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So, it’s not like I’m  huge Frank Zappa fan or anything, I barely know the guy  and probably know one of his songs (“Valley Girl”, which got some amount of regular rotation on “The Doctor Demento Show” when I was so much younger than today and believed that my older brother was the epitome of all things cool). 

But it was a hot night and there seemed to a storm rolling in and I had only been out a couple of times last week so decided to go for a walk and see what was up. This film was the only one playing that I hadn’t already promised to see with others or seen, so this film was it.

The film is a series of interviews Frank Zappa gave during his live, interspersed with some of his performances. And well. It’s really interesting. For me, being interested in luscious, it was amazing to hear how he put his compositions together and how he and the the band “The Mothers of Invention” rehearsed and performed.

What grabbed my attention most was not only his views on art and music but how he dealt with accusations of being political radical or an arnarchist. I remember at some point, when I was younger, someone had mentioned in passing that Frank Zappa was a conversative and I could hardly believe them. This is confirmed on the interviews and it is interesting how much of a conventional life he leads – four kids, house with a mortgage.

The best part of the film for me was the lack of a voice over – there were titles to help the viewer navigate through the interviews but context was never explained with a voice over.

Very enjoyable film and if you have the inclination or a love of music, I suggest giving it a try.


Not doing my hair this morning resulted in me arriving at the train station almost 20 minutes early. After loading my transit card, I treated myself to an iced tea at Starbucks.

That’s a rare treat but I had the time and if ever there was a day to by kind to myself, it’s Thursday.

The cashier seemed a bit confused but friendly – confirmed I didn’t want anything to eat and double checked my order. I’m a bit unclear about how to order at Starbucks, so many sizes and options and long names that I do my best but usually end up mucking something up.

After me, in line, there was a bit of a rush and I had to wait a bit for my drink. When it was made and placed, I initially left it sitting there cuz it was the wrong size – it looked too big.

They said my order and I picked it up and said “thank you!”

But. Really. It was a size up. 

What have I done to receive a free upsize from Starbucks? I mean. They barely know me.

This set the time for the day – I got a lot done, people found me funny and charming and I was wearing my fav dress. 

Then I got a letter in my inbox.

I never get letters, let alone ones that are addressed in printing.

I opened with a great deal of trepidation.

The letter outlined the death of the writer’s spouse. 

It was heartbreakingly sad.

It told how the spouse was ill and how support was an ongoing struggle. The writer pleaded with the reader to share their story so another person would not have to go through a similar ordeal. 

I often say at work that my job is herding cats and my motto is “helping lost souls find their way”.

Today I am thankful that the universe, in Starbucks form, gave me a gift of unexpected upsizing to remind me there are small things to bring us joy even in the face of great sorrow.