Film review: John Carter

“John Carter”, direct by Andrew Stanton, screenplay by Andrew Stanton, Mark Andrews and Mark Chabon, based on the story “A Princess of Mars” by Edgar Rice Burroughs. So, you ever read any of Burroughs’ “Mars Stories”? Compared to modern sci-fi, they are a bit clunky, quaint and don’t really take into consideration much science. But,Continue reading “Film review: John Carter”

Movie review: Cowboys vs. Aliens

Latest offering from Jon Favreau, who is quickly becoming one of my fav directors in the “geek genre”. Ok, so the premise of the movie is the title itself, it is like some guys were sitting around one night, kicking back with some beers and thinking about all that is awesome in movies. And whatContinue reading “Movie review: Cowboys vs. Aliens”

“No excuses”: email in my inbox

Coincidence: Commenter noted that as I have camera now, I have “no excuses” not to take pics while I’m away. (Hi Nicole!) I also received, at  exactly the same time, an email Re: No excuses Is the universe trying to tell me something? If so, why is it sending me emails? And how did itContinue reading ““No excuses”: email in my inbox”

How to make a wonderful Tuesday even better…

Clean the house. The place is neat and ordered, sense of calm and, dare I say?: sanity. Weather was a bit grim – slush fell over night – is this sleet? – and made things…messy and a bit chaotic. I don’t mind a bit of chaos, but not on the highways, there are some questionableContinue reading “How to make a wonderful Tuesday even better…”

Everything back in place

Clothes pressed? Check. Water mug washed and packed? Check and check. Gym bag packed? Check. Work keys and ID badges ready? Check. (Haha – it almost looks like I said “id badges” – a Freudian concept could have a badge.) (Although that might be really helpful – people could have a badge to wear whenContinue reading “Everything back in place”

Playing the “So what?” game

An octopus predicted today’s Word Cup game winners. So what? So, this is another piece of evidence that octopuses are aliens. Everyone knows that aliens have strange powers ( Superman – faster than a speeding bullet and able to leap tall building in a single bound!) and usually have above average intelligence (ET – ‘cuzContinue reading “Playing the “So what?” game”

DVD Review: “District 9”

Wow. This movie is a punch to the gut. Exemplifies the very best about sci-fi – social justice issues head up, surprising information and actions, amazing action, honesty, amazing story-telling. It is interesting that people are so dismissive of a genre that tackles important issues in a straightforward way – does the message get lostContinue reading “DVD Review: “District 9””

Happy Birthday, Elvis!

This is big day for my family – Elvis Presley’s birthday. My dad is a huge fan, so he reminded me of this great day last night, before I packed myself off to bed. My dad would sing Elvis songs while he was doing the dishes and waiting for me to eat my brussels sprouts. Continue reading “Happy Birthday, Elvis!”