Film review: 42

“42” is directed by Brian Helgeland, screenplay by Brian Helgeland. “42”¬† is the story of the Brooklyn Dodgers making history by signing Jackie Robinson. I found this movie very uneven, like it couldn’t decide if it was telling Jackie Robinson’s story, a commentary on how baseball helped fight racism or the story of Branch Ricky,Continue reading “Film review: 42”

Thursday, April 18, 2013: Last day of vacation

Up late last night waiting for my parents to come home. Waiting, waiting. Finally the front door opens and they are home! Flurry of bringing bags in, hearing stories, looking around at the work done on the house. Mum is put to bed and Dad and I stay up a bit, have a drink, haveContinue reading “Thursday, April 18, 2013: Last day of vacation”

Wednesday Walkabout

After a truly grueling skills test (seriously, more difficult than last week’s final exam, seriously?) I was, finally, really and truly on vacation. Plans with a friend started off by meeting on the train to the meeting place – we were on the same car and everything. Walked over to the theatre to pick upContinue reading “Wednesday Walkabout”

Film review: From Up on Poppy Hill

“From Up on Poppy Hill” is directed by Goro Miyazaki, written by Tetsuro Sayama (story), Hayao Miyazaki (screenplay), Keiko Niwa (screenplay) and based on graphic novel by Tetsuro Sayama and Chizuru Takahashi. “From Up on Poppy Hill” is a Studio Ghibli, so this review is heavily biased. We saw the dubbed version of this film.Continue reading “Film review: From Up on Poppy Hill”

Film review: Love, Marilyn

“Love, Marilyn” is directed by Liz Garbus and features F. Murray Abraham, Elizabeth Banks, Ellen Burstyn, Glenn Close, Hope Davis, Viola Davis and others. If you look up this film on IMDB, it says that this film features modern stars talking about the impact Marilyn Monroe continues to have on their lives. This is incorrect.Continue reading “Film review: Love, Marilyn”