“Positive Deviance” is a wonderful term to indict deviant behaviour that changes society in a positive or socially just way.

This sounds like a great concept, right?

It is.

Only problem is that this is not was “Positive Deviance” is.  “Positive Deviance” basically means that a solution to the a problem is thought up by the main stakeholders in the problem, that is, those on the front line.  This ensures that behaviours change because the people whose behaviours they are, make the decisions…No “Do as I say.”, but “We do it ‘cuz we decide to do it.”

Seems like “bottom up management”, “kaizen” or “lean” but another fancy name…did we need another cool term to note this kind of management style?

High levels of Vitamin D have shown up in women with low incidence of breast cancer, so much so that doctors now suggest women to take Vitamin D to either reduce the risk of breast cancer or prevent more breast cancer.

But they don’t know what the correct level is.

Vitamin D becomes toxic to the liver is you take too much!

Isn’t the sun a source of Vitamin D?  I thought I was still being afraid of getting skin cancer.

Am I alone in thinking that this whole thing about body scanners that show a person naked at the airport is a dodgy concept?

I get that the “face is blurry” and yes, security is an issue.

Isn’t travel stressful enough, now I have to make sure to shave my legs before I get on a plane?

There has been another cougar attack on a human in British Columbia.

For those of you who think I’m talking about older, sexy women, I’m not.  I’m talking about the very big wild cat that lives in parts of the Rockies.

This is really chilling.  Two cougar attacks in the past three days.

Chilling stuff.