“Pina” is directed by Wim Wenders, screenplay by Wim Wenders.

“Pina” is a tribute to the late Pina Bausch, choreographer.

This film lacks everything that I generally look for in a film: dialogue, characters, plot etc.

But, still, great film.

Most of the film consists of performances and parts of performances of dance pieces choreographed by Pina Bausch.

The 3D effect added a depth which made it seem like the audience were seeing the piece on a stage instead of seeing it on film – I have never seen such a wonderful use of 3D before, it felt natural and real and gave the film a warm and realism that a traditional film may not have imparted.

I should be clear that I’m not a modern “fan” – but the play of gravity, the way the bodies of the dancers move through space was incredible, very compelling, so, I guess, if I’m not a “fan”, I can at least appreciate it…

Part way through the film, in addition to the music for the dances, there are voice overs of different dancers from Pina Bausch’s dance company and it is so wonderful to hear from dancers who worked with her for 20 years or more – they offer touching insight into the person and choreographer that Pina was.

Without knowing anything about Pina Bausch, this film was an enjoyable way to spend the time. A few times during the movie, my companion for the evening leaned over and said “I have no idea what I’m watching – but I’m loving it!”

I felt the same way.