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Oh! Home from an unusual Friday evening climb – awesome to get on the wall and AND – email from the climbing place, the wait list came through and we are go for a two-day course next week-end.


Climbing at Rattlesnake!

I’m so excited to get back to real  rock.


My Thursdays are getting better and better every week.

11 hour workday – with reason. Loads: running out of patience with the outdated browser, changed to the new, shiny one, changed permissions on the SharePoint page created yesterday so others can do things on it, added DVDs to 24 toolkits which means third of the way done, teaching my manager SharePoint basics and creating a project site with her, chairing a project team meeting and completing three Action Items assigned to me, accepting a meeting regarding SharePoint later in August, receiving pizza and hanging out with the study group for pizza and dessert bars.


Is it any wonder I love my job?

Also, a dear friend of mine sent me a link to a tee-shirt that called “Zombies at Tiffany’s” which has a drawing of zombie!Audrey Hepburn in the iconic up-do, black dress with cigarette holder. Hilarious.

Is it any wonder I love my friends?

Climbing Friday after work ‘cuz no climbing on Saturday. So, happy and too bad.

Someone said I looked really pretty today. And then they went on to say that I look pretty every day.

I figure sometimes it is good to put some effort into it.

I wonder if there is anything in this post that could get me fired.

What I learned today: Sometimes you need the latest version to do the coolest tricks.

until you’ve heard it played on Steel Pans!  Hilarious and sounds amazing.

Six climbs – 3 x 5.9, 1 x 5.8, 1 x 5.10- and 1 x 5.10+.

Good night, no pushing.

My travel companion/climbing partner is way more laid back. She is confident we will get into the outdoor climb course and is certain that we will find an acceptable place to stay in Paris.

So, silly me for worrying. It is sometimes hard having news you think will someone else down.

Feeling better about the whole thing.

Wresting the whole day with IT issues – firewall, browser – yikes!

All is ok – it passed and I lived through it.

Going to do it all again on Thursday.

Hope rises from the ashes.

Heaps of sympathy piling on me when sharing the news this morning – “Paris = booked solid!”

Sulking, coming back into the office and hear one of my fabu colleagues having a very loud phone conversation. Waving me over, I know who she is talking too. I know what she is talking about!


One conversation later and I emerge with a list of reasonably priced rental apartments in…Paris. Along with a personal contact and referral.

And a link to a tour company that is suggested.

Early afternoon – same colleague forwarding me an email from another colleague who is currently…in Paris. Stranded. She offers to chat with me when she is back in town and give me some tips about my visit.

During the videoconference, same colleague, notes “If we put this off until that person gets back, then three weeks later bex has to go to Paris.”




I gave up too quickly, didn’t I?

In other news: volunteered for some increased responsibility during that videoconference. Which I figure is all good – better to volunteer before someones suggests you. At least I think. That is probably a bexism.

What I learned today: When other people believe in your desires, it totally rocks.

What I re-learned today: Sometimes you have to say what you want out loud, for the universe and the people in your life to hear, loud and clear, and then, stuff can happen. Like in a good way.

Ignore the bad news all week-end and face it Monday.

!Disclaimer: There are no zombies in this post!

Nowhere in Paris is available with the time share until November 2011.

Who plans vacations this far ahead?

Someone better organized than me, for sure!

No places in the outdoor climbing course for the dates that we want.

Who plans climbs this far ahead?

Someone better organized than me, for sure!

Time to drown, choke and stab my sorrows.

Niggling pattern – I break it down.

Five weeks ago: a friend suddenly says she has been watching “True Blood” and – never mind that she hates vampires – she is loving it. Note: I mentioned this series to her. Last summer. She wasn’t interested.

Three weeks ago: on the way to brunch with two friends, one of them mentions how good “True Blood” is and the other decides it is something she needs to see. Immediately. Note: I mentioned this series last summer to the second friend, who replied “I hate vampires.”

Ten days ago: I cough and spit up some blood.


Four days ago: using the “Read-o-matic” feature on WordPress, the first blog and post that comes up is a fun one about vampires.

Yesterday: visit a house that I can only describe as “the house that Dracula’s uncle lives in”.

Last night: finally having the chance to see a Sunday evening episode of “Law & Order: Criminal Intent” and it is about…vampires.

So what is going on here?

Why this pattern?

Why now?

Is this part of the societal surge that is happening surrounding the Twilight series and then the Sookie Stackhouse series as well? Or is this something more personal? 

I can’t stop thinking about that article in Psychology Today about why there is upsurge in the occult and supernatural when our lives become increasingly technologic. Great article – why isn’t it referenced more?

Probably because it is Psychology Today. What a rag of a mag.

Still. This pattern is becoming a bit hard to ignore.

Uh-oh. A giant snake is missing near London ON.

See, a whole post and I said nothing about zombies!

Extreme bout of nostalgia – strawberries with evap.

Today – road trip to see a friends new(ish) home in Cobourg with one of my best pals.

Interesting stuff – I don’t know much about historical homes or restoration or stuff like that, but the house was very interesting.


Something like Dracula’s uncle would live in.

It was a lovely day and we finished it off with bubbles – ‘cuz who does love bubbles?

Relaxing sort of quick trip – very enjoyable. What a house.

Did a lot of fact-finding, report creation, proof reading and correction, presenting well-reasoned arguments in an easy to follow and polite way. Learned to do maybe two things every day.

This week was a workout for my brain. Now it hurts.

Where can I get a brain massage?

On the upside: I presented my research and view and…someone took action! The person who took the action based on my research is a well-respected colleague and someone I really admire. Is there any feeling better in the universe?

The support from the rest of the group was pretty awesome as well.


Daily bexism: Sometimes it will rain and sometimes the sun shine will shine. These things have nothing to do with you. Your moods don’t influence the weather. You don’t have to let the weather influence your moods.

Today – the best Thursday of my life. So far.

My shoes: the most comfortable in the universe.

My tee: designed by my fav designer in TO, one-of-a-kind, the cutest – black with silk screened pink spider webs.

My hair: awesome hair day.

My eyes: super blue.

My work: extremely productive.

My comments: wise, clever, well-reasoned and “bang-on”.

My reputation: stainless.

Today, in brief, rocked.

Today’s bexism: Our life journey is long and tough, the hills are steep, the valleys are low and there is everything from mountain paths to cobble stones to smooth sidewalks. Only wear shoes that are both comfortable and cute.  Comfortable, so you can walk as far as your life requires without taking a break and your don’t hurt your feet. Cute, so that you can look good under even the most difficult circumstances.

Addendum: Also true for underwear.

Patterns in the water.

Emails flying in from loved ones, two people telling me they ask themselves what I would do before acting and then acting like me and then, THEN, a colleague telling me that when she has questions about things, she calls me – I have the answers.

So. It is probably time that I founded a cult.

Or at least a school of philosophy. Sorry – School of Philosophy.

Here goes!

Bexist teaching 1: When feeling stressed out or overly emotional – breath in very slowly and then out very slowly. Breath in. Breath out. Keep doing this – you need oxygen to survive.

Musings about flying brought about an email from a dear friend whom I haven’t heard from in so very long!

Did her thoughts of me make me think of flight leading to thoughts of her or did thoughts of flight turn my mind to her, which prompted hers to turn back to me?

This only cements what I mean about real time and space and emotional time and space.

I forget to miss people I love, because they are right here, right now. They seem more immediate and urgent than real time and space implies.

To misquote – I carry your hearts with mine.

Never lonely.

Tuesday gives a certain, smug satisfaction – made enough headway on a small project, made baby steps on a large project and received emails from everyone that I needed to hear from today – thank you –  you made my Tuesday a wonderful event. A celebration.

I have a copycat! Seriously, one of my dear friends has begun asking herself  “what would bex do?” and she does it.


She outlined a moment over dinner the other night and said “I asked myself what would you do and I did it!”

She said it was very liberating.

But she thinking that people are going to start wondering if she has been overdoing happy pills – apparently she is not usually so annoyingly cheerful.

Don’t worry, I warned her: “With Great Power comes Great Responsibility. And sometimes Chocolate.”

I am loving mornings – my radio station notes a historical event every morning, last week I learned all about Mata Hari.