I spent some time working on my first school assignment this week-end only to review the instructions and realize that I completely forgot the second step. Ack! I put off re-doing the assignment becuz…I was feeling lazy. And I didn’t really have plans for these unplanned days off…and truthfully I didn’t want plans. So, ifContinue reading “Forgetfulness”

Trauma and repercussions

On the whole, I consider myself to be a tough chick. I mean, I rock climb. For fun, no one makes me climb. I fight against gravity to get to the top of every Saturday morning, when most people are getting coffee and nursing hangovers from Friday night. I bump, I bruise, I scrap. IContinue reading “Trauma and repercussions”

Film review: Star Trek Into Darkness

“Star Trek Into Darkness” is directed by J.J. Abrams, written by Roberto Orci, Alex Kurtzman, Damon Lindelof based on ideas and characters by Gene Roddenberry. Well, well, J.J. Abrams does it again. This time, a re-telling of “The Wrath of Khan” that allows the characters to be challenged, grow and question the relationships that theyContinue reading “Film review: Star Trek Into Darkness”

Thursday, May 16, 2013: Everyday Angels

In times of crisis or trouble, I guess it is true – we send out a burst of invisible, telepathic butterflies and they fly straight to the people we love and who love us and deliver the messages that we are unable to speak. On Tuesday and Wednesday I suddenly, randomly heard from a fewContinue reading “Thursday, May 16, 2013: Everyday Angels”

Film review: Room 237

“Room 237” is directed by Rodney Ascher with voice overs from Bill Blakemore, Geoffrey Cocks, Juli Kearns, John Fell Ryan, Jay Weidner and Buffy Visick. The term “directed” is used loosely here. I suggest that either compiled or curated would be alternate terms. An alternate title for this film could be “Seeing this movie willContinue reading “Film review: Room 237”

The ex-boyfriend thing

The conversation didn’t go like that. And there may have been tears. There was certainly confusion. When he asked “Why? You seemed happy the other night.” I told him I wasn’t and he said’ “Sorry. I didn’t know. You looked happy.” But there is a difference between looking happy and being happy. And I thinkContinue reading “The ex-boyfriend thing”

The boyfriend thing

Two dates later and I’m confused about this whole thing. On the second date I thought I was clear in terms of not wanting to date and certainly not wanting a boyfriend. Someone must have misunderstood something ‘cuz by the end of the date he was doing this crazy dance telling me he was myContinue reading “The boyfriend thing”