Thursday, December 23, 2010: On vacation

Today the first day of my vacation – still here and not gone. Plans for the day totally ignored in favour of staying home, warm and drinking hot tea. The voice has not yet returned from its wanderings – I hope where ever it is it is having fun. Good day with me, the radio,Continue reading “Thursday, December 23, 2010: On vacation”

“The King’s Speech” – film review

Finally. I’ve tried to see this movie for weeks. One of the most interesting historical films I’ve seen in a while, I loved the physicality of the actors. Colin Firth gives an incredible performance – every move, every breath he takes, totally in character and completely agonizing. He stutters, he stammers, he rolls on theContinue reading ““The King’s Speech” – film review”

Surprise aural pleasure

Just heard a track from the new Annie Lennox album “A Christmas Cornucopia”. National Public Broadcaster played “Lullay Lullay (Coventry Carol)” and it is wild. Vocal harmonies and drums brought to mind later Miranda Sex Garden. Odd. When Lennox does it I love it, when Miranda Sex Garden does it, all I can think isContinue reading “Surprise aural pleasure”

Gathering rose-buds

(with apologies to Robert Herrick) Finding friends everywhere in the past few weeks and months. I am a really lucky person. It blows my mind to know that you are out there, reading me and thinking about these things that slip into my brain, out my fingers and onto screen. That time, space and distanceContinue reading “Gathering rose-buds”

Tieing up loose ends

Alternate post title: Things that I forgot to tell you while I was talking¬† about other things 1. More about seeing Tron yesterday Saw the preview for “Thor” – decidedly less-lame than I thought it would be. Seriously. I’m going to see this movie. Best line of the preview: Where I come from science andContinue reading “Tieing up loose ends”

“I am Tron. I fight for the User.”

Oh, yes. Oops! Title of this post should be “Tron: Legacy: Film review” How silly of me. Oh, yes! I’m kidding myself – this isn’t a review, I’m not unbiased, even if this movie sucked rocks I would be saying how amazing it is. It didn’t suck. It is amazing! To be back in theContinue reading ““I am Tron. I fight for the User.””

More adventures in babysitting

Nope, not at Tron. Still trying to figure out how that happened. Truth – happy it did. Spent the evening hanging with my niece – who is, even now, singing to herself instead of sleeping. Excuse me for a moment. Ok, she is quiet now, deeply breathing and hopefully, deeply dreaming. We coloured, ate dinnerContinue reading “More adventures in babysitting”