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Today – the best Thursday of my life. So far.

My shoes: the most comfortable in the universe.

My tee: designed by my fav designer in TO, one-of-a-kind, the cutest – black with silk screened pink spider webs.

My hair: awesome hair day.

My eyes: super blue.

My work: extremely productive.

My comments: wise, clever, well-reasoned and “bang-on”.

My reputation: stainless.

Today, in brief, rocked.

Today’s bexism: Our life journey is long and tough, the hills are steep, the valleys are low and there is everything from mountain paths to cobble stones to smooth sidewalks. Only wear shoes that are both comfortable and cute.  Comfortable, so you can walk as far as your life requires without taking a break and your don’t hurt your feet. Cute, so that you can look good under even the most difficult circumstances.

Addendum: Also true for underwear.


Patterns in the water.

Emails flying in from loved ones, two people telling me they ask themselves what I would do before acting and then acting like me and then, THEN, a colleague telling me that when she has questions about things, she calls me – I have the answers.

So. It is probably time that I founded a cult.

Or at least a school of philosophy. Sorry – School of Philosophy.

Here goes!

Bexist teaching 1: When feeling stressed out or overly emotional – breath in very slowly and then out very slowly. Breath in. Breath out. Keep doing this – you need oxygen to survive.