Deciding to hit Monday before it hit me – bouncing out of bed, beating the alarm clock.

Bring on Monday – I can take it!

Struggling most of the day with some new computer applications – felt like I was losing for a while there, but I did it! I did it.


Still struggling with the climbs – the cough is making me stay down. Gravity seemingly most assertive in this heat.

Facing hard truths – I am earthbound animal. Not meant to fly and with plenty of problems climbing – I’m no monkey girl. Today the first hold was a problem – step up and reeeaach!  Couldn’t reach. My brain making reaching a problem.



Looks so far away and too far off the ground.

I am an earthbound animal.

I hate being earthbound, I want to fly.

If I could fly and never leave the ground, that would be perfect.

Invite to a Garden Tea Party – looks like I need a new dress. Too bad for me!

I think I have a nice cup and saucer to bring along with me…somewhere…

What I learned today: Installing the software still means that you have to download the application.