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We never do more than 4 or 5 climbs on week-nights – we did 7 tonight.

We never do two 5.10+ in – we did tonight.

After the second 5.10+, my climbing partner remarked “Here I was expecting to do a few 5.9s and those two 5.8s.  I don’t know what we were thinking.”

I was thinking “Can’t hurt to try.”

And I’m right!  It can’t hurt to try. But, it does hurt to succeed. Fingertips especially!

Stellar day at work – everything complete that I wanted to get complete, bonus, needed completion. I think I’ve developed something of reputation for proof reading, a colleague of mine requested me to take a look at some Minutes for her to look for any errors before submission.  I caught a few that escaped my notice before and emailed her back. Then I caught an error in another set of Minutes and sent that back to the distributor.

I’m making it a priority to read these things right away and read them again for errors. I think that some recent errors in a publication that was approved before I came on board has me pretty cognizant of errors and speaking up when I find them.

Funny thing is that I really proof reading and finding errors – I hum the “Mission Impossible Theme” while I’m proof reading – I find it gets me in the right mind-set.

What I learned today: Setting ones’ alarm for PM instead of AM is no reason to have a bad Monday.

I made it to work on time, got compliments on my hair (which I skipped doing), told I looked really good by three different colleagues, had an incredibly gross lunch and managed to get everything on the “to-do” list completed.

I don’t care about those who don’t like Mondays – I liked today.  It smacked of…potential.

I like potential.

I think we are store for a thunder-storm on Tuesday!  Bring it on – yay!


May is on hold and lasting forever.

Road trip up to Sibbald Point for some serious time on the sunny beach and in Lake Simcoe. Wow.

Lunch overlooking the lake, listening and watching families and friends soaking up rays and splashing around.

Got into the water a couple of times – refreshing and clean.  Like…let’s face it, it was like plunging into a cool lake on a hot, summer, sunny day.  Only it was spring.

We decided there and then that we would hit more beaches over the summer – Coburg and Wasaga are next on the list.

What I would do differently: Have my friend drive and bring a book.

What are so very lucky.

People friendlier, more ready to talk, make plans, connect with each other and try new things.

I got up a 5.10+!!!

I don’t know what happened. We climbed this 5.9 that we’ve done before and we just about to move and I said to my climbing partner “Let’s just try this one. For fun.”

So we tried. And I got up.

And I should feel really awesome about it, but now I just kind of hurt everywhere.

Not sure what happened – we pushed every way we could. We did 9 climbs. 9! Our norm is 6.  We went kind of crazy and it felt awesome.

Now I feel it everywhere.

Sorest part of my body – my finger tips!

Part of my body that doesn’t hurt: Everything hurts!

After, I felt so good I was going to visit the roof of MEC, rotten luck! I had to climb up a ladder to get to the roof!  No ladders for me and climbing anything by stairs was not happening. Not even in dreams.

So, maybe see the new Genet film? No way, sitting hurt!

Flaked off home and did…something, I think…something really unproductive and completed unremarkable. It was exactly what I needed.

Thing I’m wondering now: How I am going to go a road trip in the morning hurting like this?!

Today brought the challenge “Proof of birth”.


I exist.

Cloning technology is not yet so far advanced that it is possible to clone a human.

No one has built a working time machine, so that they can send a clone back in time.

Aliens, mathematically speaking, probably don’t exist.

Spontaneous generation is illogical and impossible.

Electricity being able to animate dead flesh into a semi-intelligent being is just a good novel.

So. I was born.

I offer my belly button as proof.

And, I say to those who requested this proof – “Prove to me that I wasn’t born.”

This really pissed me off.

So, between my friend’s blog that asked me to “prove that you are human” and today with the “prove you were born”, I’m wondering if society in general is going through some existential crisis or simply a crisis of identity. Or crisis of stupidity.

I’m human, I’m a “born human”, you prove to me that I’m not.

And then I’ll pull out my belly button and blow your proof away.

What I learned today: Sometimes people ask the wrong question.

Not eating much today, too hot.  No worries, my bro made blender drinks, so I’m getting an adequate amount of nutrition.  Who knew that spiced rum and vodka taste so good together?

Upcoming G8 and G20 security costs – over 1 billion dollars. Wait to choose 2 different venues, bub, and one being downtown Toronto.

Trying to make securities regulations a national thing and not provincial. Hm.  I don’t understand much about security regulations, so I’m not sure if this is needed or if we should just leave the provinces to sort themselves out. Besides it’s not as if our securities regulations were so incredibly lenient. They are pretty good, which is why we mostly avoided the financial meltdown.

Just heard a radio announcer make a segue between the theme from “Psycho” and a song by Sloan. I’m not convinced it worked, seemed a little…awkward to me.

I’m not sure if this charter challenge if going to go anywhere. I think it is a good challenge, logically speaking and I have nothing against people living somewhere.  Ok, I’m strongly in favour of having a safe place to live being a charter right, I’m just not sure how would governments guarantee this and meet this right – how to eliminate homelessness.

Feeling a bit loose and loopy – it is the heat.  We broke another record today and I keep wondering if things are just going to melt away – shade of that scene in “Raiders of the Lost Arc” where everyone’s faces melt off.

Thinking too about grammar – I sure know how to party.

You know, between zombies and agape, I actually think about agape more. But, I talk about zombies more. I’ve noticed that if you talk about agape too much, people think you are bit odd. Trust me.

What I learned today: The grounds where I work are so beautiful.

Heard about this study today about reusing pace makers. When a newer model of pace maker is available, the old one is removed, repaired and cleaned and put in someone else.

They’ve been studying this for years and have discovered that there is very, very little chance of infection or spreading disease via the used/refurbished pacer makers. This is being touted as an option to supply people in developing countries with much-needed medical devices.

So, really good points – none of which are my original thoughts:

Do developing countries really want used pace makers from developed countries? If it is good enough for developing countries, why don’t we re-use the pace makers? Re-using these kind of medical devices would save money and perhaps even address a few of the problems brought on by an aging population.

One reason for not looking at re-use of these kinds of medical devices has been suggested – again not by me!- as “the ick factor” – isn’t it too gross to consider?  Would you want a used pace maker, a device you knew had already been inside someone else’s chest, beating someone else’s heart in your chest, beating your heart?


This just goes to show, that it is as I’ve always suspected: Aesthetics really are important and have far more power than we give them credit for.

The “ick factor” yet again proves it. Aesthetics trumps scientific research, finance, morality and common sense. This is why I love aesthetics – it makes fools of all of us.

Otherwise, we would actually look at the research, look at the financial implications and find, yes, reuse of pace makers is a sane, responsible decision.  If not for the whole “this thing was already in my neighbour – gross!”.


What is up with Korea – back to war do you figure or will China and US come through and broker a deal?

These are the people in your neighbourhood.

6 climbs – 1 x 5,8m 5 x 5.9. One 5.9 fully of grace, one 5.9 a complete disgrace.

Need for soy milk forced me to the grocery store last week. Soy milk, 2 kinds of chips, 2 kinds of rice chips, 1 key lime pie, 1 lemon tart and a  bottle of wine later…it wasn’t impulse shopping. It wasn’t exactly impulse shopping.

I figure “Anything can happen on a long week-end, better be prepared.”

Just finished the dishes from the BBQ and dinner party with our neighbours – ate up one kind of chips, one kind of rice chip, the lemon tart and bottle of wine.

Feeling pretty smug about things now, I admit.

Dad said, “I didn’t know what was going on with all those things that you bought. They really came in handy.”

Knowing the people around you allows you be ready for their impromptu dinner parties.

Clean up was fast and easy – these things go into dish washer, dish washer goes on. Now. These things get hand washed and that thing my brother washes ‘cuz it has mammal juice on it.

We are all done.

Excellent way to end off the long week-end.

Feeling good and very relaxed.

The wine was pretty god.

I love reading this kind of book.

The charts and math slow me down a bit in parts, but otherwise a perfect read for a Sunday afternoon.

This book is a must read for anyone who is interested…ok, this book is a must read for everyone.  Who lives.


Two epidemiologists take the methods for tracking and analyzing epidemics and looking at 23 countries  and comparing how they do on the International Index of Health and Social Problems and crossing that with how equal the countries are. Across the board, those countries that are more equal have less health and social problems, those countries who are less equal have more health and social problems.


The data is nicely broken up with snippets of news stories, to better illustrate the social or health problem and the writing is very good – not dryly academic, but suffused with a passion.

The use of charts was excellent and very useful in terms of understanding the point and all the statistical data is given at in the reference pages at the end.

They really tied everything in too – psychological studies (Milgram’s compliance experiments) , sociologic theories (Durkheim and de Tocqueville) and, animal behaviour (chimpanzees and bonobos) and genetics (bonobos and humans)

Very nice.

My favourite part of the book was when they talked about how people living in the lower part in more unequal societies try to gain the physical trappings of the upper parts. This answered a long-standing curiosity about why people who don’t have a lot of income will spend their money on things they can’t afford rather than groceries or things of real value. It’s all status, baby: you can afford to skimp on groceries (‘cuz no one sees in your kitchen cupboards), but you need a cell phone ‘cuz important people have cells phones.

Interesting was also the part where they talk about how two very different kinds of self-esteem exist, the first kind being “real self-esteem” that contributes to being socially secure, making friends easily and relating to people and the other is “negative self-esteem” which is purely reactionary. So, you feel good about yourself, but it isn’t based on anything real and it actually makes you more of jerk – more racist, more violent and less able to make friends, it is a reaction to the rest of society putting you down.

Very interesting stuff.

I loved too, how non-partisan this book is – it would be so very easy to put forth a “better way” of government, but they suggest that achieving equality can take many roads.

I’m going to check out their website.

What I learned today: So much, so much.

Celebrating the warm weather and long week-end with two movies – back-to-back.

First: Date Night.

I’m really late seeing this one and it is right on the edge of my normal movie fare. It had some chuckles and, yes, the chemistry was very impressive. It was total brain candy. I enjoyed.

Second: Clash of the Titans

I’m still trying to figure out how a bad movie get worse. I think one of the writers got very confused about who Perseus – yes, writers and actors, we know that it is pronounced perZeus, meaning “of Zeus” ‘cuz Perseus is one of Zeus’ many children with human women – was and why there is a constellation named after him. He wasn’t the dude who rejected gifts from gods and chose to life a human life nor was he the dude who fell in love with Io. There are no stories about them meeting.

See, the writers took a very interesting, fun little story about a dude doing something kinda cool, with plenty of help from Gods and plenty of trouble from Gods. His story is not a story about him defying the Gods or making a choice to live without the Gods – a better story for that kind of tale is the Odyssey. Perseus was no Odysseus. He never was, Perseus chatted with the God when they dropped by and always took their advice.

Oh, a shiny shield, gee thanks! Oh, a golden bridle that controls a winged horse – shouldn’t have, but glad you did! Oh, a cool sword and helmet that will make me invisible – aw, shucks! Advice from both Mercury and Athena? Wow! – that was Perseus.

And this whole subplot of Hades trying to overthrow Zeus was just distracting – whose story are we supposed to care about here?

Why was this movie remade?

They even removed all the gratuitous nudity. This movie is nothing without gratuitous nudity – seriously, in the original everyone got naked at some point. This movie – no one gets their kit off. What was up with that?!

And sure, the graphics looked slick, but come on! I am the only one who sometimes misses those horrid little clay figurines that used to be used for special effects?

And before you go accusing me of just being bitter that my three favourite characters were not in this movie – I say to you “Look, the myth of Perseus, Pegasus and Andromeda is basically nothing without Athena and Mercury, and truth be told as much as I loved the mechanical owl in the original movie – it was in this movie as a cheap gag.

Ok, so I am little bitter that Athena AND Mercury were both excluded from this movie. It is an insult. They were my patron Greek Gods when I was a kid. At least I had patron Greek Gods when I was a kid. But, they were really important to this myth, that is why I loved the original so much.

This movie sucked all the fun out of this Greek myth. I’m just going to pretend that it never happened. So should everyone else.

And if someone writes another where they get myths incorrect I’m going to write a very angry letter to someone.

What I learned today: Sometimes getting caught up on the news can lead to a new book.

No one talks about agape anymore. I mean, I never hear people talk agape. Our society is full of eros, where is the agape?

Reminded today of conversation I had while living in the mountains – mentioned to a friend of mine that really, so many of our problems and personal issues could be solved if we could only extend agape to ourselves. If we could love ourself like we love our neighbour or a stranger. Or an animal. I can could love me the way I love you, if I could accept me they way I can accept you, well, I’d be a happier, better loved person, would I?

It is easy to love a rock or speck of dust, get lost in the beauty of grapefruit and feel connected to everything – to see everything as a beautiful, unique expression and just love it.

To feel that same emotion towards ourselves, that same level of acceptance and compassion. If I saw my best friend dating someone who treated them the way I sometimes treat and think about myself, I would say to them “You can do better.”

I want to love myself the way I love that speck of dust, that rock, that tree, that other human being.


And you know, I think in the event of a zombie attack, a machete is better. You would have to spend a lot of time looking for bullets if you had a gun.

Thanks to that writer at Cracked who pointed this one out.