“Elysium” is directed and written by Neill Blomkamp.

So, this is the same team that did “District 9”, that clever sci-fi that ended up teaching us a few things about racism and swaying a few people over to the genre.

Admittedly, this is a less strong example of the best of the genre – the class commentary is a bit heavy-handed at times and lacks most of the character development that was present in “District 9”.

Still, I really enjoyed it, especially the performance by Jodie Foster, who stars here as one of the most unsympathetic, cool-headed, cold-hearted  polictical-type characters in recent memory. She cloaks herself in self-righteous morality and justifies her behaviour in the simplest of terms. It wasn’t deep, emotional or soft – it was all hard edges and corners and icy – well done.

The fight sequences are well choreographed and there is a certain level of…gross. The blood is gross and viscous and skin is scarred as a matter of utility, aesthetic and accident. The scene of facial reconstruction is both icky and fascination.

Despite obvious flaws – most notable lack of character development and overly soppy flashbacks – this film still depicts some of the best qualities that sci-fi offers, it gives us warnings about how we live, shows dangerous of continuing along current paths and social justice commentary about access to health and wealth. We need more of this kind of sci-fi and less of the jumping on the sci-fi band wagon.