Thursday, September 30, 2010: Wanted, one hug

Oddly sensitive around the edges. Computer problems abound – could not fix the error message at all. Two unplanned hours installing updates that kept freezing the system, re-starting only to cause the same error message. Frustration seeps into my eyes and shoulders. Concentration pulling my lips and forehead down. This problem is solving. Implied accusationContinue reading “Thursday, September 30, 2010: Wanted, one hug”

Two prostitutes, a dominatrix and a judge walk into a room…

And make prostitution legal in Canada. At the end of the next 30 days, if the government is not granted a stay on this decision, it is will be legal in Canada for “common bawdy houses” to run, to communicate for the purposes of prostitution and to live of the avails of prostitution. Stories onContinue reading “Two prostitutes, a dominatrix and a judge walk into a room…”

Addiction and swimming in straight lines

Our brains are perfectly wired for addiction. It is to keep us with one is safe, known, the same? Keep us out of danger, in an evolutionary way? Keep us coming back to safe things, tested things, things that we can live through and see to the other side? Things that we can live with?Continue reading “Addiction and swimming in straight lines”

Thoughts on human evolution

I want to perform photosynthesis. Nothing but sunshine, water and the chlorophyll in my skin – keeping me alive, feeding me. How lovely never have to go shopping for food again, but to make it myself, keep myself alive. Bring it on evolution – I’m ready, ready, ready! I once ran across this position byContinue reading “Thoughts on human evolution”

Thursday, September 16, 2010: A little out of time

Sleep troubles. Had a one and half hour lie-in to compensate and made it in one hour late. Everything happened one hour later than usual. Missed swimming – there was a class – got confused about lunch time, around for the mail delivery and couldn’t get warm. Fixed that one with a sauna. Had allContinue reading “Thursday, September 16, 2010: A little out of time”

Plans falling apart, plans coming together

Total failure to find an acceptable place to stay in Paris lead to a conversation and revised plans. Now – a few days back up at the lovely place in Haliburton with the kicking spa. In fall there are several interesting activities, including a canoe trip, boat cruise and some guided walks. Very nice andContinue reading “Plans falling apart, plans coming together”