It’s funny, being three hours behind most of my friends, woke at 530am and already had some messages waiting – people up and about before it’s even a thought for me.

Didn’t really get back to sleep but breathed deeply and relaxed until around 730am. Makes for a very Bex by nighttime but I love being up and about.

It’s funny though, negotiating schedules with someone (you know who you are) who runs almost opposite.  Like, I’m ready to sleep when he is still going strong and I’m ready to go whe to go when he is still sleeping. 

It’s good, I find it affords both of us needed alone time.

So, breakfast in Starbucks again and getting caught up with everyone back home. And telling them about all the beer my friend and I are drinking. 

Yesterday we walked and walked and ate and drank, what an excellent day!

Today – more of the same!