“The Gum Thief” by Douglas Coupland

Oh, hey I read a book this morning.

I feel kind of silly writing a review for this book, first, this book is about 5 years old and Coupland has continually evolved since writing this. One of the works that I plan to take a closer listen to is his 2010 CBC Massey Lectures “Player One: What is to Become of Us”. I heard about 2 hours (not in a row, but total) of the 4 hours and it sounded intriguing, so, yes, going to check it out.

But back to the book at hand. Ok, in my overnight bag.

Reading this book I had this really funny feeling that I read it before and even wrote a review for it.

I double checked – I hadn’t.

But it seemed just, very, very familiar. So I’m not sure what that is about.

I enjoyed it.

One of the things I like best about it is how Coupland plays with the narrative style. He writes stories within stories and short stories with novels and layers the plot so that it becomes unclear as to what is really going on.

He manipulates language in fun, witty and interesting ways and his characters volley back and forth. Love the fresh imagery and break down of the structure of a novel.

One of my fav things about reading Canadian authors is sometimes, sometimes I recognize the geography, the landmarks, the unique Canadian “voice” – Coupland brings it.

Funny thing about this book is, really, for a satisfying read, not much happens. Seriously, if you are looking for a book when people change, learn things, grow etc. if that is how you like your novels and characters then move along – this book isn’t for you.

Me, I’m good, give me a book that is clever, entertaining, uses language in a new and interesting ways and I’m good, very good.

Not a “must read”, but an “I’m really glad I read this”.