbeatable.  Maybe this is the real reason that I haven’t got an iPod?

So, read the reviews and looked at the specs.  I want an iPad.  Right now. This little machine is totally sexy and exactly the Mac for me – thanks Steve Jobs!  I knew you could make something just for me – small, sexy, touch sensitive and awesome for travel.  Just like me!

Should be called the “iBex”.

What I learned today: Dell sucks. Really. Dell sucks.

Why I didn’t believe the rumours: No company can be that bad and still be in business, right?

Other thing I learned: All that talk about call centres being in other countries is true.

What this makes me wonder: If I’m talking to them at 8am my time, what time are they working and doesn’t this mess up their circadian rhythm? What do they do about the problems with sleep deprivation?

Other thing that I learned: I’m a little bit racist.

How I learned this: I thought:  “May I please just speak to someone who speaks English?!  Pretty please?!!” while I was trying to get help from the Dell call centre.

What this makes me what to do: Sing that song “We’re all a little bit racist inside” from Avenue Q.

Sometimes the things that are most salient bubble up through the thoughts aft.

Playing music yesterday, post-book, could I feel my brain chemistry changing?  Could I feel those chemical going “pop, pop, sizzle” in my brain, between my neurons and synapses? Did they feel like dancing?  Did I want to raise my voice in song?


Yes. I did.

I don’t know if is possible, but playing music, it felt like…well, like the world is filled with possibilities.  And there I was, right in the middle.

Is this extasis?

The book made me feel ok about not liking the first “Lord of the Rings movie.  I commented to a friend about them once that there wasn’t enough music in it, in the book they are always singing and walking or singing and sitting around the fire or listening someone else sing etc.  She said to me that if they put all the songs in the movie would be a musical – “Exactly.”

Musicals sometimes have a bad rep, but I love them. Some people hate them ‘cuz “people don’t go around bursting out into song at every little thing”.

Of course they do!

I feel like I’ve made my life back into a musical.

Bring on the jazz hands!

In other news, a white Siberian tiger killed it’s owner, during feeding time.

I’m not sure what to think about this. Cougars are hunting down people in the wild and others are keeping tigers as pets.  I mean, sometimes my house cat was a little wild and aggressive when I fed her or kept her ball of yarn away from her or wanted to do something other than sit around and pet her.

They are wild animals, man, wild animals.

Is it possible to be too happy?

Many people I met tell me how nice I am or how pleasant or how cheerful or how much fun to talk to or how lovely my smile is or how they do see people smile like that all the time.

So, I wonder, I am too happy when I met people and talk to them?

I hope that we can be as happy as our hearts can take before they break.  I hope that no one limits our happiness or tells us that there is such a thing as being “too happy”.

The stupidest thing I did today was go outside with a colleague, without a coat, hat, scarf, mitts, fleece, in little silky top with short sleeves to show my colleague that I was having problems with a parking code.  It was about minus 10, but a wet minus ten.  We thought it might be the machine, so we went to another one, just to be sure.  It wasn’t the machines!  It was the code!

No worries, I think I’m almost thawed.

Home late tonight, I’ve been learning things.  A little knowledge is a dangerous thing and it can make you late for dinner too.

I am in love with this book.

When I grow up I am going to marry this book and have, like, ten thousand of it’s babies.

Finished it off today and I can’t even begin to express what a great read this was – for me – it had everything, total sensory experience, due to the music it invoked, quoted.  When certain songs were invoked or quoted it was impossible not to hear them in my brain.

Lovely writing.

I loved that the author got everything in – comments and observations about animal behaviours, human behaviours, evolution, brain chemistry, literary figures, certain songs, certain song writers (Joni Mitchel, Sting, Johnny Cash, Elvis, McCartney and Lennon etc. etc.), brain structure, types of love, Kurt Vonnegut.

The last was a bit of a surprise and sometimes I wonder if there aren’t secret languages and codes out there, I mean yes, Kurt Vonnegut had a lot to say about a lot of different things and the passage that is quoted in this book is one of my favourites from “Slapstick”, but I didn’t think people read and quoted Vonnegut as much as all that…it is like there some sort of intellectual shift, I’ve been hearing more and more about Vonnegut.

It is interesting and reveals my bias – someone says “Kurt Vonnegut” or when a writer writes “Kurt Vonnegut” or quotes from one of his works, there is something in me…dog-like…I sit up straighter, I feel my ears perk up and if I had a tail it would wag.

This is the moment that I most understand dogs welcoming their owners home.

I mean, before this part of the book, I thought “this author is really smart and has great taste in music” but after I read the part where he quotes Vonnegut I thought “This guy is a friend of mine.  We are so similar!  We even have friends in common!”, I started thinking about the author as Daniel, rather than as a really intelligent professor.  It made me think  about a conversation, an idea, piece of music, hanging out and having tea and something really tasty to eat.

I think this makes me kind of easy.  I mean say someone were to find out about this, they could just quote me something from Kurt Vonnegut and I would go all slobbery.

I guess some of us go weak over red roses and some of us go weak over Kurt Vonnegut.

This book also invoked a lot of buried memories – he talks about how people who have the name of a popular song often get people quoting the song at them…I did this to a young person I taught at summer camp, his name was Daniel and out of all the songs I could have quoted at him (“Daniel” or “Danny Boy” – also noted by the author) I would always say to him “Daniel, Daniel by the bonfire”.  He would quirk his head at me and ask why I say that to him, I told him about the song and said how it was one of my favourites.

He is grown man now and if ever this bugged the heck out of him, I am truly sorry.  But it is a really song, just think I could have tried singing “Danny Boy” at him!

So a big thank you to Kathleen, who found this book on her trip to the UK last fall, saw this book and thought of me – it was exactly what I needed.

Completing this book means that I have now finally completed my reading list for the week between Xmas and New Year’s Day.  Yay!

I’ve decided to keep up with regular reading this year and renew my library card – I could go broke buying books!

This book is a friend and I can’t wait to share it with someone I love.

Seriously?  Your friend Oliver Sacks?!

If I thought this books was cool before, well!  I don’t even know what to say about it now…what do you say about book, when in the second chapter the writer puts something out there like that?  AND then goes on to talk about what Oliver Sacks shared about his drug experiences.  This is seriously way cool book.

And why have I never seen the John Lennon suite at the Fairmont in Montreal?  Shouldn’t this be something that I should do?  Next week-end?

Morning climb was harder than it should have been.  Sometimes I feel like a bizarre chaos theory experiment – a cold will mean you can’t climb that stupid 5.8, but you can suddenly do that tricky thing through the doorway on a 5.9, but your last climb of the day will suck…rocks.  Only four climbs today and they all kind of sucked.  Ouch.

I couldn’t even taste my smoothie properly!

This cold – damn you cold!

Phrase to start using immediately: ear worm

I know, I know,  “ear worm” sounds like the real-life equivalent of “babble fish” but I totally think that if someone creates a real-life equivalent of babble fish, then they should just call it “babble fish”. And you don’t what a babble fish is, well I don’t know what to say about that.

But “ear worm” refers to a song that you can’t get out of your head.  And here I thought that we referred to those as “song viruses”.  Surprise!

I’ve started playing music again.  And singing.

And you know that I have started, I can’t figure out why I stopped.

Ok, I do know why I stopped.

I’m feeling much better now.

I wonder if there is something like a vocal jam around here somewhere.

I mean, I want to “raise my voice in song” with others, work on some music, have some fun…but most choirs feel this need to perform in front of others and I can live without that.  I mean if it was really important to perform in front of people, I would be doing that, right?

Meeting up with my bro, sis-in-law and niece for dinner and seeing my bro perform (see it is important to him, so he does it!).  Very excited about it, can’t remember the last time I saw him gig.

Put my first comment this morning on someone’s blog – Go me!

I probably violated some sort of etiquette, but thems the breaks.