So yesterday was my friend’s book launch! 

During the day we made it up to the Nitobe Memorial Garden on the UBC campus and this time we didn’t get lost! Got a pile of really good snaps and walked about and about, just enjoying it. Truly one of my fav places to be.

Then it was lunch – Swiss Chalet! So much fun and so comfortable, love comes in many forms.

We related a bit at “home” then it was time to get ready for the event!

We didn’t get lost going there and the space was beautiful. My friend (you know who you are) saw me at the doorway and came for a hug – thrilled that I would travel from Toronto to Vancouver to help celebrate, she even thanked me in her speech! Said I was one of the most brilliant people she has ever met, I blushed (on the inside).

Listened to excerpts of her book, ate food and drank wine. 

After the structured part we mingled! Reconnected with her partner that I didn’t recognize when I got there and then connected him with my friend – we all game so it was brilliant to be able to do. I left them to delve and plumb and I went over to meet my friend’s newest partner, the last time I was here they just met and I was encouraging my friend to go for it. They did! It was an excellent conversation and I’m so happy that I took that walk over.

I’m so proud and happy I could burst.

After the event I was still wide awake so my friend and I went to this totally nerd pub! It was amazing. They have this game that you roll and 20-sided die and get a random shot. My friend decided to play and got “Essence of Gelfling”. Of course this was inspiring so I asked if I could roll, not for a shot but just to hear another name – our waitress agreed, I rolled and – Snow Crash! I said it’s one of my fav books so I’d take the shot, please.

Closed the bar, like a couple of idiot friends who couldn’t stop talking and drinking beer. It was wonderful. 

Today. Today, who knows. Both stayed up too late and tonig my friend is gaming so I’m to visit my author friend. I’m ready.