Life beyond dating

I got caught up in this whole “how I learned to start worrying and hate online dating”, that I’ve neglected to say anything about all the amazing stuff that has been going on around this place. The first part of the summer was spent working hard on a school course – trying to what? BetterContinue reading “Life beyond dating”

Misadventures in online dating Part 18?

This post could alternatively be titled “The law of declining returns”. So here is the how it worked: He stopped holding my hand and following my car home in his car to make sure I got safely home. When I explained that hand holding was important to me, he scoffed. Then, he stopped asking “WhenContinue reading “Misadventures in online dating Part 18?”

Film review: The World’s End

“The World’s End” is directed by Edgar Wright, written by Edgar Wright and Simon Pegg. Well, we were all waiting. And we got it. The team that gave us “Shaun of the Dawn” and “Hot Fuzz” returns! And what a return! This film features a group of friends re-creating the perfect, unfinished pub crawl ofContinue reading “Film review: The World’s End”

Film review: Pacific Rim

“Pacific Rim” is directed by Guillermo del Toro, screenplay by Travis Beacham and Guillermo del Toro with story by Travis Beacham. I’m late on this review too! Huge monsters coming through a rift in the centre of the earth and huge human-directed robots to engage them in hand-to-hand combat – this film has everything IContinue reading “Film review: Pacific Rim”

Film review: The Way Way Back

The Way Way Back is written and directed by Nat Faxon and Jim Rash. *facepalm* I’m really, really, stupidly behind in writing this review. I really shouldn’t even be writing it, but I feel like…I should write it, I can’t let this be the one movie that I miss writing about, soooooo… This start ofContinue reading “Film review: The Way Way Back”