So, what’s with Ethan Hawke doing all these interesting little films lately? It’s really refreshing that he is in full-force and using his talents to bring attention to projects.

Like this biopic of Canadian “folk” artist Maude Lewis.

“Maudie” is written by Sherry White, directed by Ailslish and, along with Ethan Hawke, stars Sally Hawkins (as Maude) and Kari Machette.

I need to disclose a couple of things – first, I know Maude Lewis through her art and stories about her, Maude Lewis is a source of great pride in Eastern Canada and her story is well known to art-loving Canadians. That said, I believe everyone should know a bit about Maude Lewis as I think her her artistic vision is unique and in order to fully understand art, we need all kinds of voices.

If I didn’t know Lewis’s art and story previously, the way this film was marketed would have been deceiving, the trailer I saw seemed to think this was a reluctant love story between Maude Lewis and the man she first worked for, then married. I was shocked because the way I had heard her story was that her husband was a cruel and abusive man and she left him a few times due to his treatment of her. I was ready to question this film based on this characterizing her story as a story of her husband growing to love her rather than a story about her development and success as an artist. Like. When the story of a famous artist is usual made into a movie, the movie focuses on their life, their vision and their – not usually the story of their relationship. (Except in cases where an exploration is the story as in “Surving Piacasso”.)

Happily the love story I was dreading didn’t materialize.

Maude’s artist notierity was the focus of the film, the relationship being treated with importance but not as the central story. The abuse in the relationship was treated seriously but with a light touch, it didn’t dominate the film or interactions but gave enough for us to understand.

Some lovely cinematography but not overwhelming so, Maude Lewis’s physical world was actually quite small and the film managed to show this with seeming claustrophibic and the changing external set reflected Maude’s evolution.

Great film about an artist people should know more about, I absolutely suggest seeing this one.