Day 16: Out and about in Hong Kong

Up in the middle of the night to double-check that flight came through and do a few things to ensure that I am really flying out on Monday. Up again, an hour later to receive ticket and know that I have a plan. A real plan. There, around and back again. Treat myself and theContinue reading “Day 16: Out and about in Hong Kong”

Happiness: Infectious Disease

A bit ago I read the first two chapters of a book we have in the library at work. Don’t remember the title, but the subject was all about how interconnected networks have a profound impact on our lives, actions and emotional state. This is the mind-blowing example – if you have friend who isContinue reading “Happiness: Infectious Disease”

Book review: The Spirit Level: Why Equality is Better for Everyone

I love reading this kind of book. The charts and math slow me down a bit in parts, but otherwise a perfect read for a Sunday afternoon. This book is a must read for anyone who is interested…ok, this book is a must read for everyone.  Who lives. Seriously. Two epidemiologists take the methods forContinue reading “Book review: The Spirit Level: Why Equality is Better for Everyone”

The Wisdom of Whores by Elizabeth Pisani

Full title “The Wisdom of Whores – Bureaucrats, Brothels and the Business of AIDS”. Please note: only academic books with loads of math and statistics have such interesting (and offensive?) titles. The offensive things found in this book include the way the spread of AIDS was treated, where mistakes were made and how money was/isContinue reading “The Wisdom of Whores by Elizabeth Pisani”