From Friday April 23: Day 2 at the Conference

EDIT: This post was supposed to appear on April 23, but I forgot to publish, I blame myself. My table mates rocked the conference.  We were rowdy, we answered questions, we networked, we cheered, we hooted, we hollered.  Great conference. Another full day of learning – soooooooo much about…Google! I thought I knew how toContinue reading “From Friday April 23: Day 2 at the Conference”


Branching out into new cuisines and new restaurants, tonight we tried take-out from a little place that serves up tasty Sri Lankan food.  Yum yum. I’m not sure exactly what we have for dinner, but there were some extra tasty noodles wrapped and folded around various fillings – butter chicken, channa, some random veggie thing,Continue reading “Babu”

Thursday, April 22, 2010: Day at the Conference

Wearing a lovely, soft-cotton-made-in-Canada-sheath-dress with shiny patent red shoes and attending a conference for Administrative Professionals. Excellent conference. One of my most favourite speakers presented and gave some “game changing” tips for using PowerPoint.  Loved it and there are plenty of tips to put into immediate use.  I’m trying to figure out how to spreadContinue reading “Thursday, April 22, 2010: Day at the Conference”

Searching for mushrooms

Apparently women and men search for mushrooms differently. Women find mushrooms as they go, take more breaks and stay closer to home. Men find mushrooms in riskier places, gather less kinds, don’t pick up mushrooms as they go and go further and higher away from home. Which, explains why the genders have such trouble understandingContinue reading “Searching for mushrooms”

Movie review: Kick-Ass

“This is a crazy movie!” – Statement from guy sitting in the front row And he is totally right. Laugh-out loud, clever,  biting, satirical, silly, fun – an 11-year old “Hit Girl”, her father “Big Daddy” and a high school nobody “Kick Ass” bring chaos down on various criminals and assorted baddies. Wow. After seeingContinue reading “Movie review: Kick-Ass”

Film review: The Wild Hunt

I’m not sure how to write this review. I’m not sure that I can. There are some elements that I take issue with.  The first being that people who role-play can’t tell the difference between fantasy and reality. This was already done in “Wizards and Warriors” starring Tom Hanks back in the 80s. Mainstream cultureContinue reading “Film review: The Wild Hunt”


Climbing did something to my knee.  I only made it up one route and the second almost finished me off – seriously close to tears. I’m grounded. Good timing, my climbing partner is away for the week. Hope it isn’t too serious.