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Late on these – Tuesday was busy.

Spa Review: Shizen Spa

Spa day! Ended up at Shizen at the Cosmopolitan Hotel. Found a killed package at a killer price – 3.5 hours breaks down: 1 hour massage, 1 hour facial, lunch, manicure and pedicure. Very nice.

Decor was lovely, calming with a psedo-Zen Buddhist theme.

I like the clean lines, portable waterfall and dim lighting with the rocks edging the walls on the floor. Very calming.

Massage therapist bawled me out – no, I don’t stretch enough after climbing, yes, I am overdue for a massage, yes, everything does hurt, no, I haven’t seriously thought of getting massage once a month, yes, I am hard on my body and should take better care of it. My body was a challenge for her – she used her elbows and I have a few bruises from where I was worked over. Oh, and we only dealt with the physical stuff, none of the emotional stuff so I didn’t cry.

Ok, I will spend more time stretching.

And she is going to try climbing.

The esthetician shook her head at my hands and feet but understood – she climbs too!

We traded stories about climbing and The World Cup and managed to choose a nail colour that is completely silly on me – fancy, shiny and almost the colour of crushed berries. On someone else, a non-climber, it is lovely. On me – smudged.

One of the things that I always look for in a spa is how well they handle problems – I’m something of a problem in and of myself as with all the climbing my body is a bit messed up, there is tension and pain and I have to remember to warn them off my still healing foot. The bruises too are sometimes something to be reckoned with as is the ticklishness. But, everything was a-ok.

The problem that happened on Tuesday was a mix-up with my lunch. Some how the kitchen got confused about my lunch. I was relaxed and blissed-out after the massage and facial, but the Spa Manager came over to me about five minutes after I was told my lunch would be right in. She explained about the mix up and gave me an estimate of when it would arrive. She offered to have it served to me either where I was – by the whirlpool or while getting my pedicure. I said I didn’t really mind and there was no worries – I was all good and whatever suited them best and kept them to their schedule was a-ok by me.

She thanked me and right after one of her colleagues came in with fresh pastries and muffins and offered me something. By this time, I was hungry, so had a lovely blueberry muffin – second breakfast.

I was very impressed with how the problem was handled, presented to me and that once I expressed that I didn’t feel strongly either way, they simply choose for me – I ate wear I was sitting by the whirlpool and they just waited until I was done. The schedule was on track for all of us. Bravo. Problems will happen at some point and it is key that problems are handled calmly, professionally and in a way that keeps your clients happy.  I was happy.

Would I return?

Hm. This is an interesting concern. I choose Shizen because it offered a package that was in my price point, accepted certificates and was easy for me to find. The reviews were also very good. It was a treat. I don’t go to spas often and my preference for spas are ones that use products that are not sourced from animals. Currently, I am much more in a mode to try some new spa until I find one that really suits me.

I have to admit a bias here too – the first spa that I ever went to was a vegan spa in Toronto – I loved and would have happily returned and become a regular customer. I like that their products were all non-animal sourced and they weren’t shy about stating that clearly and honestly. Unfortunately, the spa changed hands and they lost their good reputation and they closed.

If someone knows of any good vegan spa in TO now, I would be happy to try them out.

I would recommend Shizen to others looking for a lovely day. I think a package would be the way to go here – make a day of it!

Movie review: Micmacs

Love this movie.

Love the anti-war theme.

Love the saturated colour.

Love the director.

I can’t capture in words the brilliance of this movie. Very cool to see it in a theatre with other fans of the director.

Book review: Freakanomics

Finally I got around to reading this book.

Loved it. Love all the talk about stats and love that I understand stats! Most people have already read this book, so I will refrain from droning on about it.

I especially loved the fact that although they refrained from entering the abortion debate, they made a really excellent case, the best actually, to why there should be access to safe, legal abortions. Take that all you people who believe in getting tough on crime!

What an awesome day.


Seriously?  Your friend Oliver Sacks?!

If I thought this books was cool before, well!  I don’t even know what to say about it now…what do you say about book, when in the second chapter the writer puts something out there like that?  AND then goes on to talk about what Oliver Sacks shared about his drug experiences.  This is seriously way cool book.

And why have I never seen the John Lennon suite at the Fairmont in Montreal?  Shouldn’t this be something that I should do?  Next week-end?

Morning climb was harder than it should have been.  Sometimes I feel like a bizarre chaos theory experiment – a cold will mean you can’t climb that stupid 5.8, but you can suddenly do that tricky thing through the doorway on a 5.9, but your last climb of the day will suck…rocks.  Only four climbs today and they all kind of sucked.  Ouch.

I couldn’t even taste my smoothie properly!

This cold – damn you cold!

Phrase to start using immediately: ear worm

I know, I know,  “ear worm” sounds like the real-life equivalent of “babble fish” but I totally think that if someone creates a real-life equivalent of babble fish, then they should just call it “babble fish”. And you don’t what a babble fish is, well I don’t know what to say about that.

But “ear worm” refers to a song that you can’t get out of your head.  And here I thought that we referred to those as “song viruses”.  Surprise!

I’ve started playing music again.  And singing.

And you know that I have started, I can’t figure out why I stopped.

Ok, I do know why I stopped.

I’m feeling much better now.

I wonder if there is something like a vocal jam around here somewhere.

I mean, I want to “raise my voice in song” with others, work on some music, have some fun…but most choirs feel this need to perform in front of others and I can live without that.  I mean if it was really important to perform in front of people, I would be doing that, right?

Meeting up with my bro, sis-in-law and niece for dinner and seeing my bro perform (see it is important to him, so he does it!).  Very excited about it, can’t remember the last time I saw him gig.

Put my first comment this morning on someone’s blog – Go me!

I probably violated some sort of etiquette, but thems the breaks.