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Last day of the temp assignment and the AC is broken. Yikes, not sure, but today feels like the hottest day of the year. So far.


Everything, save keeping cool, goes swimming well and I’m sorry to leave. Everyone was very nice and yep, even managed to get a few things done and done.

Lingering head ache from the heat and how nice it is to be inside in the AC.

Very nice sort of Monday.

So, continuing to keep at it, planning on being off to the gym in the am….


The End.

Well, kinda.

So, have to admit that when I found out that they were splitting the last book into two movies, I thought, just like everyone else, “What a rip off! This is a total money grab and there is no way I’m doing this! I’m going to hate having to see 2 movies to see the end of this whole thing.”


I’m so stupid.

Sorry, but the whole 2-part thing works.

I loved Part 1 in all its slow, moody unfolding and the Part 2 is darker, moodier and moves at a break-neck pace.

Cleverly, it picks up the moment after the first movie ends, so hope you remember exactly what happened last time, ‘cuz if you don’t, no one is going to give you any help.

So, yeah, break-neck pace. This movie moves and moves fast.

This is it people and the movie delivers in spades. Each and every character fulfills their role and destiny and wow, it is great to finally be here.

There isn’t a lot I can say about this movie – it strikes the right notes, gives clarity to action sequences, ties up loose threads and allows characters special moments. There wasn’t anything lacking or wanting in this movie.

My fav element to this movie was absolutely the sound – the music was great, but silences were used to great effect as well. This, as the last movie and the third, is a serious adult film. Great show.

Hard to believe that we’ve watched these for 10 years. Something about where they were then, where we were then and where we all now – it is good to be at the end.

And, yeah, you know me, can’t wait for The Next Great Adventure…or The Next Great Movie…

Friday was pretty awesome, got some more done on the miniproject, grabbed an excellent lunch and got some reading on the free paper, said good-bye to the main gentleman I’ve been working with and had another interesting talk and walk with one of my temp colleagues.

After work, it was a train ride almost back home and then a car ride back downtown with my sis-in-law to see my bro in the band.

Almost late, but my sis-in-law gets us there on time and in one piece, I run in and grab our table just before they are about to give it away and hey! Time to catch up with people I haven’t seen in a while.

Tonight, the gig is at Lula Lounge, which is an excellent place to hang, they have a sizable stage, good food, good drinks and a dance floor. The tables are close enough to visit with a friend for a bit, but not so close as to get stuck or be awkward, I really like this place.

Unfortunately, service is super slow tonight, we are just finishing up our mains when the band is starting their first set.

Oh! Which band?


Man, the last time I made it out to a gig was almost 2 years ago and they are still awesome. A few “new” songs and many songs that I just love hearing. People are in the house and up dancing by the second song in the first set and the band is on fire.

A short break and they back for the second set, which is as good or better than the first. The encores, well, my bro sings the first song of the 3 song encore, so you know I’m loving it.

Great evening and I’m home well after my bed time. Wonderful way to spend a steamy Friday night in TO.

Saturday morning and we are climbing somewhere new! Our usual gym is *finally* getting AC and is “partially open” this week-end. We asked what “partially open” means and needless to say, there was nothing “open” that we wanted to do, so visit to a new gym.

Toronto Climbing Academy.

Spacious, a pile of climbs (150 routes), large window on 2-sides of the gym and some interesting parts of the gym. It is clean and has AC.

It also has barely anyone climbing.

We run into a former colleague who out for their third time ever and we have a laugh about who you can meet climbing.

We walk around and take a good look at the offerings.

Attention is caught by the “features wall” and we start to climb.

5.9 to start and we are both feeling frustrated. The features wall has no footholds and we are muddling up – very messy and ugly.

We opt for a 5.10- next and, now that we know what to do, it is better.

Trick about the features wall – no foot holds, but the entire wall is highly textured and molded, so it is about as close as one can get to climbing on real rock. You grab the handholds and find your foot hold, you can also find tiny finger holds as well.

We do three more 5.10s there.

Next up is trying one of the straight walls, so all holds are there.

Hmmm. My climbing partner gets about a third of the way up a 5.10a (man, they are using letters and plus and minus signs!) and then – dead space. No holds.

I make a horrid suggestion – take your foot up by your hip and push up on it.

We laugh like crazy and then – well, my climbing partner is a trooper – she does it!

And gets up to the next hold.

Wait! Oh no, another dead space on the wall, no holds.

She hangs for a bit and I lose it – cheat! Use the holds that you have there, regardless of whether they are your route or not.


My turn and yeah, I’m a bit faster and use less of the other holds, but this route? Not very well designed, there are dead, impossible spaces on the wall and a 5.10 probably shouldn’t have moves that require you putting your foot by your hip and pushing off – most people can’t do that and it really dangerous for the knee.

(At first I wasn’t going to bother, but my climbing partner shamed me “You are more flexible than me and I did it! Put your foot by your hip and get up there!) (My climbing partner is very motivational.)

For our last climb is another 5.10, plus, minus, a, b, c, or d? I don’t care, I just want a sensibly planned route.

No luck.

Interesting moves, but at one point the route puts the climber into an Iron Cross (you know what this is – stretch both your arms out to the sides at about shoulder height. If you were supporting weight – your body weight or free weights, you would be in an Iron Cross.) for about 6 hand holds, move your right hand to the next hold, move your left hand up, move your right hand up, move left hand….it is killer and I’m not really sure how I do it, my climbing partner is pretty impressed though.

But, really, I can’t remember the last time something hurt so much.

5 climbs = 1 x 5.9, 3 x 5.10- or 5.10a, 2 x 5.10+.

Not bad. We are getting better.

Over a quickie lunch we discuss the merits of the gyms – we are loyal and although we may return for the feature wall some day, I prefer climbs that are a little more thoughtful. Happy that we tried, maybe we will return someday. There was a lot of space.

Laundry and other chores round out the day and I take it easy on those poor muscles – my shoulders are killing me.

Up at a reasonable time this am, things are feeling a-ok, nothing hurting too badly and so, off to the gym. But late, so only 30min on the treadmill before yoga.

Yoga class rocks my socks. Things are getting stronger all the time. Second week of working on “Moon Salutation” and it is going really well. Stiff around the edges, but it all gets worked out. Feels great.

Quick to wash up and get presentable to greet the rest of the day and quickie lunch before meeting a friend to see – yup, The End.

After The End we have a bit of time to chat and get caught up, has it really been a few weeks since we last met face-to-face. A moment to note the absence of our friend who is part of this triad who have been catching these movies together (you know who you are – we missed you!) and then, it is home time.

Hey! Looks like someone had a party while I was out. Ironing, dishes, make Monday’s lunch and some time to catch up here. And yeah, I need to write another review….


I started writing this review earlier, but got completely side-tracked by raving about much I’m loving J.J. Abrams and how I never even watched “Lost”. Can we just take both things as read and I can move to this review? Ok?

So, loved this movie.

After ruled out almost every other movie, “Super 8” was the one that I convinced my friend to see with me. When I saw the trailed for this film, my thought was “Oh, hey! It looks like someone made a film about if E.T. wasn’t a cuddly-child-friendly-innocent, but instead a super scary alien who randomly attacked and maybe even eats people.”

Of course I wanted to see it.

Set in 1979, this film has everything – the nostalgia and innocence of the 70s, bad army dudes, a rocky relationship between a son and father, sensitive coming of age moments, an innocent, childhood romance and an alien stalking people in a small town. It also has a train wreck, mysterious white cubes and a charismatic science teacher.

This film is by turns funny, scary, sad and fulfilling. The child actors inhabit their characters fully and totally capture the what it was like, what the memory of growing up in the 70s. The adults are talented and fraught and struggle to deal with things that they don’t understand and can’t comprehend.

This was an excellent movie – it had everything and left one feeling completely satisfied upon completion. My friend and I left the movie on a complete happy movie high.

Mr. Abrams – bravo! You’ve done it again. You are well on your way to becoming one of my favourite people in the biz.

Free advice – if you aren’t someone who generally enjoys watching film credits, you want to this time, the credits are fun, funny and creative and well worth watching.

Must see? Oh, yeah, if aliens and suspense films are your bag, this is a must see, for sure. I think you can probably even wait until it is out on DVD, the scenes are carefully crafted so will hold up on s small screen and the emotional core of the movie will not suffer at all.


The moon is full in the night sky and the kids are all lined up and waiting for midnight. Yup, the end nigh, dear friends, the end is nigh.

Certain chilled out, emotive kind of vibe, not all-out excitement, but a bit…sombre, saying good-bye to childhood friends and all that. Brief moment of reflection for me – yup, this is where I got the last book, did the whole midnight release thing for that one and look at me, back where it all began to end.

Nope, not in line for me, I’m waiting until Sunday.

Yes, the wait is killing me.

No matter, I get by.

So, today. Up and lovely walk to the train station, completed both crossword puzzles, so it seems my brain is ever so slowly getting back into shape.

Emotionally, still in a bit of a funk from yesterday’s radio play. Feels like mourning all over again, less anger this time, more…resignation. Don’t worry, I’m getting angry again.

Yep-yep, all this emotion about a fictional character. Ha, I would suggest that perhaps this is some maladjusted-ness, but truly, if I feel this way about a fictional character, can you imagine what I feel for real people?

Yeah, sometimes things are pretty tough. All the way around.

I will tell you a secret – once, a long time ago now, a friend of mine got into a class discussion and someone made a point that my friend emailed me about. The framing of the discussion was all about terminal illness and chronic illness and someone started talking about all this imaginary children with terminal and chronic diseases to make their point. My friend told me about these imaginary children and I started crying my brains out.

Yes, I knew they were imaginary.

I called her up and we discussed and you know what she said to me? “I knew you would have this reaction. Everyone kept saying that no one would care about the suffering of imaginary children and I told them I knew one person who would, so I emailed you and you do care Those kids you are crying about – they are imaginary and you are wrecked about them.”

I was too.

I suggested that perhaps I learned that lesson a little too well, that when we tell stories, when we create our flights of fancy, we effectively create new realities and we have a responsibility to treat those realities with care dignity and love.

And yes, I do believe that we should do the very best for our imaginary creations that we can, give them happiness and love and…well, you know what I mean.

Work went swimmingly well, slow progress on the minproject, so much data, so many lines of text! I have to stop and give the peepers a bit of break every once in a while. Stretch.

The AC is still not working, but someone wised up and kept the AC on all night, so it was way, way cooler in the office today – I even had to put my sweater on!

Surprise plans with a friend – we meet after work and head to a movie. I owe you a movie review, it getting near bed-time for me, so have to do it later.

Ack, very tired now. Tired, relaxed and yes, ready for the end.

I know, I know – Sunday…

Up and out and got in the morning walk to the train station – oh! what a beautiful morning.

Also, yes, what a beautiful day.

Plenty to do at the office and made some very good headway in terms of the miniproject, I’m well into the second step and things are going swimmingly.


Talk a break from the desk after I eat, soak up about 4 minutes of sun and then back inside to the cold of a nearby bookstore – bliss. It isn’t appalling in the office, it just isn’t cold. Dive into the refreshing air, take a couple of lungfuls and there I am.

Pick up books, read some words, put them down again. You know hanging around the book shelves feels like…home, you are among friends, here, you are among friends.

Bump into some former colleagues – Hello!

What a lovely surprise! Everyone looks good – hale and healthy and having that special kind of summary glow about them.

Truly or do you think it is just my imagination?

No matter, they look pretty awesome to me and that is all that matters.

Finish out the day and – hey! I’ve got company for my walk down to the train station.

Get a chance to listen to part of the life story of one of my…temporary colleagues. Hmm, you know, I really enjoy hearing people’s oral autobiography – tell me about yourself, in your own words.

Haha – ok, I admit, I like reading people’s stories as well.

Lately my mind has been on an exhibit that I saw at the Tate Modern. This exhibit saddened me profoundly at the time, but lately, well may I just say that I’ve re-thought it.

Now, I don’t correctly recall…but I believe that the fictional character was a part of a game…and something happened or was about to happen to the character, at which point some people stepped in and bought the intellectual property rights to the character.

This meant that the originator of the character could no longer use the character, but others could, they ended up liberating the character and some artists created a whole series of pieces around bringing the character into the “real world” – one artist created a room for her, another some furniture, videos were created using her image – computer generated image.

For the life of me, I can’t remember the name of the character…drat.

The end, I’m sorry to say, was the sad part for me – they ended up setting the character truly free, for, what chance does a non-corporeal entity have in a corporeal world?

But still, the character was liberated from the originator.

So, yes, what I’m saying is…I think we all have fictional characters in our lives who deserve to be liberated from their creators and you know what, I think we should buy their intellectual property rights and then proceed to treat the characters as they should be treated – free from premature and senseless death, free from relationship that are meaningless and/or abusive or unequal. I think we should allow these characters to become “free-use”, so anyone can use them and they can be fully realized as part of the multiverse.

Currently, I have at least 3 characters, off the top of my head, who deserve this kind of intellectual property liberation immediately.

Soooo, what do you think? Know any fictional characters that need saving from their creator?

(with thanks to the friend who inspired the title of this post – you know who you are)

Haha – I seem to having a dumb evening, I was just almost all the way through typing out this post, when my finger slipped and I lost everything! Hahahaha. Man, sometimes my life is a comedy of errors.

It is a comedy of manners more often.

So, anyway, sorry if I miss anything…

Super productive kind of day today, even in the face of the AC in the office still not working. Managed to get half of the mini-project done, so very happy about that, just waiting to see if there is anything to be done before I start the second half. It is all about data, so you know I’m happy.

Keeping very still in the office – fingers and brain work only! – and yeah, still drinking loads of cold water, hopefully this will help keep cool.

Escape the heat of the office and went for a walk…in the heat of outdoors. Ran into a pile of people sitting around, in the hothotheat, waitingwaitingwaiting.

What are they waiting for?

You know, I first thought it was a political protest or a rally.


Me = wrong again.

Harry Potter.

Banners, body paint, costumes.

Ah, Harry Potter, I don’t remember life before you.

Well, I do, but it is more fun with you.

Have fun at the movie guys, I will catch up soon enough…

Meet an excellent friend after work, hey if we are in the same neighbourhood, it would be awful to waste it and we have some drinks and eats.

Amazing to spend time with her, I’ve been missing her.

And lucky us, tonight the bellinis were on for a special price.

What is a “bellini”?

Think “adult slushy.

Yep, I’m all about frozen drinks.


Excellent to get caught up.

And that, for today is pretty much that.

Very excited to be back on Wednesday and looking forward to completing this mini-project.

Up and out and to the second week of the temp-gig.

Quieter kind of day and got some amount of data cleansing done, not a whole lot, but a bit, so that was all good. Tracked down the location of a signed agreement, routing some inter-office communication and generally held the fort down.

Man, I miss having my own job…

One of the hottest days this summer, so far, and the AC stopped working.

Don’t panic.

My fav thing to wear to work is dresses – they are super easy to wear, I don’t have to worry about coordinating colours, only about what footwear and sweater to bring along and if I need to haul my jacket as well, if it rains. In the summer  it is all about shoes and in the fall, winter and early spring it is all about boots. So you can see where I’m coming from.

Last week, the AC was so very cold, that every day I either had my magical green sweater or a blazer with me, there was one day that I was shivering. So, put on the dress of the day, packed my magical green and yes, that is me in the office.

I take my sweater off around mid-day and there is no reason to put it back on.

I’m not uncomfortable, but not chilled. Everyone around me is – taking off their sweaters and blazers and I hear the conversations about how the AC is broken.


I’m temperature-regulated though, regular cups of cold water, so the heat doesn’t creep.

Good walks there, there and back, back. Not too sticky on any leg of the journey.

All is good.

Saturday = up and out at a perfectly normal kind of time, to climb.

5 climbs = 2 x 5.10-, 3 x 5.9

One of the 5.9s was a new route too, it was a bit sloppy, but it was mostly about traveling, so some pretty fancy footwork by yours truly.


Who is at climbing but a friend of a friend! Very nice to see her, we chat and offer to meet up sometime for a climb – hey, you know me, everyone should climb.

Rest of the day is quiet, housework etc.

Today = up and out at a normal time, hour on the treadmill, then yoga. You know, lately, nothing is sore. I mean, this whole thing about being pain-free is something I’m really loving. Brief chat with my yoga instructor, she asked about my injuries and you know, today, nothing hurts. Not my shoulder, not my fingers, not my toes, not my legs, arms or back. Everything feels…

Pretty awesome.

What does this mean? Could it be that the body is getting used to activity level and is growing stronger? I hope so. It feels like it. Feels excellent.

Lunch was my superfav – pan-fried ravioli with fresh tomato, sea salt, black pepper, basil and grated parm cheese. Oh yum, heaven on my fork. Quick, simple to make and super simple and easy to eat.

Now, just kicking back and drinking my green tea, everything is done, laundry is done, housework is done, just looking forward to the next meal.

And yeah, I just watched the first episode of “Torchwood: Miracle Day”. So far, well, may I just say that I miss the characters from the original team, but more than that, I miss the gallows humour those characters brought to revolting situations. I didn’t laugh out loud once, there wasn’t one line that I needed to hear one more time – will be interesting to see it any of the characters develop real chemistry during the series, ‘cuz so far, not too interesting.

I’m also not exactly sure about the take on certain American laws, is this seriously how the legal system would work if this happened?

And ok, that scene. Well, yeah, probably the single most disturbing scene I’ve seen on something that is on TV – it would have completely made the scene if someone vomited ‘cuz I almost did.

So, so far, not really enjoying it, but we will see how it shapes up…

Well, so much for good intentions and all that.

Wednesday we managed to get a mid-week climb. A mid-week climb! How long has it been since we managed that? Too long, for certain. The gym was hot, stuffy, smelly and crowded. We got 4 climbs in: 2 x 5.9 + 1 x 5.10- + 1 x 5.10+. The 5.10+ almost killed me.

Got home and really, the brain was firing up and the body was crashing out.

I love the mid-week climb, it was the perfect end to Wednesday and my climbing partner seemed quite pleased as well.

Yes, we will try to do it again next week.

Today – drove to the train station ‘cuz grocery shopping after work is a must, I can never be someone who loses weight by not eating, I just love food way, way too much. And plus, you know with the climbing and yoga and stuff I burn those calories and fat, so, yeah, food is pretty much something that occupies a lot of my mental space and energy.

Busier morning – conference call to schedule, PDF to provide assistance with and finding and sending out a requested file. Man, I so miss working with my own team. And with people who know I know what I’m talking about. Very happy that I was able to be there and help with these things too, feeling useful is something I really do enjoy.

I think I’ve come to a decision.

I mean, I’m pretty sure I’ve come to a decision.

I’m not sure exactly how I feel about it, but yeah, I think I can live with it. I mean, I hope I can.

I’m going to suck it up and watch Torchwood: Miracle Day.

I mean, at least the first episode.

Yes, this was an incredibly hard decision to come to and I’ve been going back and forth on it all week, but, yeah, I should at least try, right?

And I know it is going to hurt, what with my two fav characters no longer being in the series, but hey, if I made it through all of Harry Potter after my second fav character died, then maybe I can make it through this…

I can hear you laughing, you know.

Look, I realize that I get far too attached to fictional characters, and yeah, that is probably some sort of indicator of some sort of low-grade mental issue, but really, if you can’t be loyal to fictional characters, how can you be loyal to real people?

Yes, I realize that makes no sense.

Look, just humour me here, okÉ

But, I have to ask myself – what is the worst that could happen?

I could totally hate it and feel perfectly justified telling you about how much it sucks without my fav characters.


It could be totally brilliant and I could love it and feel perfectly justified tell you about what an idiot I was for even considering not watching.


Both paths I can live with.

Ah! Wow, thanks for listening, I really needed to get that off my brain.

I had the most excellent dinner tonight – turkey bacon, tomato, toast and green tea. It was so lovely and exactly what my brain and body were wanting. I love it when that happens.

Friday = catching up with some friends over tasty tasty lunch, so very much looking forward to that. I had falafel the last two days from el cheap-o place around the corner from the office I’m at, funny how the taste buds don’t know what they’ve been missing until they taste it again.

I could say the same about the green tea.

Ok, bed time.


And, yeah, I’m woefully behind on my reading and commenting on the blogs I follow, sorry, sorry, sorry! I`m ashamed…