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The Muppets is directed by James Bobin, written by Jim Henson (characters), Jason Segel (screenplay) and Nicholas Stoller (screenplay).

I was pretty worked up to see this movie. But I told myself that I needed to calm down, chill out and be real about my expectations.

This movie had the potential to break my heart. In a bad way.

The Muppets carry so much nostalgia, so much emotion that there is no way that this film could be any good by itself.

How this movie possibly live up to this kind of hype? We’ve been tease all year by razor-sharp trailer movie parodies, we’ve been tempted by appearances of Kermit at movie première and we’ve remembered and re-lived our favourite moments from The Muppet Show and some of us re-mourned the heartbreak of losing Jim Henson.

Know what I learned today?

Sometimes you can believe the hype.

You won’t be let down.

This movie hit all the right notes, not just musically.

Subversive humour, dark moments, metatexual scripting, Bretchian devices, self-referencial humour, catchy tunes, awesome cameos. And, above all, unabashed romanticism and hope.

This movie gave us something back I thought we lost and forgot. Somehow this movie made it ok to believe in magic again.

And, no, that isn’t nostalgia speaking.

Believe the hype.

See the movie.

And believe again.




Until the new Muppet movie is released!

I’m losing my brain…could hardly sit still at work today and Wednesday is going to be more of the same.

Only one more sleep…

It happens sometimes. The trick is not to let it get you down, to keep in some kind of perspective and try to see the positive.

No climbing this week-end, climbing partner is away for work and no way anyone (read: me!) can get upset about that.

What to do, what to do?

Friday evening there is this..”hot Pilates stretch” that I was going to check out. Until I called up a dear friend and we decided to go for drinks. One of my new friend was giving me a ribbing for blowing off the gym, but once I explained to him when I go to the gym and what I do and seriously, going to the gym isn’t any kind of virtue yardstick, it is something I like to do, but not a work-out fanatic or anything.

Drinks and food on Friday was a blast, haven’t seen my friend since that kickin’ Halloween party, so that is probably too long between catch ups.

Great evening.

Saturday, I’m up at the normal time and putter around and then I’m out.

There is a yoga class that has a space for me.

Excellent class, it isn’t one of the “hot yoga” classes so I’m thankful for that. After class I get some time in the steam room/sauna (do I need to ask you to stop picturing me naked at this point?) and then buy myself a sushi lunch over at the little strip mall near my place.

The sushi isn’t the best I’ve had. Actually it is pretty mediocre. And mediocre sushi is something I can do without. But…well, they have ginger ice cream on the menu and that is one of my fav kinds. They also have deep friend banana on the menu…so dessert-wise this is a pretty awesome place. But I’ve had fresher fish and more imaginative combos…so I will give this a pass next time. Maybe just go there for dessert?

Of course, I’ve never been to a sushi place for dessert only.

Then I treat myself to a mani and a pedi and the cheap-y walk-in place a fer doors down. And I have to tell, my nails look great, my feet are all smooth…but they were a little…enthusiastic about removing my cuticles…a couple of my fingers actually hurt a little. Too deep maybe?

And the way they cleaned off the polish that went on the skin? They used their nails and just scratched it off. Which was kind of painful.

So, yes, cheap and my nails look great…but. Ouch!

Maybe I will give this a pass as well next time.

So, for the person who suggested I try this things out…ummm, I don’t trust your taste very much any more. Neither of these things was awesome or particularly pleasant.

Last night was hanging out with my niece and trying to figure out what the deal-o is with my computer. I downloaded a new virus scan, but everything kind of…stopped working. It is a pain and I’m hoping I can sort it out.

The upside is that the new router is working, but I’m running computer in “Safe mode” which sucks rocks.

Today was recovering from the chaos that happens when mum and dad take off, doing laundry finding places for things that aren’t going to be used for about 6 months and doing laundry.

And! Brunch and a visit with one of my dear, dear friends – it has been ages since I last saw her, so wow, what a great visit.

We got in two walks, a tasty brunch, champagne and OJ and blueberry tea and some incredible lime cheesecake – 2 pieces each!

Now, just finishing up laundry and about to do the week’s ironing.

I am still very much to get my hair done, but it is still getting loads of compliments…it is so long. And still a bizarre colour…

But, you know, even without climbing and having awful hair, it was a pretty amazing week-end.

And yes, I’m looking forward to Monday morning!

Day started a bit slow, then suddenly there were piles and pile of stuff for me to do!

And then I got to go on a road trip to another office and pack boxes. Packing, stacking, sorting, pushing boxes, lifting boxes.

Which you know what?

Means that today was the perfect day to skip the gym!

So good all around, right?

Had to go back to my office after and drop some things off and ended up leaving late, so ok, but still, ok.

Today is was time. On the week-end I finally admitted to myself that my jeans cannot be worn to work on casual Friday. They can’t be worn anywhere respectable on any day of the week. Time to buy a new pair.

Yes, I only one pair of jeans at a time. Keeps the clutter low and let’s face it, I have a hard enough time trying to figure out what to wear.

And I also figured that I needed a new little top, the one I’ve worn is about 3 years old now. And it is still cute, but getting old.

So, yes, new little top to go with the jeans.

But what I really need? New socks.

So, four new pairs, all knee socks.

Tried them on when I got home too, and they are warm and feel amazing!

Yes, Thursdays are really coming along…

Sore around the edges ‘cuz last night I upped all the weights save arms by 10pounds. Which is so odd for me to say ‘cuz I’m not totally sure what a pound is…In terms of weight, I mean.

Didn’t much feel like going to the gym, but went anyway, ‘cuz I’m way too lazy to deal with the guilt other people may put me through for not going. So, I’m lazy, I go the gym and do 1 hour on the treadmill and chill out in the steam room. See what I did there?

And yeah, imagine someone else naked in the steam room, please!

Although I will state, for the record, my back is looking pretty awesome.

After, I figure I need some positive reinforcement so – surprise! I end up with a crepe with fresh strawberries. And it is perfect. Totally perfect.

Back home, I have “second dinner” ‘cuz I’m still hungry and wow tonight is just so relaxing that I don’t get much of anything done. Nice way of doing things.

Some days you just have to begin with dessert and go from there.

“Anonymous” is directed by Roland Emmerich, written by John Orloff.

Well, in spite of the subject matter, I found this one a total yawn.

This movie is a fictionalized interpretation of a shaky pseudo-academic theory that states the historical man named William Shakespeare was not the writer of those plays that we love so much.

The description of the movies bills it as a “political thriller advancing the theory that it was Edward De Vere…who penned the Shakespeare’s plays…”.

And you know, I love historical pieces, I love the costumes, trying to figure out what is right and wrong with the fictionalized account and I love films that promote academic and even pseudo-academic theories.

But this movie was kind of…boring.

And our public broadcaster has given it all sorts of press and attention, having Shakespeare scholars in to talk about the theory and people talking about what it would mean to the world if Shakespeare was not the playwright we all thought he was.

And I’m not sure why.

The movie gets off to a shaky start in, of all places, present day New York at a Broadway show called “Anonymous” and the actor first on the stage presented the alternate theory of Shakespeare. The device was clunky and questionable – a movie within a play? I mean, sure Shakespeare used the whole “play-within-a-play” thingy, but it works in a play! A movie is not a play and devices for the theatre don’t always work in film – if you want to use a device in a film, use a film device – the “movie-within-a-play” is clumsy and doesn’t work. At all.

The film proper was just as clunky as the beginning, there were unexplained jumps through history without total clarity and the big reveal of one of the film’s most shocking development is met with a yawn.

I’m not sure why anyone believed that this was a movie that needed to be made.

You can comfortably give this one a pass.

“Real Steel” is directed by Shawn Levey, written by John Gatins, based on a story by Dan Gilroy and Jeremy Leven.

Ok, so I’m really late in writing this, I saw this a couple of week-end ago and never around to putting fingers to keys…

What isn’t to like about this movie?

A touching story of a boy and his robot. And his washed-up boxer father who takes the boy and robot along for a summer never to be forgotten through off-ring robot boxing all the way up to the big leagues of league robot boxing.

Ridiculous premise, a Hugh Jackman stars as one of the worst fathers to get up on the screen in a long time and is utterly charming in every single scene.

Dakota Goyo, as Max, the boy, is sweet and stubborn and good-natured and clever enough to out-smart every single grown-up in his life.

This movie is utterly predictable and rarely original.

I loved every minute of it.

It satisfies completely in the robot training sequences, the robot dance sequences and the robot fight scenes. The human aren’t half bad too.

It taught no deep lessons, wasn’t intellectually challenging, but was great to watch with a great friend and have some snacks.

You aren’t missing any great art or anything if you miss this one, but you will miss some fun robot boxing scenes. And the scenes where the robot dances….

Saturday, Saturday, Saturday.

I look forward to all week and when you are here and I am in the moment, your perfection blows away all my expectations.

Climbing in the am, 6 climbs = 1 x 5.8 (wimpy) + 3 x 5.9 + 2 x 5.10- (finally back at an appropriate difficultly!).

Then, sushi!

And you know, that alone makes for a perfect Saturday, but the fun did not stop there, on no. Me = home and it is all laundry all the time.

Then – bonus champagne and OJ arrives when mum and dad get home and…they have cake! Woooo!

Jump in the shower and do a re-fresh of the hair and the self and I’m off to see some music at a house concert hosted by two excellent friends of my bro. My bro and sis-in-law are out of luck and won’t be there, but me, I have a Saturday night, so may as well use it, right?

I’m carrying my yoga bag which has a folding lawn chair in it and you what? There aren’t many people toting around yoga mat bags at night. Just saying.

So the concert.

What I can say about it?

Tonight I’m seeing Sora.

Who, I will tell you straight up, before last night, no idea who she is. But, you know sometimes there are certain people whose tastes I just trust. Like these friends of my bro, I trust their taste, they are super friendly, super talented people, so I’m just going to go along with it, ok?

Happy I did.

Her voice was…like a bell. Clear tone, resonant and struck me right in my little heart.

As she sings, her music, gets into my bone and muscles and my ligaments unwind and my spine straightens and all that work from climbing that made my fingers and toes so sore? Slowly leaching out into the air around me, dropping into the floor.

I close my eyes and I’m just…swept clean. Swept away.

I’m not sure how to explain the music…there was harp and violin and piano (Frank even played in the second half!), but I close my eyes and I got a bit lost there. I enjoyed getting lost in there. Themes of Greek mythology and love and passion and angst and some different takes and insights into stories.

And she was wearing this beautiful corset.

And she thinks I have awesome hair!

Excellent evening.

Check her out.

Had to leave early ‘cuz it is Pilates and yoga in the am.

Hit the bed hard and sleep takes me quickly.

Up after 7.5 hours, slept for about 7, which is pretty good, the body = exhaustion.

Out the door and I’m at the gym to get in 30min of the treadmill before Pilates. Word to Pilates instructor and explain I’m going to leave class 5min early for the Hot Yoga class (which is still Warm, so happy about that). She is happy for me and encourages me to go when I have to so I make the class. Also, let her know how much I enjoy the class and how, with Hot Yoga, it is really helping me after the ole’ Saturday climb.

She is impressed with me climbing.


Great class, she gets right into those muscles under the should blades. I don’t know what they are called, so I call them “Fred” and “George” and they are all loose and feel great.

Hot Yoga is an excellent class as well and after class, get into a conversation with the two yoga guys who are there today.

We talk about our practice, instructors and I talk about climbing.

And you know, they are both blown away that I climb and have all these questions for me. I talk about it, ‘cuz the only thing I like better than climbing is talking about climbing and you know what?

I think I convinced them both to try it! They both said that would check out the gym near where the gym is. So there you go.

After, I’m soooo hungry so it is time –

For a movie!

Yep, treated myself to a late lunch at the movie theatre.

I owe you a review for “Anonymous”.

After movie is home time! And –


My bro, sis-in-law and niece are over for a visit.

My niece comes to greet me and she –

Is wearing one my old sweaters! It is huge on her, but she looks terribly cute. This sweater used to be my mum’s and she gave it to me when I fit into it and…my ex shrunk it when he washed it this one time. Broke my heart and I kept the, now-shrunk sweater ‘cuz I loved it so much.

For the record, this is exactly why I instructed my ex never, under any circumstances to ever, ever touch my laundry – I was afraid he would shrink something.

And he did.

Don’t worry, he learned his lesson and never touched my laundry again.

Our guests leave and now there is something yummy cooking for dinner. No idea what, but I’m sooooo looking forward to it.

Ironing for the week is done along with some other things that I found around here that were wrinkled and crying out for me. Gym clothes are on the last spin and you know what?

I’m ready for Monday!

I mean, like, you know, metaphorically, so don’t blame me if you read this and at the end think “bex didn’t talk about swimming or sharks in the post – talk about misrepresentation!”

Yesterday am bounded out of bed, ready to take on a big, bright, beautiful day. My morning routine now includes doing a bit of catch-up on email and FB just to see how the world survived while I was sleeping. And, yes, I should really spend time getting caught on my reading and commenting…one thing at a time, ok?

Posting on FB tore my heart out.

And made me want to punch someone. I’m not so easily inspired to violence, so I better explain…

Yesterday would have been Frank’s birthday. Ok, so, like, I guess it still is, regardless of his state of being at the moment (sorry to imply that this a changeable state, I don’t see that state changing anytime), but just play along for the moment, ok?

It was difficult enough for me to meet his fake finance and listen to her talk about him during his funeral, but now she has to post things about their fake relationship on FB?

It took all my willpower not to reply and say something extremely rude.

But, I didn’t, so please be proud of me.

Seriously, if you going to be someone’s fake finance, at least have the courage to let it go when it is over. And never speak of it again. Now would be a great time to show a little class.

This put me in a bit of challenging mood.

Lucky for me, there is work to be done, so head down and right into it.

Working on an algorithm and it is my first. The first draft was so confusing and messy that yesterday I did a second one. The second one looks a bit like chaos, but I have a better idea of how to do it – double-sided printing! Hoping it goes well, there just isn’t enough information on the current version.

Anyway, stayed off Communicator at work ‘cuz I think I’m finding myself in a strange situation. I message back and forth with two people, neither of which are on my team or do I sit anywhere near, one of which I barely see at all, so we don’t talk much face-to-face, but we light it up on messaging.

Had some telephone calls, emails and working away.

My new director has the super power of knowing exactly when I step away from my desk to do something and always calls me when I’m away from my desk. I explained this to her and she said “You are allowed to be away from your desk, we aren’t going to chain to you it.”

Which is oddly comforting, but really, I was just admiring her timing.

I always call back right away, so it isn’t like it is big deal or anything.

Then I had to try to arrange a telephone call with my direction and our VP and – my director isn’t answering her phone!

While trying to figure out this phone call, I’m nearing the end of the day and trying to figure out how the evening is going to go – did I want to see a movie? Try to arrange spontaneous drinks? Go home and try to get in touch with people.

When –

Suddenly, one of my communicator-buddies walks into my cube, puts down a pack of Rockets and walks out. He didn’t say a word. Just put them on my desk.

You know what Rockets are, right?

These little tabs of compressed, coloured sugar. They come rolled in different sized stacks to eat – yummy, sugary goodness.

I love them and the other day we were talking about them and he was bragging that he found some, ate them all up and there were none for me. For the record, the joke was on him, I found some too!

So, anyway, I’m laughing my brains out about him bringing me these things then messaged him to thank him, then I ate them and then – suddenly! He pops back into my cube and puts a chocolate on my desk and walks out! Doesn’t say a word or anything.

I message him again to thank him, truly sugar and chocolate were needed.

Then we get messaging back and forth and he guesses that I’m having a bad-ish day and asks if I want to talk about it.

Of course, we all know I’ve talked and written and eaten my liver out about all of this, but I have to tell you I was…touched. I mean, this guy barely knows me and such simple actions almost had me in tears, overcome by his kindness.

Tried to see a movie after work, you know I see a lot of movies (I still owe you a review for that robot movie…) so I have this coupon for a free movie, so off I go and you know what? For the movie that I want to see, they aren’t accepting the free coupons until Monday! So I left, ‘cuz I figure “This is a Sign”.

Home again, home again.

And dad has made this completely tasty chicken dinner with potatoes and sweet potatoes and…he made some squash ‘cuz he knows I love it. He pointed at the dish and said “And I made your favourite.” I told him “I love squash.” He said “I know, that’s why I made it.”

What a liar!

He loves squash too and made it ‘cuz he loves it!

But, still. the lie was rather nice.

Back on FB and everyone is posting b-day wishes to Frank, which is really…nice.

Being at home on a Friday night has incredible upsides – chief among them, this is one of the best nights to get friends on the phone. Overdue phone call with one of my dearest friends (you know who you are) and we make some solid plans – I can’t believe how long it’s been since I saw her!

Then, back on FB, just to take a look at the happenings and –

Someone posted a bunch of posts from Frank’s blogs and…well, his first WordPress blog, many of the posts were about me, before I went on my Adventure to see him and –

I feel, for the second time today, that someone ripped my heart out.

Lucky for me, I have friends with impeccable timing, the phone rings after I’ve read most of the posts and – hey! Another dearest friend to get caught up with (you know who you are). She gives me good advice and steers me in the right direction.

Thanks for that.

I craft my request to have them taken down and, before I send, I read the archive and you know what? There are bigger issues here than my little feelings.

I add my concerns and he takes down the posts found later in the archive right away.

The posts about me, well, he reads through, considers and then removes them as well. With the request that I reconsider my request.

I do.

I suggest that he re-post the entries, but only those that aren’t about me or mention me by name, ‘cuz you know, I don’t think I have any right to ask this, but…those posts are about a very specific time and place and feelings in Frank’s life. And those all changed, he took the blog down and started another that distanced himself from his previous blog.

So, it was like everything on Friday brought some odd issues to mind.

Like, when someone blogs and makes it unavailable, does anyone have the right to make them available again? Does anyone have the right to edit them or remove certain posts that are about certain people or topics? What about those posts that contain slander or things that are untrue or make accusations about someone that are untrue? What about posts that profess thoughts and feelings about a person and later, those thoughts and feelings change? If the comments for the post are unavailable and people are unable to comment, does this change the nature of a blog post?

It was painful to read his words about how much he loves me, about how I inspire him and his dreams about the things we were going to do on my visit.

I don’t think the poster thought any about what the people who were subjects or objects of the post would think or feel when reading them. And I am thankful that he listened to my concerns and removed those posts.

Selfishly, I’m happy that the ones about me were removed – I have no need for other people to know Frank’s thoughts and feelings about me, he was very clear in our personal correspondence, up until Seoul and even after, when those feelings changed. I have no doubt in my mind or in my heart that for a good part of his life, he loved me. It was messy and imperfect, but so I am, so ok. A lot of us are. And, I am extremely happy that the posts that slander an innocent person were taken down, I felt like it was my responsibility to stop the continued spread of lies.

What I learned today: People are mostly kind, good, tender-hearted and reasonable.

What else I learned: Sometimes you day can be changed by a Rocket.

Other thing I learned: Sometimes if you keep calm and give people space, they come to the right decision.

An addition thing I learned: People often don’t read what is in front of them.

So, yeah, no swimming, no sharks…but plenty of potential danger.

Lately, seems like I’m really get the hang of Thursdays.

Today, loads to do and load getting done.

Couple of odd moments thrown in for fun.

Into work and they are doing work on one of the doorways is taped off with “Caution” tape. So, how I am getting to my desk? Given directions and even going through those doorways that I don’t know where they will take me, I get there.

Key got stuck in the door to the storage cupboard that is supposed to be locker, it was open and the key was going nowhere. Had this moment of “Uh-oh.” and then it was time for lunch, so…

Checked the door near the end of the day and – surprise! Door locked and no key in sight. Soooo…upside, right?

Got told today that the dress I was wearing was “gorgeous”. Which, you know, made me feel really good. I love the dress and it isn’t the usual one that people love, but the moment I tried it on, I loved it. It has pockets and it a black and white large hound’s tooth, in the normal kind of sheath-styling, with a bit of a nipped waist.

Good conversations today too – at morning break and lunch break and throughout the day over the office chat program. Actually having a load of fun with the chat function, which is all kinds of odd.

But also all kinds of fun.

Sun came out during lunch and it was this crazy, beautiful day.

After work it was back to the gym and tonight was free weights. Something about tonight, had to negotiate a few times over the machines, lucky me, I win each time and get the machine first.

Dinner time and – whats this? Some kind of new thing that dad picked up. Hilarious comedy of errors conversation determining which pieces of yummy-ness are mammal free. Dad left little hand-written notes showing what kind each one was, but none of them showed what was in it. Sure, stuffed chicken breasts are awesome, but only if for sure there is no mammal in there – it is so disappointing when you cut into a piece of chicken only to find…ham.

Rest of the night is, again, chilled and relaxed.

This kind of Thursday I could get used too…