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Arg! Plane left at 11:50pm and we arrived in Trinidad around 5am or so.

The airport is blissfully air conditioned but I’m grumpy, read an excellent book on the flight down (shameful secret – loving Brother Cadfael mysteries) and didn’t sleep at all!

Dad putters and keeps telling me incorrect information “go find the bags, I’ll meet you there”, “where were you, I was waiting at Duty Free”, “why didn’t you bring the bags?” (I showed dad my two – count them! – hands)


Get Duty Free, the bags I’ve already set aside so we grab them and do the immigration and customs things.

The we leave the AC.

I begin a slow, grumpy melt. Dad’s friend isn’t anywhere to be found. Ack!

Oh wait! We find him. He has left the car parked so we have to wait for him to got get the car and come back.

We wait.

I’m melting.

We wait.

I’m seriously melting.

We wait.

I’m tired, my back hurts and I’m melting!

This is the worst thing ever and I was stupid to think I would be ok and visiting Trinidad is just as horrid as I remember it.

I promise myself never again!

Never. Again. 

The friend comes back and we pile our stuff and ourselves into the car.

The car is freezing with AC turned up to full.

I’m freezing.

I’m not sure how it or if it’s possible to freeze and melt in an overlapping way, but I’m doing it!


We drive almost an hour, against traffic – up and down, around traffic circles, on the wrong side of the road (it feels so wrong, driver’s side is also on the wrong side!) – until we are at my grandparents’ place. 

It’s mostly the same.


There are now two dogs that are attacking me!

I say “attacking”. 

They are jumping on me, yapping, yipping, generally being excitable. We all know they aren’t ting to cause harm or hurt me. They are trying to love me.

Is there any greater hell for a cat person to be beloved by dogs?

It happens everywhere. It’s like. The dogs know and are trying to convince me – like somehow, if they try hard enough, if they are enthusiastic enough, I will suddenly think “Dogs, eh? Well, what do you know! You really are better than cats!”

I’m done.

I’m so done.

I take refuge in the room with the AC and tell dad and Doll (my grandma’s and then my mum’s helper, truly a member of the family now) and the dogs I’m going to have a nap.

I sleep until it’s time for a late dinner.


Confusion setting in over the last few days, fast and furious, with some recent conversations.

Monday it was all about Dad taking some visitors to see Niagara Falls – from where we are, the drive is maybe almost 2.5 hours, one way. Usually when you go there from here, it is all-day sort of adventure. Drive there, park, walk around, take a pile of pics, walk some more, look at people, maybe do a tour or on a boat cruise, take more pics, admire all the water, have a picnic or find somewhere nice to eat, walk around some more, came back home the “long way” and enjoy the little towns in the area. See? Full day trip. I wasn’t expecting to see the until late so imagine my surprise when they were home way before the end of the day.

What happened?

Apparently the day when something like this – left late, drove there, parked, looked at the Falls, ate the picnic lunch, got back in the car and took a look at the dam and then drove home. They spent about 30 minutes there. Total.


I guess it really does take all sorts.

Of course, upon hearing this, after I stopped laughing (and yeah, feeling a bit indignant, I mean, come on! These are the Falls people! One of Canada’s most famous places. One of the most amazing places in the world!) I decided perhaps I needed to bring some options to the table.

I mean, the back yard looks great – two of the trees are now neatly trimmed and the back patio is all de-cluttered, the picnic table needs to be sanded and re-painted and I know, I know Canada has good beer, but seriously? Come here for a visit and only hang out in the backyard and drink beer? When there are so many other things to do?


Quick mental list, the city is pretty much our oyster here, cross a few off the list right away and settle with my suggestions.

I start small.



Metro Toronto Zoo? (can’t stand zoos, so you can imagine what this cost me)


CN Tower?


Roller coaster park?


Soooo. I’m out of suggestions that I think would appeal – I’ve skipped over my faithful standbys of museums and galleries as they will not appeal to the audience I’m pitching to.


So. Am I going to regret asking?

I’m going to ask.

“So, what are you interested in seeing?”

“Strip club. Porn movie.”


I’m out of this conversation. Sorry, I think there are lines that I don’t cross, even in the effort to show a visitor a fun time.

Later, in conversation with my fav sales guy at the gym, we are having a lark of a conversation, hearing about how he helped his girlfriend celebrate her b-day on the week-end (happy belated b-day whoever you are!) and suddenly he comments about how round my breasts are.

I shake my head and think for a bit.

Did he just say what I think he just said?


He did.

I couldn’t help it, I laughed my brains out. It was just…so funny.

And you know, the conversation pretty much ended there as well. When I walked away. This time, I was laughing.

Gym is going well – fully back at it this week. Monday treadmill and yoga, Tuesday trainer and weight machines and today back to the treadmill and yoga class.

Very excited about yoga, noticing an increase in re-gaining some flexibility and, yeah, able to put more and more into the poses. Feels great and the last two classes some of my vertebrae have clicked back into alignment, so it feels pretty amazing. The spine is loving it. My knees too, are getting better and my hips continue to release tension. So, no flaky stuff here, yoga just works.





And you it was a really clever title too, I think I got from an over-heard quote that made me laugh out loud.


Late home = late to post = late to sleep = minus 2 hours of the needed sleep.

My bed is so warm and comfy and my eyes are tired and my body is sore in all sorts of interesting place, the place of the most pain? My fingers! They are killing me.

But, well, I promised myself to get to yoga today. And I promised myself that I would do about an hour on the treadmill before class…

And you know, if you can’t keep a promise to yourself…

Haul myself out of bed and whoa, I hurt.

Ow. Owowowowowowowow.


Moving in slow-mo – times like this I kinda wish my life is recorded in front of live studio audience as this would be hilarious to see – me, every movement small and forced and, I’m sure, a grimace of pain on my face.


I get to the gym and it is looking pretty empty this am. Maybe everyone climbed a 5.10+ yesterday and they all decided to take a day off?


Yipee for them.

I wonder if they can tell me how to stop the hurt.

Sleeping walking on the treadmill, this is one of the longest hours of my life.

Get into the studio and stretch out on my mat.

Oh! I’m just going to stay here for a while…Oh, yeah.

Let my yoga teacher know about Saturday’s climb and one of my gym-friends shakes her head and says how crazy I am.

Not sure exactly how I get through the class. I fail to even try the bridge pose, I’m there, on my back, with my arms bent and my hands under my shoulders with fingers pointing towards my feet, knees bent and feet up near my hips. The next step is to push into the mat with feet and hands and you know what? I’m not pushing anything. If I push, my arms are going to give out and I’m going to boink! on my head. Of course, it would be pretty funny to see…But I don’t do it.

Great class.

I’m slow rolling up my mat, still have loads of pain, even though things are nice and stretched out. My gym-friend and I chat with the yoga instructor and they laugh some more at me and shake their heads at the climbing. I ask for yoga poses that specifically target fingers. I think they think I’m joking about that…I’m not.

Get some tips about how to work up doing the bridge pose – over a ball! And you know what? There is a ball, right here at home! And it is exactly the right size to do use to work up to the pose! And I wasn’t using for anything!


So, yeah, something to work towards. And a reason to use the mystery ball!

Sauna, shower then home for lunch.

Oh, lunch is awesome. I find a tomato, pickle and have a BBQ chicken breast on a bun. With loads of water. And a banana.


Laundry, then some time sorting through the pics from last night and yes, updating the Flickr account. Right now, I’ve only uploaded the night-city-scapes from the cruise. Quite happy with some of them, reflections on the water worked particularly well this time round and had some time messing around with some of the different effects – fireworks was a fun one and did some intriguing things to the night lights.

Haha, “night lights”.

As always pics are here.

Sorting through the dance pics – I think some of them turned out quite nicely, so very excited about uploading them.

Whew! Aside from gym and yoga, nothing much else. Relaxing, making a nice dinner for everyone and enjoying some quiet. Superman films were on, so indulged in those. And you know, I know it has been a few years, but. I still miss Christopher Reeve.

Ah! I think I feel an early night creeping up on me, as my eyelids begin to droop.

Tonight’s promise to myself – treadmill, gym in the am…

If I were someone else other than the person I accidentally am, this post would be titled “The Next Chapter”.

Today was all about settling into life back at home. Or, more accurately, dealing with the fallout from leaving and coming back.

Yes, that this right, up at a reasonable time, updating online applications, sending in job applications, resumes, cover letters, you name it.

Breaking it down: up at 8:50am, 30min of yoga, 3 online profiles updated, 1 new online profile created, 5 jobs application packages sent and 1 phone call received about an application.

Somehow I agreed to do a favour for a friend of my dad’s and make sure her wireless connection was working properly. I’m not sure how she thought I would be someone who would be able to help her with this, but it turns out – I am, I was. It took far too long, but in the end her wireless network is set-up properly and securely. So that is all good.

No, I didn’t charge her anything for this service.

Yes, I probably should have.

Oh well, too late now!

Spent some time recently thinking again about this whole idea of being anonymous and what this means to the things we do or say. Recently, I had the opportunity to submit a piece of writing in an anonymous way. The writing parameters were something so different from anything I’ve ever tried to write before that I wanted to stretch the writing muscles (where would be these located) and just see if I could do it. So, I tried.

It was nerve-wracking – even though no one else would know it was me, I knew it was me and that brings with it all the stresses that go along with writing something personal. It was exciting – submitting something in a way that no one would ever find out who the writer was and that the piece would be totally evaluated for exactly what it was, without bias from people knowing me or knowing anything about me.

Interesting exercise and the chance to try something so outside of my writing experience that I had to try.

So I did.

How was it received?

Looking at the comments, also anonymous, it seems like the piece fulfilled the parameters and the audience enjoyed it.

I am all for taking risks, but this was the first time that I took a risk that no one would really know about. And you know, somehow, that made it all the riskier. It made the risk more personal and private and something for me to savour.

What I learned from this: risks, even private ones, are important and there is something to be said for just giving something new a try, regardless of whether anyone else knows or not.

Good reminder for me.

Still having sleep issues, broke my rule of “no naps over 20min long!” and slept most of the day away.

Up side: Spa appointments booked for Friday, dinner plans for Monday, road trip plans for Tuesday and yes, seeing one of my dearest friends the rest of the week.

Yep, plans are perfectly on track.

After waking from the nap (it took me 2 tries), over to my bro’s place to see his family, my sis-in-law and niece.

Dinner is pizza, which I’ve been wanting and we are relaxing after and –

Phone call from my Dad.

My gram passed away earlier today.

Dad sounds so sad.

I am so sad.

We shed some tears, I’m on the phone and talk about details and what to do and does he want me to come down.

He does.

Call my Uncle ‘cuz Dad has instructed me to get on the same plane as my Uncle and Aunt – we clarify flights and get my tic.

So, yes, dinner plans canceled, road trip plans canceled, hanging with my dear friend, canceled and spa appointments to be canceled.

I guess sometimes it is true, life is the thing that happens when you are making other plans.

Leaving Monday to say good-bye.

Up at 8am and fight off the thoughts that maybe I’m getting a bit derailed by this “late to bed, late to rise” thing. Good yoga session, though – almost a full 90min. Sun salutations, without and with modifications, warriors, standing balance poses, seated poses – feels great and just what I need this morning.

Momentum back, then breakfast and shower right away.

Phranque starts work late today, so the plan is to go for a walk, go to post office, get lunch and walk Phranque to work.

Here is what really happens:

We set off in a new direction and take a new turn. I’m unfamiliar with this new direction, but I’m up for it – I can almost, kind of skate, I definitely did climb The Great Wall and I know where my towel is, so you know, change of direction, I can take it!

We walk along and take another turn, I try to take a turn that quickly turns into a dead construction-based end.

So, off on another direction.

I’m distracted by the path straight ahead and Phranque takes a right. He says “No, bex, this way, go right.”

I holler back: I just want to see what this is here.

He continues down his path and I, mine.

I walk for a bit and look over my shoulder, he has come to a fence and I’ve found a hidden stairway. I go down the stairs and he goes around the fence and you know what – we are headed in the same direction, this ridge up a path.

I look at the path in front of him, and then the path in front of me and you know what?

Yes, his path is way, way, smoother, more clear of random grasses and much less steep.

But you know, today I’ve got my hiking skirt on, so I’m good.

Yes, I said “hiking skirt”.

Yes, I realize it is a rather surprising choice of clothing for hiking, this is just how I roll.

No one ever said that cute and fierce are mutually exclusive.

At least, I didn’t say that.

So I watch Phranque as he climbs up his path and I start-up mine. He goes straight up and I have to navigate around some of the plant growth, but no worries.

He gets up and starts walking along the ridge away from me, so at a distance, I follow.

From on the ridge I see a lake and this great view of higher mountains, so I stop to grab my camera and take a pic.

I set my shot up and snap off a couple.

Then I turn back to the direction to keep following Phranque and –

Where did he go?

He was like, just, right there.

Ok, no worries, he probably just hasn’t realized that I’ve lost sight of him. So any minute now he will turn around. Any minute now he is going to stop and wait until he sees me again. Any minute now he will start walking back to me and tell me how silly I am for getting lost within five minutes of us leaving the apartment. Any minute now –


I hurry along the ridge to see if I can find him.

No luck.

The path branches off two ways – one left, one right.

I take right, ‘cuz it looks like it is headed back to this city rather than up a mountain. And Phranque likes the city more than he likes mountains.

It helps to know the person you are tracking.

I find some more of that random exercise equipment, two new playgrounds and a construction site. I also find a stage, so I day-dream for a while about maybe writing a play and forming a theatre company – we could put plays on right here!

I soak up some sun and have another confusing conversation with a man who wants to know…something. I smile and say sorry for being an idiot.

No Phranque.

I’m well rested and haven’t brought along the Moleskine, so I figure, may as well check to see if he went back to the apartment.


But you know, I find the apartment in nothing flat.

I check on my laundry – I’ve been gone for 10 minutes! No way is Phranque back yet, he is probably still out there waiting for me!

I rush back out and through the park I was day-dreaming in and start walking up the mountain.

Hey. There are stairs here, someone put stairs up these mountain.

I take the first set.

There are more.

Another set.

I’m taking stairs up a mountain!

It is like a stairway to –

Never mind.

You know what I find? Not Phranque. There is so much not Phranque everywhere, at every turn – no Phranque! At every new staircase – no Phranque.

I do however see a whole lot of tombs.

So many in fact, that I am beginning to suspect I’m in a mountain graveyard.

I also meet a lot people who are wearing super technical hiking clothes and keep giving me funny looks.

Yes, I am walking up a mountain in a skirt. Get used to it.

I’m going to start a trend here in South Korea – hiking skirts for all.

Yes, I said “for all and yes, I mean it.

Hiking skirts for all ages, hiking skirts for all genders.

I reach what I think is the top. Like the real, actual top, not like all those other times that I thought “Hey, I’m at the top – wait, more stairs?”

There are the most graves here and I can’t see the stairs on the other side going down, so I turn around and go back the way I came.

Still no Phranque.

I find my way back the neighbourhood the apartment is in and by now I’m pretty hungry. I find an ice cream shop and for a moment I think about having ice cream from lunch.

Maybe another day, you know, when I’m so lost I cry.

Today is not that day.

Find the apartment and expect Phranque to jump out and yell “Surprise!”


He isn’t here.

I check email and Facebook and he is all over the place, wondering where I am, what happened and has to admit to out mutual friends that he lost me. He lost bex.

Lucky for the both of us it looks like I’m the only who notices, so I let him know I’m back at the apartment and hungry.

He tells me to eat something and I find some of those frozen glutinous rice treats we got at the grocery the other day and put in the freezer. They are all gone now. Some jerk ate them all.

Yes, that jerk was me.

I also have a fried egg sandwich and tea, ‘cuz I don’t remember the last time I had a fried egg sandwich.

Do some laundry, see to the details of the upcoming week and up date the Flickr photo stream – all pics are now uploaded! I’m caught up! What a relief.

Turn on the music and indulge in sounds from home – relax.

The rest of the day is calm and although I don’t get around to doing Phranque’s ironing (which he says I’m not allowed to do anyway, so not a big deal) but I do make a very tasty dinner for myself – parmesan crusted chicken breast with orange glazed carrots.

Yeah, I guess the whole eating out all the time thing is really getting to me. I’d never eat out so much if I were at home.

Very excited about the rest of week – I see a visit to a chimchilbang in my near future…

Better do these dishes before Phranque gets home from work – losing bex and him coming home to dirty dishes does not an awesome Monday make.

Update: Missing adapter for netbook.

In a flash of brilliance – Phranque solves the adapter problem.

He gives me the cord off his old laptop, it connects on the other side of the transformer – so, yes, the problem solved for the netbook! The adapter/transformer set that I picked up at home also works in this power cord.

Thanks Phranque! Brilliant solution.

Welcome back battery power!

Update: Continuing Adventure.

Plane trips to Taipei and Hong Kong are booked as are hotels for 2 nights in both. Visiting travel agent on Tuesday for return of passport with VISA.

Looking at the Japan Rail Pass and trying to figure the difference between the Green Class and Ordinary Class.

I’m not huge on green, unless it is my Totally Awesome Green Sweater, but not sure if the Ordinary Class is the right one for me. Can’t find the “bex class”, so a bit confused. I thought most places now offered “bex class” to avoid confusion.

Found another cool WordPress site: Jose’s Japan Tips and asked Jose his opinion. Hope to hear from him soon, as I’m still aiming for April in Japan (yeah, I know, but you know I can’t resist cherry blossoms).

Update: Meeting another new friend.

After much back-and-forthing finally have firm plans to meeting up with another of Phranque’s most excellent friends who has consented to bexsit my Tuesday night in Seoul and meet me for dinner. He has commented it is a little like a blind date, I think it is like a miniventure.

Very excited about meeting him!

Even more excited to get rid of the last of these Reese Peanut Butter Cups. How I managed not to eat them I’ll never know…

Update: Monday in Daegu.

Everything to do (bus tour, museum etc) is closed on Mondays! I’m not sure why, but I certainly don’t remember giving my permission for this nonsense.

Upside: the apartment is warm.

Another upside: there is plenty of food. And bubbles if I want.

Also an upside: It is snowing again so staying in seems like a prudent course of action. It will also give me a few moments to catch-up on things I’m behind on.

For me this too is an upside: I have laundry and ironing I want to do!

I’m going to do those dishes in the sink too – I know a few people they would drive batty.

Update: Countdown to my friend having a baby.

T minus nine days.

I’m going to be an Honourary Aunt again! So excited and yes, wish we had moved faster on the cloning technology so I could also be there.

My requests for webcasting of the birth were denied, so ok.

Still. Can’t believe it is only nine days…

And now I’m all updated. 

Spelling news: WordPress thinks “bexsit” is a spelling error. Sometimes WordPress, sometimes…

(the title of this post is homage the song “From New York to L.A.“)

Up early and trying to get in a “catch up” post before Laura awakes. I’m quiet, but she said to wake her when I was up – I wake her a couple of hours later.

And only becuz she said there was a “trick” to getting hot water for the shower. Yes, yesterday’s shower was…chilly.

Breakfast is freshly made strawberry pancakes – thanks Laura! – with orange juice (no pulp! can this day be any better?) with tea and water (and just like that, it is better).

I completely forget to take pics of breakfast.

We eat and chill out while watching an episode of “Master Chief” (Australia) and how much fun is this show? The judges are fair, funny and give constructive criticism rather than barbed insults to the competitors.

The final cook-off round  is…pavlova!  Too bad they haven’t yet invented that TV that you can push a button and get the thing in the picture. I would have been all over that one.

Time to go think about heading back to Daegu, so we forgo a morning visit to the “chimchilbang” to get started on the day and get me home.

We take the circuitous route to the KTX (high-speed train) station and Laura shows me the craziest little sculpture. Yikes! What is up with that monkey?

(Nope, not providing a link, you are going to have to find that one yourself, it is pretty rude, so please keep that in mind.)

(No, I will not put an age warning on it – if it is good enough from a city street for anyone to see, it is good enough for the photostream for anyone to see.)

Surprisingly, Laura walks me into the station instead of turning to me and saying “ok, bex, I’m sick of you, get out of the car and go back to Daegu.” She amazes herself with her polite behaviour – I’m thankful for it.

2 hours before the next train. Get my tic and Laura suggests lunch at Baru – this time it is the “short version”.

Sweet and sour mushrooms with crispy rice and mushroom soup.

I forgo the Biminbop as I haven’t practised today. Or yesterday. Or Thursday.

Yes, I will get back to it in the morning.

I’m still getting smaller, today it is more noticeable, a couple of times my pants almost fall down. I realize that a belt would be the answer to this, but…no belt loops! I may have to buy new jeans sooner than planned. Drat.

(You would think that with all the food I’m eating that this wouldn’t be an issue. Surprise.)

Train is running on time, so it is good-bye Kyongju. Hello KTX.


Is there any more civilized way to travel?

I love train travel. It is quiet. People are well-behaved. It is fast and clean and I can look out the window or make notes.


Arrive without incident and it is time for The Test. Finding my way from the train station to the subway station.

Exit the subway station and take a wrong turn. I don’t recognize anything. I think I’m lost. Deep breath, turn around, go back to the last place that looked familiar. I go in the opposite direction.

Ok, ok, this is looking…totally unfamilar.

I’m going to keep going in hopes of a sign or something. Maybe someone will see me looking lost and tell me where to go…I mean, how to get to the subway station.

I mean, you see a chick with awesome hair looking lost, don’t you want to let her know where the subway is? I know!

No luck.

Ok, ok, I can do this. See a…it’s a sign. With an arrow. Still not recognizing, but decided to trust the sign and I’m…I have no idea where I am.

Ok, another sign, another arrow and guess this is it.

I’m here. Subway.

Uh-oh. I don’t know which direction I’m supposed to go. Pull out the notebook with the name of the stop and check against the subway route map. Only…where is the map?

Look around for the map. Man, I don’t know where all these people are going and I’m trying my best to stay out of everyone’s way, but it is difficult. I may have great hair, but I still have a lousy sense of direction.

Find the map and, yes, that was the direction I thought I needed to go in.

Subway is without incident and I could really use a good night’s sleep. Get off at my station and exit. There are nine exits and I double-check my notes – nothing. Doesn’t mention which exit (they are all numbered) nor the landmarks I should exit near.


Mental note: revise notes Re: Subway.

I follow someone who looks like they know where they are going (extra points for anyone who gets the reference) and hope for the best.

I walk.

Nope – not recognizing anything, but nothing else looked familiar either. It is sunny, but cold, so I give myself a limit – I will walk until I either come to a subway stop or get too cold to continue.

I know I’m going in the wrong direction – I should be headed towards a mountain, I’m heading away from them. Not good.

Subway stop comes first.

Get on and it is one stop back in the direction from whence I came.

30 minutes lost. So not too bad, as amount of time for me being lost goes, it is average.

No, I don’t think a lousy sense of direction and predisposition to getting lost is any reason to stay home and never see the world. I see the world, it just takes me longer to get there. And I sometimes see some odd stuff. And I sometimes have to retrace my steps. And…well you understand what I’m saying here. 

The upside: I have water and don’t need the loo.

Downside: I’m lost. Were you expecting more of down side.

Another upside: I don’t have a panic attack. I remain calm.

Also an upside: I have my credit card, local currency, water, emergency cell phone, Phranque’s phone number and the trusty Moleskin notebook and pen. I could rule the world with this stuff, so getting found should be easy.

Find a taxi with ease (they are all at the taxi stand, waiting), choose the first one in line (don’t know local taxi culture, so I’m going with what I know from TO) and have the following conversation – context: I’m speaking English, the driver, Korean. I’ve converted the currency to CAD for ease, I don’t want anyone thinking that I paid 3500$ for a taxi ride:

me: Hi! I’m hoping you can help me – I’m really lost.

Driver: Hey, crazy chick with great hair. What is up? Where do you want to go?

me: I have this note Phranque wrote with the directions to get to the apartment.

Driver: Well, let me see.

me: *hands over note with directions*

Driver: Oh, I know exactly where that is. I think maybe I know your friend Phranque. *begins to drive*

me: Yeah, probably, he takes taxis a lot. *laughs endearingly*

Driver: *laughs* You are pretty witty chick. And you have great hair.

me: Oh, I totally do. I went to this place in Kyongju. You can read my blog and find out all about it.

Driver: Oh, I totally will.

me: I recognize where we are!

Driver: Yeah, you were actually pretty close to the apartment. I just drove around a bit more to make you feel like you were further away.

me: Thanks! I would have felt really stupid if we had gotten there too quickly. Oh, look I know that building, the apartment is right behind it. Thanks!

Driver: No worries, bex. Here we are.

me: Wow! Thanks Mr. Taxi Driver – that was totally awesome. I was getting pretty cold.

Driver: And you are wearing your mittens, hat and scarf. No fleece though. So that is 3.50$ CAD.

me: Yeah, I’m always bringing my fleece with me from now on. Thanks, here is 10$ CAD.

Driver: Thanks. *gives change to bex* Your change. Have a great day, bex and say hey to Phranque for me.

me: Will do! Thanks again.

(end of conversation)

I’m home. Yay me.

Upper west side: Bubbles and strawberries are waiting for me when I get in and the washing machine is ready.

Business idea: New brand of bubbles – called “bubblesbybex”.

Spend the rest of the day catching up with Phranque.

Yes, I know I’ve only been gone for like two nights, but still, you enjoy having people you love near you, right?

Post the pics that didn’t get completed last night and we chill out the rest of the day, pasta for dinner, more bubbles.

Almost bed time for me – back to practise and there is a mountain waiting us from us in the morning, so hopes are up for an early Alpine start.

Now: bedtime!

All that talk about fear, all the times I’ve said “I’m afraid” and I find this email in my in box, subject line: No more fear.

Whoa. This place is kinda weird sometimes.

Climbs – totally failed out on a new 5.10-. How awful. For me, it was my hips not orienting the correct way, they should be towards the wall not beside it, silly hips.

Managed to do a 5.10- we haven’t done in a while. Took me about a day.

Upside: didn’t freak out while hanging by the rope when I needed a rest. Normally that kills my climb, too much time up.

Got in two 5.9s and a 5.8.

Not bad. Ready for the Saturday climb.

Climbing partner and I sorted out the loaned books thing – I’ve got two of hers, she has 3 of mine. We decided we are content to hold them for one another.

Sent off one of my best friends/favourite books to a dear friend today for safe keeping. A bit of extortion – an excuse to get in touch and see each other when I’m back. Like, you know, binding people to me. Probably cruel to use my books like this, but I figure they won’t get lonely this way.

Interesting talk about commitment today. It is funny to be a person who is a-ok with commitment. I go deep, I don’t hold back. My heart is an organ of…stupidity. It can’t stop loving those it loves.

I don’t mind. I don’t mind at all.

More “good-byes” today, along with an offer to take me out to lunch. Surprise. When you make a dream happen, people think you are more interesting than you really are. It is like they want in on it too. I’m good with that – more people to enjoy.

I think. I think I look different now that I’ve acted to make this happen. People smile more at me, everyone I walked pass today and tonight smiled and said “Hello” to me. I mean, everyone. That doesn’t always happen.

Sure, I mean the great hair helps. But, really, everyone.

Hey, did you hear about this “record club” thing?

Heard a bit about it on the drive home from the train station. It made me nostalgic. Those days of pulling out records with friends and listening and listening and listening. Find some friend, new and old, pull out some records and listen to an album. Yummy. Ear candy.



The sign again:

“We will kill a tree for you.”

It was a book store, so I tried not to think too hard about.

For me? They would kill a tree for me?

I’m – I’m not sure what to say. What to feel.

Is this part of the big “environmental push-back”?

Or is this in support of continuing create books in print – “you want books, books need paper, paper is made from trees, we kill a tree, you get a book” kind of reasoning.

‘Cuz I’m ok with that.

I admit I’ve been slightly wary of being around trees. They make me nervous. On edge.

I saw Evil Dead.

So, thanks, thanks for killing a tree for me.

It is really us against them, when it comes right down to it.

You think that given half the chance that a tree wouldn’t take one of us out?

C’mon. Those guys are pure evil.

And what have trees down for us humans lately anyway?

I mean besides that whole oxygen producing thing.

They suck up the water from the rain and make the grass brown. They obstruct the sun and make it shady and cool on hot summer days. In a bad way. They provide plenty of places for icky spiders and other dubious creatures to live. They block out street lamps and create dark places where things can hide.

Down with the trees!

Go ahead! Kill a tree in my name, kill a whole forest in my name!

I’ll even do this – for every person who comments on this post, I will kill a tree MYSELF.

Reading the sign again:

“We will PLANT a tree for you.”




That is great.

Very socially responsible.

I love trees.

Let’s just pretend that whole “for every comment on this post I’ll go out and kill a tree” thing never happened.