This page is an accident. I’m going to make the best of it.

Below are some bexisms, they are, short, lessons and teachings about how I live my life and how people can live their lives and be more like bex. These are in no particular order.

1. When feeling stressed out or overly emotional – breath in very slowly and then out very slowly. Breath in. Breath out. Keep doing this – you need oxygen to survive.

2. Our life journey is long and tough, the hills are steep, the valleys are low and there is everything from mountain paths to cobble stones to smooth sidewalks. Only wear shoes that are both comfortable and cute.  Comfortable, so you can walk as far as your life requires without taking a break and your don’t hurt your feet. Cute, so that you can look good under even the most difficult circumstances.

Addendum: Also true for underwear.

3. Sometimes it will rain and sometimes the sun shine will shine. These things have nothing to do with you. Your moods don’t influence the weather. You don’t have to let the weather influence your moods.

4.  Other people believe you, your dreams, desires and goals. This means that you can believe in you, your own dreams, desires and goals.

5. Sometimes you have to say what you want out loud for the universe and everyone to hear, loud and clear, and then, stuff can happen. Like in a good way.

6. It is better to volunteer then be “assigned”. When you volunteer, do so quickly and with cheer and enthusiasm, so as not to keep others waiting.

7. Bad Things will happen. Bad Things will happen to you. Don’t take it personally. There are plenty of Bad Things to happen and a limited amount of people for them to happen to.  Bad Things and situations aren’t personal and don’t mean that the universe hates you. It is not a reflection on you or the people you love. It is just a Bad Thing.

The universe still loves you, the people in your life still love you – it is just a Bad Thing. Remember: Bad Things happen to everyone, even bex.

8. When a Bad Thing happens to you, how you handle or mishandle it is up to you and helps define you as a human being. One of the best and cruelest gifts from the universe is our free will. You can use your free will to deal with a Bad Thing and decide if you will let it break you or make you stronger or have no lasting effect on you. You are not a product of your subconscious, you have free will and are free-thinking human being. Use your free-will to be ok when Bad Things happen. Deal with Bad Things with elegance and grace and a sense of humour.

Trust me, things can get far, far worse.

9. If the first thing that happens to you when you wake up in the morning is completely crappy, tell the day off and get on with it. When the second thing that happens to you is also completely crappy, remind yourself that these things are totally unrelated and are not a message that universe hates you. They are not related.

The fabled “Rule of Threes” only has power in your life if you let it. You can break the “Rule of Threes” by refusing to count and by noting loudly that one thing does not have anything to do with the other. Turn your day around into something awesome with your free will, positive thinking, smiles and laughter.

10. Yes. You can.

11.  Smile.

12. Remain calm.

13. When 12 doesn’t work, see 1.

14. Triskaidekaphobia is a weird fear, but so are most fears. It is ok to be afraid.

It is more ok to do something that scares you once a day. But, not stupidly, be smart about it – I don’t recommend hanging out with spiders. Or clowns. But climbing something is a-ok ‘cuz you have a harness on and are roped in.

15. You will fall. Falling is part of it.

16. Lists are very useful – especially grocery lists. If you decide to go without a list, don’t beat yourself up over forgetting something and having to do back. You aren’t getting senile and you aren’t having memory issues – you just forgot and everyone forgets. It’s normal. Suck it up and get on with things.

17. Help someone reach their goal – it feels great and seeing someone reach their goal helps us know our goals are also reachable.

18. Share something you love with someone you love. Could be a food, a place, my favourite thing to share is my favourite past times – you never know who fall in love with the things that you love.

19. Be generous and patient with the people you work with – it is better to work with people who find you generous and patient then people who know you to be a jerk.