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I haven’t written anything about Pakistan not ‘cuz it’s not on my mind or becuz I don’t care – I just, I can’t get my tiny brain around it. I can’t get my heart around it. I can’t understand or imagine.

I feel like a failure about this. I think that maybe if I were smarter, better, more loving I would be able to process or understand it.

Problem is, I am who I am. With all these annoying limits that make me not understand things or misunderstand things.

It is my great misfortune that, with everything going on, I am also compelled to make stupid jokes.

Cricket scandal – how could this happen! My grandma loves crickets and you guys may  have broken her heart!



One of my favourite people to see on a day-to-day, moment-to-moment basis returned from holiday today!

She is a true lady of leisure and I’ve never met someone who, honestly and truly, knows how to make the most of her time away from work.

Welcome back! I miss you when you are away!

And…she brought me back a bag of licorice.

Black, shiny, soft, fresh, licorice.

The best licorice I’ve ever tasted in my life – and I’ve had a lot of licorice.

Never heard of this company before – Capricorn. Australian. I am a big fan of Koala licorice, it was my favourite up until today. I can’t stop eating this stuff.

If you love black licorice this stuff is so for you. Mmmmm, licorice for dinner.

I snuck pieces of it all day and didn’t even share with my colleagues – I’m ok with being selfish about licorice. I’d share with my mum, but she wasn’t at work today…her loss!

What an amazing day. I am luckiest person.

Oh, Avatar was very enjoyable. Cool blue cat people! And cool appearance by the Lorax.

Seeing”Get Low” after getting my hair done – theme of the week-end? Hair and movie! – was a nice way to spend some time.

The quietness of this movie was very powerful and compelling and I loved how secrets were the central theme. Everyone was great and what  pleasure to see nor only Bill Murray – gets better with age – but also Sissy Spacek. Sissy Spacek is a true pleasure to watch and I’m sure I’m not alone in saying – Come back to the screen Ms. Spacek! We miss you!

Low part of the film – the audience. I’m not sure what age talking during a movie becomes ok, but I was a bit teed off.

On the other hand – my hair looks fabu! My stylist’s current plan is “let’s see how long your hair can get and still look great.” She is the boss, so it will be an interesting time. She is also a genius with colours – the new hi-lights look incredible.

Very very happy with my new do!!

Urge to see a movie hit right after lunch and it time to have some company again. Unsure about what movie to see and opted for “Eat, Pray, Love”  the book I totally hated.

Issuing the invite, deciding to see to a friend’s hair before the flick and maybe a couple of drink as well.

Picking up a new fall jacket while my friend gets an inverted bob – well done! The hair looks amazing and my friend looks…like herself again. Like how I think she looks when I think of her – the outside matches the inside, again.

Finding some…chocolate covered blueberries and sneaking them into the film – I get that doing this is…illegal? or some junk, but if the film is anything like the book, I will need every chance possible  to make it enjoyable. Yes, as well as the wine.

Verdict. Not a bad film, I hated the book, found it self-indulgent crap filled with little to no wisdom. The film – I liked it, although the difficult parts of the book were missing.

In the film, Julia Robert’s journey is…relatively easy. This story became a romance.

I didn’t find the book to be…romantic.

This film had strong currents of romance.

Well-shot and well-acted, this film is…a film with Julia Roberts. So, just verging on deep, just on the fake-side of reality and falls short of sincere and true. I mean, typical Julia Roberts.

I think the thing for me is, I don’t like her films, but when I see Julia Roberts in a film, I kind of like her. She is charming and interesting to watch.

In this film – she is charming and interesting to watch.

Best part of the evening – my friend’s new hair cut! She is getting it coloured in a few days!

The new jacket is great – back to black.

My hair appointment is tomorrow.

Of alternate realities.

Seriously, what was going on today?

One moment every thing was going according to plan, calm, reasonable and then suddenly WHAM! alternate reality where things were crazy and nothing made sense.

Case in point:

Walking along the hall, suddenly I get pulled into a conversation about appropriate use of walkie-talkies during a Code Black. Both the people who have them thought they were supposed to turn them off until the code was over. I said “Nope, you keep them on, but you can’t use them for anything. You may want to check on that.” They did. I am right. They thank me for the clarification.

Things normalize.

Walking along the same hall later – pulled into a conversation about what an announcement said. I clarify “that is the Code Black. You don’t call the code.” They consult each other and realize – I’m right.

One moment things are completely calm in the office and then, a moment of blue language and crazy questions. Things return to calm.

Maybe it was my new shoes.

Or the “Mock Code Black” – people were very quiet today, laid back and lying low. It was…interesting. I would blame the full moon, but usually the full has the opposite effect.

Happily, the Mock Code Black is now over and I don’t have to worry about it any more – I think my colleagues were getting irritated that I was going to keep giving them moment to moment updates and instructions on what they should do and to keep calm.

Is there anything that incites panic more than someone saying “Be calm.”

Maybe “RUN!”.

I don’t know, I’m not a panicologist.

New phrase I learned today: Sentient analysis.

Cool phrase, right?

Did I give a shout out to Darwin yet?

Finding out that I never owned a pair of red shoes, my friend Nat reasoned with me “bex – you must. Every woman must own a pair of red shoes. You need to buy these shoes.”

Finding her reasoning sound, I bought them.

I wore them with a little black dress, a little grey dress, with a cream and red dress, with jeans, with skirts, on good hair day and on bad hair days. I wore them in sunshine and rain, during the summer, spring and fall. I wore them early in the morning and late at night. I wore them to work and to play. I got many compliments on them and numerous people called them “bex’s Dorothy shoes!”

They had a kitten heel, looked great and were incredibly comfortable.

This past rainy Sunday, after brunch, the sole on the left shoe finally wore out.

After almost four year, it is time to say good-bye.

Good-bye shiny red shoes – I loved wearing you, I loved how you made me feel when I looked down and saw you on my feet. I loved giving people an excuse to sing “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” and I loved that you always made me feel better about walking around.

I will miss you and I am forever happy that we met and we were able to walk along the said path together for a while.

I never knew that a pair of shoes could change a life, you changed mine and I am better for knowing you.

Thank you.

The shiny red shoes are dead, long live the shiny red shoes.

And you know, Nat was right.

I now welcome into my life two new pairs of shoes – one a modified Mary-Jane purple pair with the comfiest heel and sole with a square toe and the other a modified eco-conscious black pair that ties up with a very low wedge heel. Both are serious walking around shoes and I look forward to many paths we will go down together.

Hello, new shoes.

No laundry = no end to the week-end.

A tiny part of the ole’ brain is still on week-end mode. This made for a completely confusing Monday.

New washer and dryer coming on Wednesday!

Yes, I am hurrying home after work on Wednesday to do my laundry – I can’t wait.

Thanks to Randy Bachman – this show on electronic music is awesome, I don’t remember the last time I heard Nick Kershaw’s “Wouldn’t it be Good?”

Still don’t understand the video.

Climbing – another complete bust. 4 climbs – 5.9, 5.9, 5.9 and 5.8. So weak – does Batman ever have days like this?

I’m blowing off doing laundry this week-end.  I want to do it, I want to make my things clean and iron the wrinkles and get ready for Monday, but I’m not doing it.

I’m mad at the washer – for weeks it has left small spots of oil on my clothes.

I know, I know, no biggie right? I can always buy new, unsoiled clothes.


I’m trying to cut down on what I buy and how much stuff I have in my life.


No new clothes until it is on the schedule.

It isn’t on the schedule until mid-fall, after a vacation.

The solution – new washer. And you know, when you buy a new washer, it is the perfect time to buy a new dryer.

‘cuz the dryer doesn’t turn off when you open the door. Dryers should turn off when you open the doors.

The decision is to go front loaded *finally*. I’d love to do steam injected, but I doubt that it is in the cards this time round.

Hopefully a Monday or Tuesday delivery.

‘cuz I want to do my laundry.

I’m super excited about Sunday – brunch planned with a new person in my life and her husband.

I’m very lucky, my friends have given me the confidence to keep inviting new people into my life. Over the last five years of my life, there are a lot of new people, new friends – it is exciting.

And funny, I said to my ex about seven years ago “That’s it. I have officially met all the people who are ever going to impact on my life and there are no new people who I will ever call friends. I’m done – no new friends for me. I can’t even imagine meeting new people and making new friends.”

How happy I am, how lucky I am that I was so very wrong!

I love being wrong – it keeps things in perspective. And I learn things.

New word I learned today: biomimicry – this is an incredible concept and deserves an entry of its own, so stay tuned.

I mean, like, if you could “tune” into a wordpress site…

Haha, wordpress thinks “wordpress” is a spelling error!

Spent the day thinking about this film.

I really liked it – very comic book-y, which I loved, the differences between still drawings and moving pictures are numerous but the film expressed the best of both media.

The film provided a very nice snapshot of life in the here and now – how Gen Xers and Gen X-wannabes see themselves in the world. Lives filled with music, information, totally technological connectedness, intertwining subconscious, magic and myth.

As hip as the dialogue, fight sequences and music is, the story is universe – we all understand having to get past our current lover’s past lovers to form a real, meaningful relationship here and now.

Yes, I loved the fight sequences, the cultural references, the extremely funny and clever dialogue, but at its heart it was the simplest story – boy meets girl, boy loses girl, boy wins girl back. A simple story with excellent storytelling.

The dialogue was clever, at turns biting, witty, tender and confusing always with natural rhythms. Loved the actors and how they were by turns understated and incredibly ham-n-chessey.

I read a few reviews of this movies before going to see – one of the interesting things I found was, yet again, parents thinking that if it based on a comic book, then it means it is for children. Especially if the rating is PG. This isn’t a film for children. At all. It isn’t graphic, no nudity, very little swearing, it is a good, clean kind of fun, but if the characters are 20-somethings, you can bet that they are being adults and showing an interest and making allusions to sex. They are either having it or trying to have it. If you have had that talk with your kids then, sure great movie and enjoy as family – if not, then do your kids a favour and take them to see something else.

Just because it is based on a comic book doesn’t mean it is for kids. These aren’t the comic books you think you remember.

My favourite things about this movie was that it is set in my home town – the original comic book is too and it is a thrill to see familiar sights and sounds and know that yes, this is life here.

Loved all the Canadiana too – the CBC exploding pizza t, the SARS shirt – oh, yes, this is a story perfectly set in the True North.

Bravo to the writer of the original book. Bravo to the creative team that brought this to the screen.

Extremely enjoyable.

Nothing has been easy or straightforward recently – things that should take two steps, take ten, easy things are a disaster and calm things incite panic.

I needed to reset things.

Deep breathes in the morning – two very major problems to deal with and the solutions are ready to go.

Solution – phone call, explanation given, clarification offered and confirmation of contact information. Email sent to colleague to explain the situation and offer apology – already knowing that nothing was too disrupted, so bit of a plus. Phone call for direction and put on the path of action – all is good, only the follow-through to go.

Solution – time, quiet and solitude. Solitude wasn’t an option, no worries – today nothing is bothering me – together we made a mistake. It happens. Mistakes happen and today I am accepting, there is no need to panic. Hope my aversion to panic today inspires – calmly accepting the mistake, seeing the solution and acting as quickly as possible. Ok too, to share the double-check and make tiny corrections missed on the original.

Final action of the day – why not try my hand at this lingering phone call. Feels like I won the lottery – cross it off my list.

What I learned today: Sometimes calm is an infectious disease.