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Plane = delayed by about an hour and 15min.

Which is kind of.


On the upside: I had time for a meal, including dessert which was a deep-fried MARS bar (in contrast to a deep-fried planet Mars, keep up!) and a couple of glasses of icy water – yum yum.

Breezed through the security check – on a side-note, people are especially smiley at me today, not sure exactly what is going on, perhaps they know something I don’t?, perhaps I have a sign on my forehead “Smile if you like teddy bears!”, who knows.

It is nice, though.

I mean, I like traveling, I like going places and hanging with a dear friend, meeting new friends even, seeing things, doing things, doing nothing, it is all good with me, you know?

And I don’t mind the whole “I have to go to the airport, check-in, deal with my bags, check my bag(s), get a snack, check for snakes, find my gate, go through security, wait for a “beep”, re-pack my trusty netbook, re-organized my stuff, find my exact gate, find the bathroom, find a comfy chair, etc”- ness of travel. Actually I am a-ok with it.

Even these people who keep walking by and giving me the evil-eye that I have a super comfy chair, it is like a couch! Lucky me. Lucky, lucky me.

I wonder if they know I had dessert?

Look, the point is, that I like that stuff. It all means that I’m going somewhere or, on the reverse, going home. And I like both ways.

The point is, really, that there are far worse kinds of waiting rooms than waiting for a plane, even if it is delayed. There are worse reasons to be waiting somewhere and far more uncomfortable chairs to be waiting in. And far worse food.

So, no, I don’t mind, I don’t worry.

I’m warm and safe and driving back to the airport, I didn’t get lost. And the sun came out and it stopped snowing.

I missed the last gas station to re-fuel the car, but it was only a quarter of a tank, so I’m not going to stress about it, you get me?

I found some totally groovy driving music too, a mix of tunes that I could crank it up and then crank it down – gravity, you know, sometime, that which goes up has to come down…

I started on the book my ex gave me last night too, so far, it is lovely and I’m very excited about continuing on and on. A good journey.

It was good to meet my best friend’s boyfriend. I laugh when I use that word. “Boyfriend”. Haha. As if he is a boy and she is a girl. I mean, she is female, just, you know, a woman. Wo-man. Whoa-man. See what I did there?

And as if he is boy!

And as if they are “friends”.

Perhaps I will use the term “petit ami”?

Which is even funnier, ‘cuz he isn’t small!

Anyway, fact is, this guy is very…nice.

I mean. He is good for her and to her. It is good to see her happy in a relationship again. Very good.

Hopeful and optimistic, I mean.

Yeah, I’m biased. I love when people I love find love. I think, I suspect, that there is something about the threads of society to be found in the relationship between two people, just another theory I’m working on…

He is, however, not exactly her type, interest-wise, I mean.

Not that there is anything wrong with that.

I’m just saying. It was odd to see my friend, one of my fav people to geek-out with, in a relationship with someone who does not geek-out.

Yes, you read that correctly. This guy, her “boyfriend”, the “petit ami” of my amie, does not geek-out.

When I asked him to provide, in detail, a description of the plans he was making in the event of zombie attack, he looked at me blankly, then looked at her and said “What is it with you guys and zombies?”

When I asked him “DC or Marvel?” He looked at me blankly and said “I have no idea what you are on about.”

On the upside, when I asked him “Star Wars or Star Trek?”, he did answer “Star Wars”, so that is good, at least.

I’m not sure what I would have done if he didn’t understand that question…

But, he is still a good guy.

Which is nice.

And you know how much I like nice.


I believe that I should do one thing a day that scares the hell out of me.

Usually on a Saturday, I climb something, ‘cuz, you know, I’m all afraid of heights.

This Saturday, being in Alberta, where there are plenty of things (like mountains!) to climb, I instead choose to have dinner with my Ex as the thing that scares the hell out of me.

And I know, I know, there isn’t actually a reason that I should be scared of doing this, sitting, talking, sharing time and space and having a meal…I mean, we lived together for 6 and half years. So, there is no reason for me to be afraid.

But I was.

When I realized that during this visit my dear friend would be at her company’s Xmas Party, and you know I could have gone along, but…it seemed to be an opportunity.

So, I sent an email and issued an invite.

Which was accepted.

And out we went!

It was…I don’t a word for it. What is that word when you find yourself in a situation that is at once totally familiar and totally new at the same time?

That’s the word.

I think there is something within all of us that rejoices at seeing someone who was central to our life continue on and find happiness without us. I have that.

My Ex is happy, happier without me.

And that, in turn, makes me…happy. Happier.

I could tell you a lot of things about my Ex, I could tell you wonderful things, horrid things, selfish things, things of great import and things of utmost trivia.

May I just tell you this – that I loved him. That while I was with him, I knew I was loved in return.

And I think. I feel. Somehow, after all these years of being apart, that maybe we are going to be ok to be friends again.

And that is something that makes me very happy.

Sometimes, I think, doing that thing that scares the hell out me leads to something kind of wonderful…



“I Am Scrooge – A Zombie Story for Christmas” is written by Adam Roberts.

So, here is a fun, bouncy, violent little read for Christmas, if you are so inclined and fed-up with sugar-sweet Christmas tales filled with meaning and charity and good will towards men and all that.

A delightful and gory re-telling of the “A Christmas Carol”, Roberts not only takes delight in the story itself, but plays with language, breaches the fourth-wall and includes numerous musical and pop cult references.

Laugh out loud funny.

And the violence and gore is well done – not over the top, but enough description that those of us who don’t mind a little realistic violence in our prose, especially in the zombie-genre are well satisfied.

Props to go to Roberts for including some fanciful comments about technology, physics, time travel, the multi-verse and Dr. Who. Huh, these were some surprises that when I spied this book waiting for me on the counter that I totally was not expecting.

This book asks us to re-imagine the hated miser of Scrooge as humanities best hope against the zombie-plague that seeks to destroy us.

Fun, lively, spirited, gory, violent and funny – this is all I ask in a book about zombies. And it delivers in spades.

And, I know, I know, there are some of you who don’t get the whole zombie-thing, but you know, this book isn’t really for you – it is for those of us who are fascinated by these monsters who will bring humanity to its knees – yes, friends, this book is for you.

So, when you have a few moments over the Christmas season, when you rip yourself away from yet another re-watching of Season 2 of “The Walking Dead”, check this little book out – it is an excellent addition to the genre and must read for those who, like me, were hoping for more from other zombie books.

I got a speeding ticket!

It is my first, so although I’m not sure how to feel about that, I am deeply, deeply mortified by it.

When I finally arrived at my friend’s place last night (hi! do you still read my posts – look i’m writing about you – again!) I told her and she laughed and said “Of all people – you?!”

‘cuz she knows I don’t speed. Usually.

I admit, it was late, it was dark and I had just figured out the proper gear for the car and thought I was on the highway. I wasn’t on the highway. I mean, I was, just in the slow section of the highway.

Go figure.

For the record, I got lost 3 times getting here – all right towards the end and all times I realized it right away, turned around and went back. There is an up-side to arriving places super late – not a lot of traffic, so when I need to quickly turn and go back, I can!

See, there really is an up-side to everything…if you just know how to shift your perspective.

There is something incredibly comforting about being in the home of a dear friend who knows you well, isn`t thereÉ

Last night when I arrived, my friend put on all the lights in her place, like a beacon, so I wouldn`t miss it and drive by.  I did miss it and drive by, but that is very much beside the point. She offered to bet her boyfriend that I would get lost getting here and he declines saying it sounded like too much a sure thing…She showed me the essentials before getting back to bed – here is water, here is bread, toaster, glasses etc. Here is the bathroom, that is a shower etc. And gave me the run-down on the doggie.

I woke up this morning, yes I slept in, everyone was gone to work and on the counter – she left out tea and a book called “I am Scrooge – A Zombie Story for Christmas“. See – tea and zombies, I`m totally at home and comforted.

If only I can straighten out where to return this rental car – wish me luck!



I mean I know I do – the airport waiting room!

Yep, that is right, it is time again for me to fly.

So, where I am going this time?

London – Gatwick?






Yep, my friend’s new place closed a couple of week-ends ago and she has a room and bed just for me, so it is time to fly in for a long-week-end visit.

I’m very excited about it, and, you know who you are – thank you in advance, I completely can’t wait to see you!

Not sure how to explain the lack of words lately. Seems I got rather caught up in being my very best social self and making new friends and connections at my new position.

I love my new position, there is plenty to do and I have plenty of ideas.

I was recently asked to be Fire Warden of my little area of the branch and I also was invited to join “The Wellness Committee”, which is like the social committee, they organize a pile of very cool “spirit/staff engagement” things, like the recent gingerbread decorating house contest. For the record, my team won the “Spirit Award”, which I think was all about having fun and being good sports and all that stuff.

It is my fav award, so I was very happy. I got some fun pics too, so be sure to check out the ole’ Flickr account.

And this whole “making friends” business. Well, I realize I’m maybe not the best at it, but this is a whole new thing to me…I thought I was well on my way to making a good friend out of one of my colleagues over in the IT department. Every morning he would message me to say “good morning” and he called me “Sunshine” (‘cuz I’m all smiley and bright, I guess) and he would bring me random treats – rockets, an oatmeal cookie, some chocolate and we were chatting quite a lot. And then one morning we ran into each other and in person. And. It. Was. Awkward.

Like terrifically awkward.

He messaged me right away to say how sorry he way to be so awkward, and you know what? I’m a social awkward kind of chick, even with my amazing hair, so I don’t let it bug me when I have a social awkward moment with someone. I figure “Oh well, here I go again – being socially awkward.”

So whatever.

We start chatting again.

They we kind of stop.

Then, we run into each other and chat about the gingerbread house decorating contest and I tell him “I was trying to get my team to do a zombie Christmas, but I was met with these blank stares.” Which, if you are playing along at home, is totally true.

And this one little comment, this silly, socially awkward, typically geeky-bex thing, sets him off on a fan-boy rant. About zombies.

He generously decides that I need to see “The Walking Dead” and he has the DVDs and if I message him right away he will remember to bring it in for me…

Well. Alright then.

So I do.

And he does.

And I enjoy it and…

Well, this is where things get kind of odd.

I get into this conversation with another one of my colleagues and we really hit it off. And I agree to lend her a couple of my recipe books – she changed her diet recently and she doesn’t have a lot of support for a vegetarian diet her family is not in it with her, you know?

So, I bring in the cookbooks for her. And the DVDs to return to him.


Wait for it.

My colleagues are related. She is his mum.

And we end up in these incredibly long conversations – we meander into Buddhism and she is talking about wanting to read about it and having a hard time finding books that are accessible and…

Well, I have this book in my bag that I’m currently re-reading.

So, I give it to her.

And today, there was a special lunch and she and I made plans to sit and eat together.


I think I’m dating the mum of the guy I was becoming friends with…

Don’t tell me that real life isn’t stranger than fiction. ‘cuz it so is, baby, it so is…