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This is a true story. It happened to a friend of a friend of friend of mine.


No it didn’t. It happened to me.

I slept into today, which is fine, the morning routine includes 45 min of extra time – I use this time to email, like things on FB and double-check gear if I’m climbing after work. I like mornings. so this extra time makes me feel indulgent and lovely.

But, today I slept in.

So, up late, breakfast, shower and into a summery dress I haven’t worn since early October, but the day is going to be fine, so bring it on, right?

Then I realize, I need a sweater, ‘cuz this dress doesn’t have pockets or a belt where I can attached my pedometer.

Bad news, the sweater needs to be ironed.

Pick up the pedometer, pick up the sweater, put them both down so I can re-adjust my bra strap, pick them both up and –


Where is my pedometer?

It was right under my sweater when I put them down.

Look for the pedometer. Lift up the other things on the couch.

No pedometer.

Look behind the couch.

No pedometer.

Lift up the couch cushions.

No pedometer.

I have to iron this sweater so run downstairs, do a quick iron, run back upstairs, maybe I’ll find the pedometer.

No pedometer.

Check the couch again – look behind and under. No pedometer.

Bra straps comes undone.

Shimmy out of the dress, re-do bra strap, do up dress.

Move the couch cushions. No pedometer.

Fold out the fold-out mattress. No pedometer.

Put mattress away.

Bra strap comes un-done.

Shimmy out of dress, re-do bra strap. Do up dress.

Put cushions back on couch.


Get broom from kitchen.

Lie down on floor and take broom handle and “sweep” it under the couch. No pedometer.

Bra strap comes undone.

Shimmy out of dress, re-do bra strap. Do up dress.


Think think.

Look behind and under couch again.

No pedometer.

Bra strap comes undone. Shimmy out of dress, re-do bra strap, do up dress.


Look in all the other rooms for the pedometer.

No pedometer.

Look in ‘fridge.

No pedometer.

Look in toaster over.

No pedometer.

Back into the first room, where the pedometer was last seen and held.

Look under and behind couch again.

Shimmy out of dress, as bra strap has come undone again. Re-do bra strap, do up dress.

Lie down in front of couch and look under couch.

No pedometer.

Bra strap comes undone.

Move couch and –

What was that ripping sound?

It came from my dress…

Shimmy out of dress, look at dress, can’t see any rips, but, how this day is going, I’m losing this dress in the most public and humiliating way at work today.

Toss dress on floor, get another dress, with a belt, if I find that pedometer.

Do up bra stray, do up dress.

And –

Time to leave for work.

Work, work, work.

I don’t get a lot done today, but I get enough done.

Have several excellent conversations with excellent people and they are all on the look-out for my pedometer.

I’m straight home after work and straight back to looking for the pedometer.


There it is, pretty as you please. Sitting.

On my dresser.

It was never once on my dressed this morning, so this is a bit of a mystery.

But you know what. I don’t mind at all.

Change out of the dress and into “stay at home clothes”.

I’m on a mission.

Time to clean the room and clean the closet.

Turn the radio up, move the couch several more times, flip the carpet, vacuum everything.

Stuff that is garbage is put in the garbage, other stuff is sorted, filed and put away.

Time to tackle the closet.

I don’t know if you know, but a woman’s closet can be a scary and daunting place. It represents time, money, investments, relationships. It is a record of our changing bodies, styles and tastes. It needs, more than everything, a good editing on a regular basis.

The rules:

  1. Throw out stuff that doesn’t fit, is damaged beyond repair, is permanently stained or that you haven’t worn in 2 years.
  2. Be ruthless – it doesn’t matter how much you love it, you get to keep the memory of it, but get rid of it in reality.
  3. Your style has changed since you bought that, if it doesn’t fit your current style, get rid of it!
  4. You’re older now and should know better – get rid of it.
  5. That thing that friend who doesn’t speak to you anymore talked you into buying ‘cuz it was exactly the kind of thing she would wear? Get rid of it.
  6. Now do the shoes too.

A garbage bag and half of clothes and a garbage bag of shoes.

Which, I realize seem like a lot, but I give my discards room and space to breath.

My newly edited closet offers ease of finding things, extra hangers, sensible organization and a special section for special event dresses. I moved out of season boots and non-work shoes into it as well, so there is more room in the front entryway.

And, as a bonus, I’ve done so much walking about that I must be racking up the steps on the pedometer.

Double check the step count.


Not one more step is recorded.

I write down the count, hit re-set and –

Check a couple of hours later – it is still at zero.

Upside: My bra strap stayed done up.


Look, I’ll tell you this – sometimes, often in fact, I have these moments of clarity where it occurs to me that I don’t fit in, neatly, like, I mean. I admit that I’m a bit odd, even for my tastes and about half the time I’m not even sure what I’m talking about.

Then –

I got into work yesterday and one of my colleagues greeted me over the interoffice chat application and then he said, here is a rhyme for you:

Roses are Red

Dead Flesh is Green

When the Dead start to Rise

I want You on my Team

He said that a friend of his sent it to him and it made him think of me.

Nice, right.

It made me feel like..someone here gets me. It made me feel like…I belong somewhere, here, in fact.

I don’t think I told you, but during my lunch hours I’m learning how to make origami cranes – I finished the paper my niece gave me for Xmas so I went out and bought some new stuff. They are pretty ok, I mean I’m not mangling them any more. My fingers are learning. Slowly, very slowly.

And you know, people come by to see what I’m up to and chat or come over to my desk where the cranes and sitting around, watching things and I figure “Hey, take a crane or two so you can them at your desk!” and people really like them.

So, later the same day, yesterday, another one of my colleagues (who has 4 cranes) suggested the CEO of our company that we take the cranes that I make and put them in a bowl by reception and when people visit us, they can take a crane home with them. Once he stopped laughing, the CEO loved it!

And I had another moment of “People here, they get it.”

And today, today another colleague came over to my desk and asked if I had met his doggie. I hadn’t, so he took me to where his doggie was hanging out. And guess what! It wasn’t a doggie at all! It was a puppy!!!!

A 10-month old, American Eskimo puppy, who was sooooo happy to see us.

I have to tell you, I really felt like, “People, they get me here.”

It just makes me feel so good. About everything.

“John Carter”, direct by Andrew Stanton, screenplay by Andrew Stanton, Mark Andrews and Mark Chabon, based on the story “A Princess of Mars” by Edgar Rice Burroughs.

So, you ever read any of Burroughs’ “Mars Stories”?

Compared to modern sci-fi, they are a bit clunky, quaint and don’t really take into consideration much science. But, Burroughs is one of the grandfathers of sci-fi and if you haven’t read any, I suggest that you give them a whirl, you will be charmed and probably amused…

The film has this same sort of charm – it has a cool retro feel that is charming and doesn’t worry about science, but asks that you make the leap that, yes, Mars has an atmosphere, yes, Mars does have life and if you play along, everything will be just fine…

After reading the reviews for this one, I almost suggested to my companion for the movie that we either give it a pass or see something else, but we decided that maybe critics don’t always know what a geek and a nerd like in movies, point in case “Tron: Legacy”, I am right here people?

Yes, I am.

So, we saw it and what fun! Strange looking aliens, mysterious messengers from Martian gods, a beautiful princess, some interesting baddies and a displaced Civil War vet (cavalry) who, on Mars, can jump really, really far and has incredible strength.

One of the things that I like most about Burroughs’ work is how much of it is written in first person, everything happens to the main character or it is told to the writer by the person it happen to…the film neatly expresses that by making Burroughs himself one of the characters and integral to the conclusion of the film.

I think the critics got another one wrong – the film is enjoyable and fun. There are cool special effects, fun character design and a neat-o overall feel. The film far surpassed expectations, especially in light of the more sophisticated sci-fi flicks and the reviews that just hated this film.

The lead actor is rather cardboard, but whatever, he does a good job of jumping and in this film, that is pretty much all that matters.

I don’t think critics get what geeks and nerd want in films, this film brought it and was an enjoyable way to spend time. You will get a few laughs, see some things explode and see a Martian wedding, what more can a geek ask for!



“Salmon Fishing in the Yemen” is directed by Lassie Hallstrom, written by Simon Beaufoy, novel by Paul Torday, Ewan McGregor, Emily Blunt and Amr Waked.

I’m very late with this review, sorry about that…

The premise is that a fisheries expert is contacted by a consultant to realize a sheik’s dream of bringing salmon to the Yemen for fly fishing.

This film is so charming, the actors are a pleasure to watch and very believable in their roles.

The thing I liked best about this film was how the adults, no matter the situation, reacted and act liked adults – the characters met each other from a point of mutual respect and recognition and this was an incredibly refreshing expression of relationships between people.

Absent were short-hands and stereotypes and emotions were restrained and toned down.

I read a mix of film reviews before seeing this one – a few people said it was the best film they saw during the TIFF (Toronto International Film Festival)  but then a few others said they found the pace too slow.

I don’t know, I like a slower pace of movie, not a whole lot happens in the movie, but it is a joy to watch problems being solved and the characters as they mellow into each other and discover layers upon layers of personality, thoughts and believes.

Very enjoyable film.

So, allow me to clarify.

Just ‘cuz I’m smiley and cute and laugh and giggle and say all kinds of positive things and try to lift people up when they are down and see the positive side to absolutely everything, doesn’t mean that I’m never grumpy or sad or worried or upset or feeling like I’m turning into some monster with fangs and claws.

This morning, getting out of bed was a real problem. So much so, that I re-set my alarm for half an hour later than usual and I used it well…by sleeping.

Body aching, head aching, brain aching, everything single joint feeling swollen and a general feeling of…this is totally not right-ness about everything. I managed to avoid walking in the door jamb and to avoid slipping in the shower (quit imagining me in the shower!) and to choke down some breakfast. And a painkiller.

Honestly though, that pain-killer didn’t do a whole lot, but it felt good to take the thing, you know.

I struggled with finding something acceptable to wear that wasn’t going to look awful or make me feel awful and managed ok, I guess.

I thought, deeply, about calling in sick and going back to bed, ‘cuz, face it, no good could come of a day like today – me growing fangs and claws and hating the world…yep, if you didn’t already guess, it was that kind of day.

I decided to go to work, I had a meeting this morning that, if missed, would only have to be re-scheduled and you know, after the meeting I’d go home and go back to bed.

But, after the meeting, I had to help set-up for “Health Snack Day”. When asked how I was, I explained, in-depth how grumpy I was feeling…the response I got was “bex! I can’t imagine you grumpy!”

Which, I don’t know, made me feel like saying “But, I’m grumpy now, can’t you tell?” or “Listen, your lack of imagination doesn’t mean something isn’t true.”

Perhaps the smile throws people off?

Then I had an awesome exchange with a colleague of mine to book some flights for my manager. And then I found out that this colleague will be visiting my office wants to meet me! Wow, now I’m totally happy I got out of bed.

Then I got a phone call from a dear friend and we chatted and made plans. This days is getting better and better…

I forgot my lunch, ok, I didn’t have anything ready for lunch, but it ended up that there were bagels left over from the snack thingy and I got one and had it, along with too much butter on it, for lunch. And I practiced making origami cranes as well.

Then I ran into another colleague and we chatted with a third colleague and you know what? Between the three of us, we could happily share a mixed box of chocolates…one of us could eat all the white chocolates, the other the milk chocolate and me, i’d get to eat all the dark chocolates…this is what i refer to as “the dream team”.

I got a pile of work done and then!

Another dear friend of mine called and we made plans for a drink after work and you know what?

I’m really happy I got out of bed today. It was a rough start, but by the time I got home I can say that this was a truly excellent day.

I think sometimes we just need to give things a chance,even if we don’t want, even if we have to struggle to get there. Sometimes the getting there makes all the struggles worth it.

Oh, well, I’ve been out a lot, seeing movies, hanging with friends, eating food, blowing off the gym, working hard, cleaning the house, making cupcakes, climbing walls, having world-changing conversations, reading graphic novels…I’ve been…you, know, busy.

Too busy to write, in fact.

Which is why I haven’t done a proper post in, well, ages. And ages.

So, you know, sorry about that.

And no, I’m dating anyone. And no, I don’t have a reason for why that is…but it is working for me, I’m happy. I’m busy and when I get home, I get right into bed and get ready to start a new day.

And I know, I know, what I should do be doing is writing.

So, I’m going to do better at that.


“My Week with Marilyn” is directed by Simon Curtis, screenplay written by Adrian Hodges, based on the true experiences and book by Colin Clark.

After seeing “The Artist” and “Hugo”, this film made me wonder “What the heck is up Hollywood?”

Not one, not two, but three films about the history of film, that are completely nostalgic about an early time in film history. All during one film season.

I asked an insightful friend of mine, who suggested that perhaps it was a comment on USA going through troubling economic times and struggling to re-invent itself, by looking to the past…I suggested that perhaps it was cultural masturbation.

Do I have to put an age warning on this post becuz I said “masturbation”?

Too late now!

A beautiful film and yes, everything you have heard about Michelle Williams’ performance as Marilyn Monroe is all true – if ever you had a doubt in your mind about Ms.Williams’ talent, let this film put all doubts to rest. She is astounding. And, at times, a bit…creepy. Almost too Marilyn, if I can say that.

The story tracts the making of the film “The Prince and the Showgirl” that starred Laurence Olivier and Marilyn Monroe through the eyes of Colin Clark, who used the film as a way to learn the film business. We get an interesting insight not only into film, but also into the personalities and contrasts between old talent and new talent and the different ways of approaching film acting.

Very enjoyable and beautiful film.


“The Secret World of Arrietty” is directed by Hiromasa Yonebayashi, screenplay by Hayao Miyazaki and Keiko Niwa, based on the novel “The Borrowers” by Mary Norton.

Studio Ghibli does it again! A beautifully animated, magical tale tinged with danger, unlikely circumstances and friendship.

A lot of the review that I read for this movie complained about the very slow pace and how nothing much happens. This was one of the things that I really enjoyed about the movie – the story wound very slowly along and you have time to really look at the hand-drawn animation. There are some lovely sequences – some of the best and most interesting climbing I’ve ever seen in a movie – and the slow pace allow a person to slow down and really enjoy.

Nothing explodes, there aren’t moments of extreme danger and the conflict is manageable. It is a great film to take a small child to see as there is nothing scary or upsetting in the movie. The sound is moderate and just the right volume for young ears.

The thing that I liked best about this movie was the how it felt like summer. I saw this movie on a crisp, cold, sunny day in February and this movie made me feel warm and like putting a sundress and sandals on.

I don’t think that it is one of Studio Ghibli’s best, but looking at the alternatives, looking at all the animated films for children that now feature computer animation, it is truly refreshing and lovely to once again see hand drawn movies.

Bravo Studio Ghibli and thanks Disney for continuing to bring over these great films.