Ack! Woke up to a winter wonderland – snow everywhere. Streets un-plowed, car under a pile and driveway pure white. With some animal tracks – ooh! coolest thing about winter – you can see where the wild animals have visited! Hello wild animals!

Why are you guys investigating my car? If you want to drive it somewhere, let me know – I’m sure we can arrange something.

Treated myself to a lie-in, week-end, so up at 7am – still wasn’t going to be enough. I had to dig to get out.

Quickie email to climbing partner – lets push back climbing until I get out. No worries! Climbing parter partied last night until the wee hours of the morn, while she sleeps off her party-time, I apply myself to the great winter sport of shoveling.

One hour. Swept the walk twice. Cleared the car 3 times. Plows are late on week-end! What about those of us who, you know, do things on the week-end. There are things to climb, people! Things to climb!

Trains are on-time, surprisingly, manage too, to avoid getting hit by that crazy person driving the pick-up truck. Dude, the streets haven’t been plowed yet, slow down, it is slippy out there. Truck totally ran the red light ‘cuz he couldn’t stop. Bad truck driver!

Parking lot is un-plowed too.

No book this morning – so caught up on one of the free papers. Interview with Christopher Plummer.

Of course I had to read.

Yeah, I still have a bit of crush on him. *sigh*

And how did I manage to miss the Oprah show with the cast of Sound of Music being reunited? Seriously, what was I doing that day?

Yeah, I read the book – and yes, the real story was nothing like the movie. You know, I saw their home in Stowe, Vermont years and years ago. It was the treat that mum surprised me with when we on vacation there. In the summer. Go figure.

After shoveling, climbing was hard. And painful. Made it up a 5.10-, on my favourite wall – plenty of interesting footwork and intelligent moves. I love that wall, it always features plenty of travelling from side to side as well as up. The start is usually pretty cool, the route features an archway where people enter the main gym, so you often start on one side and have to climb through the arch or else start on the other side, grab the other side and then climb through the arch as you ascend. Great test of strength, flexibility and intelligence. I love that wall.

(I don’t think I explained the moves very well. It is like entering a door, only climbing through it rather than walking through it. You can go through side-ways or through the top of the arch. Or you can grab around it with your hands and feet on both sides. My fav moves involve starting on the back-side and climbing through the arch to grab holds blindly on the front-side.)

Really happy to be doing 5.10-s again, even though it really hurts!

Total failure on the next climb – 5.9. I couldn’t even reach the first hold. Most of my tries I couldn’t even let go and reach for it. My climbing partner pities me and says “At least reach for the hold, then you can stop.”

I one-hand my next attempt on the two-hand hold and stretch left arm in the general direction of the hold. I think I’m wrong footed. And wrong brained – my body does not go where I wanted – it wanted to stay on the ground. I laugh uproariously and my climbing partner shakes her head and laughs with me. Lucky me, the other climbers don’t mind that I’m an idiot about these things – at this point I think it is probably pretty obvious that I’m still having “fear of heights” issues. A few look over and smile at me and laugh a bit too.

She lets me off the rope. Beginning to feel the shoveling.

We get in two more – 5.8 and 5.9. They go ok for me. The 5.8 I try for fast and furious, swing like a monkey! – to make up for the total failure of the climb before – and save some energy. 5.9 – I do perfectly. Start with the left foot for a left-hand hold and I’m up quickly and gracefully. Feels good.

Even better ‘cuz my climbing partner promised that after I made it up we could go for lunch!

Sushi, miso soup and tea is lunch. We haven’t been in…man, almost two months. Two months away from our fav sushi place. There outta be a law…Lucky, lucky us! We haven’t been forgotten!! We get comp-ed an order of edamame – I have to eat more than half, my climbing partner’s fingers are sore…oh well, I know my responsibilities.

Miso hits the spot – warms me up and relaxes everything. I’m willing to shovel if someone brings me miso soup at the end of it.

Back home, change clothes and do laundry. Hmm, lovely, everything nice and clean and warm. Is there anything better than clean sheets and clean PJs?

Goal to get up early in the am and do some chores that couldn’t bring myself to tackle today – water plants, dishes etc etc.

Going down the stairs earlier – smell the fireplace. Waves of warm-ness from winters passed perk up the body and the brain.

Haha – eyelids growing heavy, time for bed…