I admit that the last time I was in Vancouver I was interested in heading over to Vancouver Island and seeing Victoria again – my memories of it are lovely.

I suggested this before I got out there – maybe an overnight trip? I quickly became irritated at the negotiating details, would we over night, would we rent a car, would we go Thursday or Friday?

I suggested texting was not the way to make plans and that we could sort things out when I got there.

My friend wanted to make his game night so suggested Friday, renting a car instead. We went by his workplace to check to see if he could get a rental discount.

Turned out he could! 

And he booked a car for us for Friday.

When he told me, I expressed surprised as I thought we were still considering. And discussing. And I did want to go but.

Look. Sometimes it’s hard being around people who have really different sleep schedules. Last time I was there I stayed elsewhere so I went to bed early and got up early. I stayed totally within my schedule. And my friend stayed within his. I would have breakfast, go for a walk or go see something then we’d meet up and have lunch and dinner together. I’d leave to make my ten pm bedtime and he stayed up.

This time staying at his place meant that I couldn’t roam too far. So I’d often sleep in and then go out for breakfast. It also meant that if we were going anywhere together his idea of an early start and my idea of an early start varied widely.

 Truly by the time the car was rented I had lost my desire to go and Friday didn’t seem to be a good idea – my flight home was Saturday morning and I was pretty tired from the week.

So. We went. 

The ferry ride was pretty cool and I got some ok pics I think. It was a bit rainy and windy and I was very tired – I visited with my author friend the night before and barely slept.

In Victoria we grabbed an excellent fish and chips lunch and then went up to the “castle”. It was pretty cool, there was a lot of stained glass.

After the tour we headed back to the ferry dock, plenty of time to spare.

The ferry was cancelled.

For the rest of the day. No ferries running. 

The first ferry would run the next morning and all the reserved spaces were sold out. So we could come back and wait in line after it was closed.



Actually. Not ok. Not even a bit. Cuz I really want to go home.

We decamped to Starbucks so I could charge my phone, get some tea and we could figure out next steps.

Things are easier to deal with when there is tea.

I can’t. I was very worried.

I tried and failed to switch my ticket to a later flight but everything was booked. Everything in my price range.

Evything I could afford.

I was panicking.


And my back hurt.

And I wanted to sleep in my own bed.

Left Starbucks to find somewhere to stay the night or dinner.

I asked some question about the ferry and, as the answer wasn’t fast enough, checked online. 


Oh crap! One ferry running from Nainamo to West Vancouver.

Which meant.

Which meant!

Not sure.

 I wasn’t sure where I was, let alone where I was in relation to anything else.

We decide to try.

We tore off, following the map and ended up.

At a closed ferry dock!

A tiny closed ferry dock.

The problem with GPS. The problem with not reading directions first.

The drive was. Beautiful, I guess? My energy was mostly devoted to not losing my self-control. Why did he just go ahead and book the car without confirming with me first? Why didn’t he check the weather report? Why didn’t he listen when I said I wasn’t sure if I still wanted to go? Why does he keep touching my knee? Why doesn he put the radio on? Why doesn’t he drive faster? Why does he keep critizing other drivers? 

And why? Why, when we get there and find out there is room on the new ferry does he start asking about a refund for the tickets for the ferry that was cancelled rather than just buying tickets first and asking questions after that is dealt with?

Also. I really had to use the bathroom so that poor timing.



I don’t have control issues but when someone assumes control I want them to take care of the details – like if we are going up the mountain, wear things that are sensible so we can walk around in the snow.

I try so hard to remind in control of my emotions but sometimes I just want to explode. 

I didn’t. But I’m really happy that I got home.

I was ready to come home.

Too much excitement!