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I am so out of climbing shape.

And I know, I know, I climb twice a week, but this past Saturday we finally got outside, on a Women’s Climbing Day and man, I am so out of climbing shape! The large muscles hurt!


But what an awesome day – climbing with women, we formed a subculture within a subculture! How awesome is that? I don’t even know what you call that…a sub-subculture? But when it is climbing, shouldn’t you call it like…an acroculture? A sub-acroculture?

I don’t know.

What a day!

I got exactly one climb in, before freaking out and having issues with the chalk and yeah, so what, it was 3 times longer than a usual route indoors, still, pathetic.

But, I got outside. I shut up. I climbed.

So, yeah, looks like it is shaping up to be an awesome climbing summer…


So being a climber, someone who climbs, and being afraid of heights often presents some interesting problems.

There is this one wall at our climbing gym, it has 3 climbing routes on it and, like all the walls, the routes change-up on a regular, yet unpredictable basis. But this wall slants towards you, so as you climb you have this feeling of falling and, if you fall, the rope will swing you out over the mats. I hate the swing.

We had been working on this one route, a 5.10- and a couple of sessions ago, I made it the furthest I’ve ever made it up and I promised myself and my climbing partner – next time I tried that route I would get up and not be so focused on the “Oh noes, I’m gonna fall and swing!” and more focused on the “I’m getting up this route!”

We climbed tonight and…

The route changed.

No longer a 5.10-. Which totally sucks, I was going to make up, even it killed all my other attempts.



It is now a 5.9!

My climbing partner made it up, easy as can be, she made it look easy. She came down and said “bex, you can do it. don’t think about the slant, don’t think about falling, just go.”

I went.

I totally did it!

First time I’ve ever completed a route on the slanted wall!

I’m so happy. And proud of both my climbing partner and of me!

It is a great falling, to try and try and fail again and again. And then, one day, probably a Tuesday – you succeed.

And you realize – that wasn’t so bad after all…

Up, up, up at normal time and 45 minutes of yoga – today it is mostly standing and balance poses with a good measure of hamstring stretches thrown in, might as well, as long as I’m in the exercise clothes and all.

Stretches feel amazing after all those stairs yesterday, thankfully, I’m not sore.

Looks like another rainy, grey, overcast sort of day out there. No matter, you think I’m going to let a little thing like the weather get in my way, man, I’m in Hong Kong! Bring it on!

If Hong Kong had a monsoon today I would put on my rain gear and go play in the puddles.

And tell you all about it.

Pack up the ole’ netbook as I realize I haven’t any writing in coffee shops – today, I could become a “coffee shop writer”, doesn’t that sound awesome?

I even know where there is a coffee shop that noted “WiFi” on a sign, it is just down the street from my hotel.

Ah! Here we go, today is ginseng and honey tea with some kind of chicken sandwich – yep, mostly protein and carbs, some greens, but enough to make anyone happy.

And I’m ready, ready, ready.

Oops. When they say “WiFi Available” what they mean is “you bring your own WiFi and we won’t object to you bringing your computers in here and doing all that stuff you do as long as you buy something”.

And there it is: culture clash.

Finish off breakfast and take another walkabout.

Now, I know my way it will be a breeze getting back to the hotel and checking out on time.

So I take a walk, see things from the perspective of early morning on a Sunday. Man, there are a lot of tourists around this place, looking at things, looking at maps, getting lost, getting found. It’s all good, they support the local economy and all that stuff, so I smile, nod and say “Welcome!” telepathically.

Yes, I know I don’t have telepathy.

Yes, I realize I don’t live here.


After a two and half hour walk-around – Hong Kong is doing fine this Sunday morning, everything passed bexspection, thank you – it’s back to the hotel to chill out before checking out.

I stretch out on the bed, listen to the sounds of the city rising up through the window and breath deeply. Hong Kong.

From check out, it is into a cab and check in to the next hotel – the cost and free WiFi was too alluring to pass up.

No, it isn’t as nice as the first place.

No, it isn’t anywhere near the same area.

Yes, this does mean I will get lost again. Thank you for reminding me.

Up, down, hairpin turns, dips, skids, bumps, twists, up, down, up, up, up! And suddenly – hotel.

I’m thankful, ‘cuz I was just about to reach for my dimenhydrinate.

Yes, I do keep some nearby at all times. If you knew people who get sick on merry-go-rounds you would too.

No, so far, I haven’t been motion sick at all. This cab ride was close.

The hotel isn’t far away from the other hotel, but seems like a long way – it is the elevation gain, I’m sure.

I discovered about those super tall buildings! Maybe they are “normal-sized” buildings, but as Hong Kong is built on the side of a mountain, they all start at different elevations – some at lower elevations, some at higher elevations. See what you learn when you use the powers of observations.

You know, even taking this into account, some of these buildings still seem pretty tall to me. I can’t be that small, can I?

Check-in is a breeze yay! And treat myself to a couple of hours of catching up on emails, Facebook (seriously, now I have to “catch-up on this? I think I’ve made a grave error with this, still nice to be in touch…), replying to comments and reading and commenting on blogs.

Yes, I know I’m in Hong Kong and still reading and commenting on blogs. This is just how I roll, ok?

Find an email send last night by my “tour guide” from yesterday inviting me along on a tour. Stupid, stupid me, should have checked email sooner, missed out on a great opportunity.

Email back and cross my fingers, give it two hours to hear a reply.

Oh, two and half hours.

They pass as I upload, read and comment.

Then, it is time to go back into the world.

After printing out the etickets for the flights that is – gotta make sure my plans are actually, you know, planning the way they are supposed to.

Business Centre – I do a bit of on the fly trouble shooting for the person trying to help me do these print outs – when it asks for login information, you better provide login information. We both learn something new – him, you need login information, me, everywhere in the world people have the same issues with computers.

They have the same issues with elevators are well. Did I tell you the amount of people who got on the elevator when it was going the wrong way? Seriously, I keep telling people which way the elevator is going and they keep pressing the buttons as it that is going to change it.

No, it isn’t a language thing, I told two people who were speaking English and they were still dumb about it.

Yes, I run into this sort of thing all the time in TO too.

Yes, there is an easy solution.

Look at the arrows, people! That is what they are there for.

Yes, sometimes I get confused too. When this happens I make like I’m sightseeing and say “Wow! Is this what the basement looks like, I’m going to have to come back here! And now, back to my room on the 20th floor!”.

No, I’m sure no one finds that funny.

Ok, now I have my print outs, so I’m ready for the next part.

But, I’m not done with you yet, Hong Kong.

Back out into the world and I’m going to see if I can get back down to the piers, I’m in a mood to do some serious boat-watching.

Yes, I know you would rather shop.

No, I’m not shopping “for you”.

Look, my Adventure, my way.

I mean, if that is alright with you.

Go out the door, turn left, walk, walk, walk, jay-walk (if you don’t do a little jay-walking in Hong Kong, you will be stuck in one place the rest of your life, I still hate it), walk, walk, walk – hey!

I find another playground. They are everywhere!

Which is pretty cool.

Down some stairs, right turn, up a few stairs, cross another street, a left, a left and –

Bird sanctuary?

What is this doing here?

Hmm. Interesting.

And really, really mellow.

Families hanging out, looking at birds, walking through the tranquil, park. There is a herb garden just over there and –

Oops. I’m not in a bird sanctuary. I’m in a zoo.

Drat. Double drat.

The birds look happy, but I give the mammals a pass. I’ve never seen happy mammals in cages and even though Hong Kong is a great place, I can’t imagine they would be happy in cages here either.

So, me = exit stage left.

Yes, I realize I’m not on stage, it is just an expression, ok?

Go down some stairs.

Down, down, down.

Try not to think too hard about the fact that at some point, I’m going to have to go back up…

Down, down, down, there goes my old street, past the shop I’m had breakfast at, down, down, down.

I am a torrential down pour, I am running water, skipping, falling down the stairs in a spontaneous, urban waterfall, I gush forth into the streets of Hong Kong.

I pour pity on those tourists who are looking at maps and it feels like home.

I drip into the streets and find my way almost immediately to –



What is going on here? People with noise makers, shouting, yelling, words of support, look down.

Hey! It is the Hong Kong Marathon! Or something, on the street below there are people running. Like they are in a Marathon or something. Cool.

Had I known there was a marathon happening today I would have…done everything exactly the same way…hmm.

After snapping a few pics (look, I promise at some point to upload everything, ok?) I’m off, walking along the catwalk, the pedestrian bridges.

And something is going on here.

People, mostly women are building these little cities and houses using cardboard boxes. I think there is going to be a protest later. They don’t look angry or upset or anything. They look pretty content and really, really well-prepared.

No idea what is up with that.

Take some turns and ups and downs and I guess all this walking is using a lot of energy, so grab a snack and look for somewhere to eat.

Panic. Somehow I’ve managed to wander into the most crowded, most chaotic shopping scene ever. People yelling, talking, shouting, carrying tons of bags, bumping into me, the concept of personal space is lost, lost!

Blood pressure rises, heart rate is furious – thumpthumpthumpthump – fear floods my mouth and all I can smell is peoplepeoplepeople, humanity.

Ok, I can do this.

Take a right and find myself on an escalator going up, up, up. Less crowded here, but still loud and my ears are tingling. If one more person bumps into me…

Blank out, I’ve either passed out cold or – nope! It is all good, the survival instincts kick in and navigate as a hot knife through butter to get out and away from the throng.

Yes, I realize I just used a boring cliché to describe my escape.

I would have said “like a hot knife through a Baked Alaska” but I wasn’t sure if you’ve ever had one. And the last time my mum made one, the knife wasn’t hot enough, so it kind of got stuck.

Look, you and I both know what I mean here, so lets just leave it at that, I mean, sorry about the cliché and all.

Where I am?

Yes, I know, Hong Kong, I mean in what I’m trying to tell you.

Yes. I’m away from the crowd and I’m lost. Again. I haven’t been here before.

I re-commit to it, pass a fountain, pass the Post Office and it looks like I’m just a little late to go to the Stamp Museum –

Yes, I like stamps. Get over it ok? They are tiny pieces of art. That you can lick.

Yes, I realize I just endorsed licking art. You want to make something of it?

That is what I thought.

Then I find –

You know what I find? The place I can get a ticket to take the “Big Bus Tour of Hong Kong”! What a totally touristy thing to do! Here I was looking for a place to sit and eat my snack and then, here it is, I can eat my snack, while I sit on the bus!

Talk to the super-nice ticket seller and purchase my ticket for the very next tour, in 16 minutes, how is that for timing?

On the bus, I get a bottle of water and earphones to hear the commentary.

I chose a seat on the open, top-level, ‘cuz, well, why not? Not in the front seats, that would be silly. And cold. But just behind the stairs a couple of seats back.

A lady sits right in front of me and as she is taller than me (like that is some great accomplishment), I figure turn about it fair play, I change seat and sit right behind the door, right in front of her.

No, I don’t like playing that way, but sometimes people need to be taught a few things, you know.

No, it probably isn’t my responsibility to teach them.

But, seeing through things, including people, is not a super power I possess. And man, I paid for this tour, you know.

I think I tick her off ‘cuz she moves and sits with her friends. Which is where she should have sat in the first place, right? They are your friends, lady, you sit with them, be social, enjoy the ride.

They are also seated behind my original seat, so that would have avoided this whole seat-drama thing.

I’m on a roller-coaster ride!

Whoosh! Up, down, up, up, up – swwwwoooooop! Hairpin turns, bumps, bunny hills, spins, twirls.

I think I know where the idea for roller-coasters came from – the streets of Hong Kong.

So much to see, so much to smell, so much to hear –

Wait a minute! My commentary isn’t working. I try the one next to it and behind. Nope, not working in English. Instead, I enjoy the views and ignore that there may be any kind of cultural or historical significance.

Sorry, if you are looking to learn something about Hong Kong, I can’t help you.

My snack was pretty tasty though – a turkey stuffed brioche. Which seems wrong in concept, but tasty in execution.

An hour and half later and we are done, done, done.

Off the bus, time to…well, time to eat.

I guess all these stairs are eating up my precious calories and fat. Still a bit concerned about the rate I’m shrinking, those trousers that were tight when I got them are looser now.

Up side: those trousers I bought tight are looser now.

I start the walk.

Up the stairs.

Turn right.

Up stairs.

Go straight, up a slope.

(Did you know each slope in Hong Kong is “registered”, seriously, they each have their own registration number. With the Slope Department. I kid you not.)

And, I’m not to make it –

These stairs are going to be the death –

Hang on! Dinner time. I see a place that has a “local” feel and they have duck on the menu.

Stop, eat – roast duck with noodles and bok choi. Yum-yum.

I think the staff can’t figure out what I’m doing – I’m eating dinner! – but, I’ve chosen well, very well. Locals are in and out and this is a super-popular , super-cheap place. Oh, yum.

Once finished, it is back – up the stairs.

Then, just when I’m about to pack it in –




They have an escalator?

They have an escalator in the middle of the city that goes to the “mid-levels”. My hotel is in the “mid-levels”

I hop one.

If we lived in Hong Kong and I lived in the lower levels and you lived in the mid-levels and you invited me to tea, I could hop on and take an escalator to come see you!

Yes, I realize I just invited myself to tea to your imaginary home in Hong Kong.

Yes, some people are pretty rude.

Yes, I am one of those people.

Up the escalator, up the escalator.

I’m going to ride this thing to the end! I will take an escalator to the top of Hong Kong and look down on all the people!

The escalator ends.

I guess they don’t go to the top.


Where I am?

Where is my hotel?

Hmmm. I think, I think it is up there.

More stairs and these ones are nearly the end of me. Legs saying “What on earth – stop that!” and thighs screaming “Nonononononononooooo!”

I’m totally lost and it is dark and the path I’m on just ends no where.


I’m not going to panic.

Walk back along the path and down the last set of stairs. Hail a cab and pray that I will be understood.

Lucky me. Cab driver speaks perfect English and knows my hotel, no matter that I’ve given the wrong street number.

We are there in no time.

Cheap too.

And you know how much I like cheap.

I’m home safe.


Hong Kong, what a day, what a city, what a day.

It is true. I love Hong Kong.

An escalator in the middle of a city – someone was thinking!

Did I tell you what those people building the cardboard cities were doing? Can you guess? Sunday is shopping day in Hong Kong – some of them shopped, some of them set up “home base” and once done, they all gathered and played cards, had tea, something to eat, played bingo, I thought people knew how to shop in North America, we don’t know nothin’.

Yes, I would even hate shopping like this. Sorry, that is how I roll…





Chemicals in the brain and body are making me edgy.

Booked the China Tour (go me!) and it came in at 3x what it was budgeted for. Flight is booked but still have to book flight back to South Korea.

I’m bleeding funds.

This not working thing is hard on the psyche, I discover I am someone who likes work, to work, the regular paycheck.

And I know I’m speaking again from a cushy position, I know I’m lucky, I know I have it pretty easy.


Worried about the bank balance. Worried about the little details that keep popping up.

Not sure exactly what to do.

If I were a smarter person, I would have planned this all more. I guess some people plan this sort of thing years in advance.

I didn’t.

Those years other people spent planning I spent not planning, denying locus in my own life and pretending that it was all so transitory. Pretending there was something else bigger and grander and more important that I was waiting for.

Really, this trip is an ending.

But I guess you already knew that, on some level, that things are changing, becoming, becoming different from they were before. The heart heals and in doing so becomes braver for having risked.

I’m done waiting.

These nerves, feels like the old fear of heights thing – the knowledge that I’m off the ground, above, that if I look down, there is air beneath me and on some level I find that a crime against my nature, nature of who I am.

I didn’t want you to look at me and see someone who continues to impermanent. I didn’t want you know me as someone who was afraid – not only of heights but also living a life. I want to you be proud of me, when, if ever you talk about me, you do so with being able to tell a funny story of me deciding one morning to drop everything and come across the world. Someone who is brave in spite of all the fears she holds in her little heart. Someone whose heart can grow. Now, someone with a bigger heart.

And yes, I realize the irony of me talking about things that I want and things that I don’t want.

I’m trying to remove want from my heart.

I came this way to see things, to see something outside of myself to see people in a different way, to strip it back and see how the same we are. I came to get outside of it all, outside of myself and be alone and connect.

I’m outside of my normal life and am shaken up.

It is like a dam has been breached, now that I’ve been here, I can come back any time I want. It isn’t daunting, it is doable.

I do this.

The biggest moment of change happened for me when I decided. Yes, when I said “I will do this.” The rest actually doesn’t matter so much.

I’m thankful for the people I’ve met, meeting and for the things that are new to me that I’m seeing.

I’m thankful for this window on a life that I always wondered about it – that maybe I gave up something choosing different paths.

Did I tell you how much resentment I carried about all that? That on some level I felt that in doing what I did, those years ago, that I felt like I gave something up? I did.

I don’t feel that anymore. It is gone from my heart, that resentment I had about it, had toward you. I won’t wonder about it anymore. I won’t think “if only I had”.

My heart is lighter for it.

Plans remain fluid.

Re-imaging Japan – fund situation means that perhaps it is best to concentrate only on Kyoto and then go home.

I over-packed and this stuff I brought is really becoming tiring.

Maybe I’ll ship some things home?

Maybe I’ll send a postcard after all – it is time I said “thanks”.



Clean the house.

The place is neat and ordered, sense of calm and, dare I say?: sanity.

Weather was a bit grim – slush fell over night – is this sleet? – and made things…messy and a bit chaotic. I don’t mind a bit of chaos, but not on the highways, there are some questionable drivers out there and they all seemed to be going my way today…

Ok, I don’t mind a lot of chaos.

Ok. I like chaos.

Some people are just wired like that.

I am wired like that.

Days are getting harder as things at work draw to close for me. “Good-byes”, “We’ll miss yous” and “Good lucks” make my little heart ache. My tear ducts fill and something spill. I feel loved and connected.

This is probably not a normal thing to feel about colleagues and a “job” – but the fact is that I’m in love with the people I’ve found doing the thing that I do to pay my bills. It hurts to know that I am loved in return and I’m leaving. Little heart breaks. Developing scar tissue.

And who needs this “normal” anyway.

The breath after – knowing that I love and am loved in return gives me this crazy confidence that yes, I can go out there and have an adventure. It can get into me, change me, knock me down, pull me up and I will still have these connections. I’m leaving, but I’m not going anywhere.

Invisible threads from my heart and from my belly button to people in my life. I am part of this invisible spider web. Haha – “network”.

I’m not sure why I feel love from my belly button as well as my heart. I hope it isn’t an ulcer.

This whole thing about the trip has really made me think about, feel, fear. How scary it is to go out into the world, into the unknown alone. I’m ready to learn some things. I feel like I’m about to begin my first day of school. Again.

I don’t feel alone.

A part of me feels like when I’m climbing on the wall. There is someone holding the rope, so when I fall, I don’t fall far. But getting to the top – it is all me. Strength in my little fingers. Strength in my little toes. Strength with every beat of my heart. Thoughts fly away and there is only straining to go up and not look down.

I want to sooth away the sadness of the people I’m leaving – not emotionally leaving, but leaving the day-to-day of them. People are looking sad around me.

The ‘fraidy-cat in me just wants to disappear in a puff of smoke so I can avoid these good-byes. I’d skip right to the…”Hello Agains”, “I’m homes” and “Here I got this for yous”.

I think of the process.

Of stepping in running streams and babbling brooks.

Sea changes and tides.

These good-byes and farewells, they are part of my heart now, change me moment by moment, word by word. I am becoming a different person even as I’m preparing to become a different person. I am a different person.

There is this place of confidence, of happiness that grants me the strength to risk it – to walk away from people I love, from a place I love, from a job that I love – to just try to do something different. There are many ways to live life and I’m just trying another way.

I am pebble dropped into a still lake – rings out around me, intersecting with other rings.

Years ago I remarked to a close friend that I was done, I had met all the people in my life who would matter and made all the friends that I would make in my life, my heart was filled up with as people as I could care about and there was no more room for new people. No new friends.

How lovely to be wrong!

I can get used to being wrong like this.

I met more people – and my heart, my heart grew. Still growing. Gets bigger with every person that I meet. Someday my heart will be the size of the entire universe. It will be as big as the multiverse.

I keep meeting people who know people who want me to visit them on my Great Adventure. It is like, other people love me so much they are lending me their love to keep me on my journey.

So, yeah, I don’t worry so much about aliens and whether there is life “out there”. I’m far too preoccupied with life right here.



3 weeks. 3 weeks since last climb. Today = hard and painful.

Surprise! 6 routes. 1 x 5.7, 3 x 5.8 and 2 x 5.9.

Route of the day – my second last, 5.9, in the corner, by the doorway. Reverse incline (towards the climber) and I hate this wall, the route doesn’t matter.

This wall kills me every time, never made it up. Hard keeping close to the wall, too much abs, too much forearms and the rope swings out, fall and swing away from the wall, towards the wall, away from the wall and hang in mid-air, off the floor. Me = panic, heart rate spikes and the chemicals start working overtime – run, run, run – and start gasping for breath. I’m the stupidest climber ever.

But, it was my climbing partner’s turn choice of climbs and she chose this one.

She climbs first. Attempt one – she fails to reach with her left hand. Attempt two – step with the wrong foot, with that twist she will never make the left hand reach. We stop. I tell her “Left foot goes here, right foot step through as you let go with your left hand and reach as you step up.”

She rolls her eyes, ‘cuz between us, I’m the one who can’t let go and reach.

Attempt three – she curses the person who wanted to do this climb. Surprise! It’s all you, baby.

We laugh for a moment.

Attempt four – nothing. One more time.

Attempt five – nothing. One more time. I tell her to go faster, quit sightseeing, go up the wall.

I curse her again before attempt six, if she isn’t making it to the that left hand hold, me = on the floor the whole time.

Attempt six – she makes the dreaded left hand hold, right, left, she is leaving her feet behind and gets…third of the way up before the fall and swings out.

She is done, over, I lower her.

We switch off and I’m already giggling – this = train wreck.

Do our check – everything is safe, knots are correct, harnesses properly tied and belay rope all proper.

Do our calls.

I look at her over my shoulder. She says “Climb. Go up.”

I hate “up”. If people = meant to go up we would have bodies more suited to climbing and flying, leave me earth-bound. Someone once kissed the sky, I kiss the ground.

Attempt one – both hands on the first hold, left foot pushes off and – I can’t let go with my left hand. I fall.

We look at each other. I curse her again, she says “Try again. This time, you know, climb.”

Attempt two – I don’t care. I don’t care about anything. I empty my brain, I empty my heart. My body will either climb or it won’t and right now, whatever happens, happens. Grab the two-hand hold, look at the left-hand hold I need to reach – it is too far away, but I don’t care, it isn’t going to stop me – step with my left foot and I’m off the ground, right leg goes through (yoga term: thread the needle) and the momentum allows me to do the pivot with my hips and grab the left-hand hold.

I don’t know what happens after that.

I know what happens – I climb. I go up.

I go fast.

I do crossovers and reaches and get over the incline and over the lip to where the rope is straight.

I fall there and don’t swing – I’m more than half-way up.

Take a quick break and a breath.

She says “Keep climbing – you are half-way up, no coming down until you make it to the end.” Sometimes she is cruel.

Get back on the hold I fell off and do it again. My feet scrabble a bit and my arms are tired. Fall again. Three more times. She says “Get in close to the wall.” My hips come back to the wall and it gives me a bit more that I use to reach.



I’m at the last hold.

I did it! I made it up the climb! 5.9, on an incline. I’ve never done that before. I’ve never done any climb on that wall before.



So happy.

No panic attack.

Footnote – later, after brunch, after visit with a friend working a conference today, went to get myself a reward, some new exercise gear, splurging – Lululemon. Busy store. Too busy, too many people, they are in my space, two people bump into my backpack, adrenaline floods the blood, heart rate spikes, I’ve got to get away, I’m about to lose my mind, everyone is too close and closing in. Leave the store in a mad dash. Almost panic attack. Close call.

Deciding to hit Monday before it hit me – bouncing out of bed, beating the alarm clock.

Bring on Monday – I can take it!

Struggling most of the day with some new computer applications – felt like I was losing for a while there, but I did it! I did it.


Still struggling with the climbs – the cough is making me stay down. Gravity seemingly most assertive in this heat.

Facing hard truths – I am earthbound animal. Not meant to fly and with plenty of problems climbing – I’m no monkey girl. Today the first hold was a problem – step up and reeeaach!  Couldn’t reach. My brain making reaching a problem.



Looks so far away and too far off the ground.

I am an earthbound animal.

I hate being earthbound, I want to fly.

If I could fly and never leave the ground, that would be perfect.

Invite to a Garden Tea Party – looks like I need a new dress. Too bad for me!

I think I have a nice cup and saucer to bring along with me…somewhere…

What I learned today: Installing the software still means that you have to download the application.

Happy world water day!

Didn’t know it was “world water day” until the day was almost over – is it a social faux pas to talk to the water bottle delivery service and not wish them “Happy World Water Day!”?  Maybe.

Climbing was good – sushi was better.

We got some advice about climbing technique – you reach with the same side you step with – here I had thought it was opposite.  Any advice on how to handle fear of heights – ‘cuz this totally messed me up on the last attempted climb.  It was only 5.8, so I should have been all over it.

What I learned today: I’m climbing the “wrong way.”

What I must remind myself: The “wrong way” doesn’t mean up!

Very tired.  Very sore.

Another Thursday.

The Good: Today is Uncle Basil’s Birthday!

The Bad: There is no ice cream cake.

The Good: The are lots of moose  in Newfoundland.

The Bad: People get hurt crashing cars into moose.

The Good: I don’t live in Newfoundland.

The Good: I own a moose plushie. So if someone crashed into this moose, no one would get hurt.

The Bad: Except my plushie moose.

The Good: Last night, I totally got up that climb that was giving me trouble.

The Embarassing: It was a 5.8.

The Good: It was on steep incline, so at one point I was hanging on with my hands while my feet where off the wall, hanging in space

The Bad: Doing that sacred the heck out of me.

The Conclusion: I’m still afraid of heights.

The Good: I’m climbing again on Saturday.

The Bad: Today is Thursday.

The Worse: Broccoli for dinner.

The Good: I don’t have to eat it!

The Better:  I just had roasted, salted cashews as a snack!

The Bad: I only got one thing completed at work today.

The Good: My colleagues know that I only got one thing completed at work today but they know that one thing is really, really important.

The Bad: I’m really, really behind at work.

The Good: My manager knows this, accepts it and assures me that everything is ok.

The Bad: The one thing was a survey.

The Good: I get to work with people I really like.

The Plan: A colleague and I are going drinking together.

The Bad: It cold and it is still winter.

The Good: The windshield wiper squirter on the driver’s side of my car works.

The Bad: I don’t know the right term for “windshield wiper squirter”.

The Odd: I own a car.

The Bad: I’m cold and sore.

The Best: I’m having a hot bath after dinner!

All in all, a pretty good Thursday.  One down, 51 more to go..