Sitting in a Starbucks, sipping my green tea and water, just finished my banana and breakfast sandwich. I’m in Vancouver!

And being stereotypical.

Except, it’s not coffee.

My dear friend, who is hosting me (you know who who you are) is slumbering on his couch. Tried to be quiet as I left this morning but somet noises happen – too many bits and warnings for bears to be properly stealthy.

I love the rain.

Funny story – when I’m Vancouver, it rarely rains. Arrived yesterday, the rain and by the time we settled in for lunch, the sun was bright and stayed that way the whole of our lunch and beers. 

It kept that way all during our first of many epic walks.

There was evidence of rain – puddles, general sense of clean and damp – after we got out of our movie. 

Today the sun is doing its thing like it invented being bright and cheery.

Or something.

A dear friend is having a book launch even this week, she got published! (She knows who she is.)


Turned out my budget was going well and my vacation time was too, so I booked everything!

Then. Plot twist!

I got let go from my job two weeks ago. I really enjoyed working there but I understand the need for cost savings and efficiencies and I didn’t work with core business. I hope they meet their goal of savings. I believe in it.

So. New adventures for me, including a new place to hang out and make a contribution. Very exciting!

Also, I recently had a very interesting performance opportunity playing ukulele and singing. It was for International Women’s Day! It was excellent and I met some awesome women! And a few us have started climbing together. It’s really amazing and I’m so thankful.

It’s interestin, all these wonderful things happening all the time.

Today it may be adventures in aimless wandering and we have a beautiful day for it.