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This week was the week to get back to it – with the security of a job that I love and a pay-cheque I can rely on, it is time to not only make the gym a regular place to visit but also get back to regular posting and commenting.

Such naïve thoughts.

I was ambushed last Thursday by dad’s decision to pitch in and help our neighbour by babysitting her kids (who, for the record are not babies) between their after-school ‘sitter and their mum getting home from work.

I note a lack of consultation with bex in this and I will give you three guesses about who in this place is doing the majoring of the babysitting of the kids.

Yep. You got it – me.


So, no time for the gym, either rushing home to make a dinner that we can all, if not agree on but enjoy, or rushing to do the pick-up from the ‘sitter’s place.

I’m still trying to figure out how I got roped into this…

Last Friday, I declared Friday as “Treat Night”, so we had pizza for dinner and rented a movie and even got a bowl of caramel corn each! Lucky for me, just as the movie was starting my friend phoned and we stayed on the phone for exactly the length of the movie! It was awesome, the kiddos were quiet, well-behaved and I didn’t have to sit through a horrible movie. Go me. (And thanks again to my friend who called, you know who you are!)

So last week-end I did some thinking.

First, I have to tell you that out of houses that suck for kids, our house ranks in the top ten. Our furniture is old and easily scratched, three adults live here so it isn’t like we have toys around or other kids to play with. Some of the furniture is antique and not for playing around and the house is such that any room that is even remotely good for playing in is also remote from the main action in the house.

So, how to keep the kids out of trouble and avoid nights and nights and nights of watching TV?

Time to set down some rules.

So, brief discussion about rules with dad – washing hands, going into other rooms, watching TV and how to behave in general. Then, meal planning, ‘cuz believe it or not, kids don’t have the same sort of adventurous spirit as these adult. Which is fine, I was a pickier eater when I was kid too…just not super picky. So, some kid-friendly fare is on the menu.

Then, a couple of things to keep TV to a minimum. Thursday night I planned for the library and Friday night…well, a Halloween-themed event. First idea was to do costumes, but you know what? I can barely think of a good costume for myself, never mind other people!


Monday came and I was prepared. Except for missing a post reviewing “Real Steel” that I saw on Sunday – I loved it, robots boxing! And dancing! And Hugh Jackman!

Spaghetti for dinner and we manage to convince the little boy to “just try” the crust of the garlic bread – surprise! He likes it with some spaghetti and sauce and on it! No one was more surprised than him.

My plans for Friday begin.

We have left-overs for dinner on Tuesday and there is barely enough for everyone, not sure why dad thought I wasn’t having dinner, but there you go.

Wednesday night after dinner has me making cookie dough in prep for Friday.

Finished baking them on Thursday and made another huge batch of a different kind of cookie.

Also got the library earlier as well – they had never been before! Can you imagine. Ok, they each got a couple of books that they can leave here to read when they are done homework and instead of watching TV. It also keeps them kind of quiet.

Tonight we decorated the cookies, you can check out the destruction  on the Flickr account, we did a pretty good job of making a mess and they were pretty thrilled about it – especially the little girl. Her bro was super grumpy today and you know, I get it, missing your mum and being tired and all that…I get it. And you know what, I’m old school, when a kid is crying about something like that, that you can’t change and no one can change, I figure, cry it out and be done with it. I’m not unsympathetic, I just…listen there is so much that is frustrating at that age. At any age, that sometimes you have to get it out and be done with it, move on and find something else. Everyone saying “there, there” isn’t a huge help and pointing out behaviours or problems that are undesirable is just useless.

Sorry, but that is how I think.

I thought today was the last day of babysitting.

Surprise again. We get to keep going until November 19 – Monday to Friday. But you know, something needs to change again. And I need to get back to the gym.

At least I’m here, now.



Very ill yesterday, couldn’t wake up, so slept away most of the day.

Feeling better today, so tried to make up for the lost time.

Bad climbs.  Good company, good brunch.

Finally went to the King Tut exhibit.  Really enjoyed seeing the artifacts, uncomfortable with all the death – walking through tombs.  Not exactly sure about the morals here, learning vs. respect for the dead and the beliefs of others.

Very well laid out exhibit, plenty of information, especially for people who are unfamiliar with ancient Egypt. A kick to see a few of the artifacts seen before only in pictures – the scale is what threw me off, the pics make everything look huge, but the reality is that many of the things are small, delicate, human sized, not “god sized”.  King Tut was only 5’6.

I really liked the”preamble” part of the exhibit, it really set the tone and placed everything in a cultural context.

What I learned: There is a lot of junky tourist crap with King Tut’s name all over it.

Crappy tourist thing I bought: A “mummy” rubber duckie.  For my niece, she collect rubber duckies.

Oddest tourist thing: “Make your own mummy” kit, complete with rotting corpse!

What I wonder: Is is because of the Nile tides that the Egyptians were so obsessed with death? Life must have been such a delicate thing, death was a for certain.

Favourite parts of the exhibit: Seeing the statue of Queen Hatshepsut, seeing one of the leopard masks.

Weirdest moment: Harrison Ford narrates the intro video that shows before going into the exhibit.

Stupid comment made to my friend: “I liked how they got Indiana Jones to narrate – he is a great archeologist.  Discovered the Lost Ark and the Holy Grail you know.”

My friend’s reply: “Shut up.”

Other stupid comment to my friend: “I expected more about aliens.”

My friend’s reply: “Shut up.”

This exhibit is time well spent.  I recommend.

Finally saw the DVD of “Anvil: The Story of Anvil”, documentary about Canadian heavy metal band Anvil.  I’m not into metal, but I see the appeal. This documentary rocked.  No pun intended.  It was interesting, compelling, had really interesting footage and truly human moments.

The film was very candid and a true documentary, so the film makers didn’t get involved with the subjects, the documentarian never even spoke on film.  It was really good to watch a true documentary, I’m a fan of Michael Moore’s films and similar story telling, but I have a weakness for true documentaries.

Excellent story telling.  Interesting subjects. Time very well spent and I recommend.

This film reminds us to follow our dreams, for our whole lives, keep trying for our dreams.

Also watched DVD “Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen”.  Loved the first movie, have no idea what the second movie was about.  I am the only one who can’t stand when story tellers reveal hidden or forgotten pasts to make a sequel?  Am I supposed to believe that we have to wait until a sequel to find out about the “real” conflict that was happening in the first film.  Sloppy, sloppy story telling and nicely explains why I don’t like sequels.

That being said – I enjoyed all the combat scenes, although it really bothered me to see so many ancient ruins reduced to dust and rubble.  And I also think that Petra is over used as the site of ancient secrets, seriously, I was yelling at the screen “No, no, the tomb can’t be there! That’s where the holy grail is!”

I also can’t tell the good robots from the bad robots.

Best quote of the movie: “Bad robots suck.”

Funniest moment of the movie: A character looks at a pyramid and comments that is was built by aliens.

Oddest moment in the movie: A little robot humping Megan Fox’s leg.  umm, gross and not funny.

I wouldn’t recommend this film, but it was inoffensive way to spend some time and I like movies that have excellent special effects, even if I can’t follow the fight sequences.

Lukewarm on this film – fun for two hours of nonsense and robot combat.

In other news, some guy asked for my number.

Today is Shannon’s birthday – Happy Birthday Shannon! You are awesome – a most excellent friend and a wonderful climbing partner.

Thursday and Friday switched places this week.

Got a ton (tonne?) done, work-wise and even managed to finally clean my office and rid of that…strange something or other that was lingering – odd magic.

Feels like home now.

Tried to go see the King Tut exhibit, but, alas and alack! They closed the AGO four hours early! Nothing posted on the website about the early closure and the security guard was left trying to explain.  For shame AGO, for shame!

I am I the only one who keeps humming that “King Tut” by Steve Martin?

Tried to see a movie, but the machine wouldn’t work!  We tried 3 different cards!

We got in line to deal with a person.

About to freak out, I asked if we could bail and just hang out – look at books, maybe get a little dessert.  Ok.  OK!

New books in my life – sheet music from ABBA (songs from Mamma Mia!) and “This is Your Brain on Music”.

Old friend back in my life – Stephen!

Stephen, how I have missed you!  Welcome back, it is great to cross paths with you again.

See?  Bookstore have treasures, including old friends.

Result – all plans for this evening, fubared.

Lesson – sometimes the best laid plans of mice and men (or even four friends) need to be fubar so two friends can cross paths again.

Alright, alright.