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I am so out of climbing shape.

And I know, I know, I climb twice a week, but this past Saturday we finally got outside, on a Women’s Climbing Day and man, I am so out of climbing shape! The large muscles hurt!


But what an awesome day – climbing with women, we formed a subculture within a subculture! How awesome is that? I don’t even know what you call that…a sub-subculture? But when it is climbing, shouldn’t you call it like…an acroculture? A sub-acroculture?

I don’t know.

What a day!

I got exactly one climb in, before freaking out and having issues with the chalk and yeah, so what, it was 3 times longer than a usual route indoors, still, pathetic.

But, I got outside. I shut up. I climbed.

So, yeah, looks like it is shaping up to be an awesome climbing summer…


So being a climber, someone who climbs, and being afraid of heights often presents some interesting problems.

There is this one wall at our climbing gym, it has 3 climbing routes on it and, like all the walls, the routes change-up on a regular, yet unpredictable basis. But this wall slants towards you, so as you climb you have this feeling of falling and, if you fall, the rope will swing you out over the mats. I hate the swing.

We had been working on this one route, a 5.10- and a couple of sessions ago, I made it the furthest I’ve ever made it up and I promised myself and my climbing partner – next time I tried that route I would get up and not be so focused on the “Oh noes, I’m gonna fall and swing!” and more focused on the “I’m getting up this route!”

We climbed tonight and…

The route changed.

No longer a 5.10-. Which totally sucks, I was going to make up, even it killed all my other attempts.



It is now a 5.9!

My climbing partner made it up, easy as can be, she made it look easy. She came down and said “bex, you can do it. don’t think about the slant, don’t think about falling, just go.”

I went.

I totally did it!

First time I’ve ever completed a route on the slanted wall!

I’m so happy. And proud of both my climbing partner and of me!

It is a great falling, to try and try and fail again and again. And then, one day, probably a Tuesday – you succeed.

And you realize – that wasn’t so bad after all…

Didn’t really understand what was up with today – spent most of the working day, decidedly, not working and chatting instead with a dear friend and the trials that the week-end brought on him.

Another colleague of mine ended up shedding a few tears – also fallout from the week-end.

The flirt of last week suddenly played it safe, cutting paper into squares and shying away from danger, where last week was playfully flexing muscles and diving head-first.

The culmination was my four-year-old niece, suddenly sighing between bites of her dinner and saying “Today was a long day.”. Oh, the insight of children.

No idea what was up – until a friend’s post said it and said it all “Rainy days and Mondays…”

The weather turned over the week-end and it seems we found the missing days of winter.

For my part, well, I’d be a liar indeed if I told you my eyes remained dry, my heart remained unmoved. Yes, tender around the edges and weepy as well, especially listening to friends go through what they go are going through.

It irks me to blame the weather. I don’t live in a novel, this is not pathetic fallacy, it is just, at times, evoking pathos? but, today, I make the exception and quote: “My features form with the change in the weather…”

“Breakfast at Tiffany’s” is directed by Blake Edwards, screenplay by George Axlerod, based on a novel by Truman Capote, starring Audrey Hepburn and George Peppard.

How crazy is it that I’m writing a review of a film from 1961 on this blog?

You know how sometimes you are looking around for a film to go see in a theatre and you think you are going to catch one of the latest releases that you just haven’t quite gotten to see? So you turn on your computer and you start checking around on those sites that show movies by title and as you scrolling past for something to see, a title catches your eye and you think “This can’t be right! That film was release back in 1961! You can only see it on a smaller screen or rep cinema!” and rep cinemas are always far away and not really great for seeing after-work when you work way out in the ‘burbs?

That is exactly what happened to me! Only, one of the theatres was right near where I work! Way, way out in the ‘burbs!

So, yes, I saw “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” on the large screen.

This movie is one of my all time faves – I love the look of the film, the costumes, the design, the story, the way the characters talk and behave and the strange moments of comedy. Edwards is at his best here – chaotic party scenes with unlikely sequences, snappy dialogue and a cast that is a complete pleasure to watch.

I think a lot of people think of this film as a love story, but I disagree, it is certainly romantic, in that walk in the rain, steal stuff and make a complete ass of yourself to a salesperson in a high-end store sort of way – I call this “Everyday Romance”. But, when you really get to it, the main characters are morally suspect and more than willing to compromise to survive and thrive. They also grow and change during the course of the film.

I can’t tell you what my fav scene of the movie is – each moment is a perfect moment, unique and beautiful, subtle and outrageous. If you love film and haven’t seen this film, well, sorry, but I’m going to have question if you love film at all – this is one of the all-time greats. Find this film now, see it and if you are so lucky to find a listing for the big screen – go, go, go!

About two and half weeks ago i was having pain issues. Now, i do need to clarify, i have a lower back injury from way, way back (haha, see what i did there?) so most days are rather painful for me. i deal ok, between yoga and climbing and watching my body positioning and weight and everything else, the pain is totally manageable.

But then the season’s started changing.

And the pressure of the change brought on this crazy pressure headache. And i don’t suffer from regular headaches so i’m a complete baby about it – i missed a couple of days of work, if you can believe and more than that, i cancelled a night of climbing!

So, what i am trying to say is, i was in a lot of pain.

The headache made me tense up in pain and which lead to some seized up muscles in my neck and shoulders. The pain in my neck lead into my head which caused a headache on top of the first headache (this is my “double headache” whoa…) and the pain in my shoulders migrated down my spine, into my hips, knees, ankles and finally toes.


So, you know i needed a solution that would let me live and get back to things.

Solution: new bed, new mattress, new pillows.

Yep, the seasons will always change, so there is nothing i can do about that, the pressure changes will stop for a while before the next change, but body positioning can always be corrected and supported.

i looked around, read some reviews and opted for an extra firm memory foam mattress and a wooden slat support system that is adjustable in terms of firmness. Extra firm pillows, one standard size and two king- sized – made for the side sleeper – quit imagining me asleep in bed, please! – and very soft sheets round out the sleep thing.

i now fall asleep quickly, rarely am woken up by pain, my body position is easily kept, but not so rigid that i can’t move a bit to readjust when needed. i once again bound out of bed, pain-free and ready to take on the day!

It feels so wonderful. My sense of humour is restored and people often ask me how i am so happy and energetic. A good night’s sleep. And plenty of water and green tea.

That’s it. The secret to my happiness.

Boring right?

But not easy.

So, yes, things are pretty great right now. i’m totally enjoying the bed and can only wonder why on earth i waited to replace – i spend so much time asleep that you’d think i would think that a bed is one of those essential things – comfy bed, excellent shoes and comfy underwear. Seriously, the things we should never skimp on.

i love Tuesdays so much.


“Bully” is a documentary by Lee Hirsch about peer-to-peer bullying in schools across USA.

Look, it took me about a week and half to write this after seeing the movie. And I suppose that it probably doesn’t really count as a review either, I mean, how does a person review a film that shows some of the weakest members of society and the crazy responses that adults give to escape the responsibility of making their lives better?

I don’t know, actually.

You can read all about how moving this film, how crazy it is that in USA it received an R-rating, the stories of the victim’s plights, how the parents and kids come together and start trying to change things for the better, but you can read it somewhere else.

The important thing to remember about this film is that is for opening a conversation with children about bullying, about what really goes during their days, and what these little people who are responsible for are really up to. And how and what, we should be doing as adults.

I saw this film in a theatre of mostly adults. There was this guy who skipped the queue at the snack bar and cut in front of me, leading to people behind me to shake their heads and say some not very nice things. When I got to the counter, the person working shook their head and I shrugged. When I went to get a straw, the same guy reached in front of me to throw out his trash, without acknowledging he was completely in my person space and almost hit me in the chest. After my viewing companion and I chose our seats, the same guy came in and sat directly in front of me, while wearing a hat.

And you know what? I felt like saying something to him, like “Seriously dude, the snack line was bad enough, the trash thing was worse, but are you at least going to take your hat off?”

I didn’t say anything, but he took his hat off.

Was this guy a bully?


He was failing to read social cues and act in an acceptable way to them. He had no idea that when there is a long line for the snack bar and a new till opens, that it is the next person is line who takes it, not someone who has just joined the line. He was completely clueless that you don’t reach across someone’s personal space without saying “Excuse me” or “Pardon me” or “Sorry”. And he certainly had no clue that when you sit in a theatre and there is plenty of space you usually don’t sit directly in front of someone and certainly not when wearing a hat.

The stories of the kids we meet are heartbreaking, they are sad and, through the lens of adulthood, they are difficult. We understand, as adults, that kids can be cruel, but the line between cruelty and criminality is so very fine and I don’t know exactly what to say about it.

This isn’t a documentary in the strictest sense, it is more activism, it hopes that by knowing these stories, by understanding, we will act to make things better. Now.

It isn’t great film making, it isn’t terribly consistent story-telling either. But this film that will inspire you to make things better. And that, is exactly what you should want to do.

Sorry, not even a whisper of review happening here…