Musings about flying brought about an email from a dear friend whom I haven’t heard from in so very long!

Did her thoughts of me make me think of flight leading to thoughts of her or did thoughts of flight turn my mind to her, which prompted hers to turn back to me?

This only cements what I mean about real time and space and emotional time and space.

I forget to miss people I love, because they are right here, right now. They seem more immediate and urgent than real time and space implies.

To misquote – I carry your hearts with mine.

Never lonely.

Tuesday gives a certain, smug satisfaction – made enough headway on a small project, made baby steps on a large project and received emails from everyone that I needed to hear from today – thank you –  you made my Tuesday a wonderful event. A celebration.

I have a copycat! Seriously, one of my dear friends has begun asking herself  “what would bex do?” and she does it.


She outlined a moment over dinner the other night and said “I asked myself what would you do and I did it!”

She said it was very liberating.

But she thinking that people are going to start wondering if she has been overdoing happy pills – apparently she is not usually so annoyingly cheerful.

Don’t worry, I warned her: “With Great Power comes Great Responsibility. And sometimes Chocolate.”

I am loving mornings – my radio station notes a historical event every morning, last week I learned all about Mata Hari.