Yeah, um. I know I aid I would never again visit Trinidad. I know I go on and on about how much I hate it there. I hate the heat, the humidity, the noise, the bugs, the lack of good showers. I know, I know, ok?

When dad got home from his yearly stay it was snowing – in three days we had snow, a snow storm and another snow storm.

So when I went to visit him and say “welcome home dad!” I found him quite sad and a bit depressed, really.

After listening to him moan and complain (dad is an unnatural complainer, usually everything is awesome) I asked him “Why did you come back so early? It’s. It’s still winter here!”

Dad explained (patiently) that he had some appointments to take care of – he walked me through day by day.

And you know what? 

He had two appointments then this four weeks gap.

So I said. “Dad, do your first two appointments and go back to Trinidad then come back for the next round. It’ll end way warmer when you get back.”

Dad said he would think about it.

The next time I saw him, dad casually said “oh, yeah I’m leaving on Tuesday.”

Me: What? Where are you going?

Dad: Trinidad.

Me: What? You just got back!

Dad: Well, I’m going back for three more weeks.

Me: wow. Well. Good for you!

Dad: Hey. You aren’t working, you should come with me.

Me: Me? Oh, well. Sure. Not for three weeks though! Just one.

So that’s exactly what we did.