“Flamenco Flamenco” is directed by Carlos Saura.

Description for this film says this is a “look at the history and traditions of flamenco dance and music”.

Something must have gotten lost in translation ‘cuz I didn’t learn a thing about either the history nor traditions of flamenco dance and music.

What I did see what some very passionate dancing, guitar playing, hand clapping, table clapping, and angst-y singing.

I have no idea what those people are singing about, they could be singing their grocery lists for all I can tell, subtitles not included here folks!, but they were pretty worked up about it.

For me, the dance was most interesting, however often the shot cut-away from the dancer’s feet just when things were getting really interesting. To me, I mean. What is the point in hearing a dancer’s foot stomps and taps if you can’t see the feet? Show me those feet stomping! These sequences also provided some of the most interesting visual interest as ell – there was one notable scene with six dancers that used mirrors so you actually felt like you were watching a group of dancers that was three times as big.

The film was lovely, however one can’t help but compare this film to the recent “Pina”, also a dance movie.(my review here) As I said to my companion, with whom I saw both films, I don’t actually like or understand modern dance, so “Pina” was a challenge for me and this film changed the way I think and like modern dance, it gave me a new appreciation for it. I love flamenco, so this film didn’t do anything to change my mind or challenge my perceptions. Also, I think “Pina” was more challenging in terms of visual effect and staging. And location. But I liked the music in “Flamenco Flamenco” better – it was more familiar and accessible to my ears.

Beautiful movie and if you love music, go and see this film. Just make sure you are ok with not understanding lyrics. And don’t want to find out about the tradition and history of flamenco dance and music ‘cuz you aren’t’ going to learn that stuff here.