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Loved it!

Rich colours, great animation, excellent characterization and great story-telling.  The only thing that really bothered me was how the adults spoke with Scottish accents – so now we are going to have a bunch of kids (and grownups!) walking around thinking Vikings were Scottish…just what we needed.

Actually this really bothered me.  The kids/teenagers sounded North American and the adults – Scottish.  It was a bit senseless.

The only thing that I can think is that the accents were…symbolic.  So, the North American accents symbolized the “new generation/new way of doing things” and the Scottish accents represented the “old guard/old way”.


I can accept that.

But it still bothered me.

The most touching part about this movie was the ending.  I don’t want to give any spoilers, but it was…symmetrical.  And both parts of the symmetry made me tear up.

It was fitting.

The 3D was good and I left the theatre without any ill side-effects.  Besides wanting to hang out with a dragon…

The flying sequences are really something and I’m happy that the cheesy effects were left to the commercials before the film, and more subtle and beautiful effects for the movie itself.  Except for the glasses, the 3D was ubiquitous and not distracting.  Nicely done.

One of the coolest experiences of seeing this movie was hearing the reactions of the kids in the theatre.  If I thought something was cool, there was some kid saying out loud “Whoa!  Cool!”  So, good to know that I still know what cool is.

A fun way to pass some time.  Excellent entertainment.


There is no scientific proof that Epsom salts do anything except soften water.

Spent Earth Hour with the lights and in a very hot Epsom salt bath with beeswax candles flicking.  Lovely.

I don’t care about scientific proof – my muscles feel better.

Things are very…uncertain at work.

I haven’t received my contract extension, so, as far as I know, I’m unemployed as of Wednesday!

What I learned this week-end: A lot of people misuse the word “osmosis”.

What else I learned this week-end: A lack of scientific evidence doesn’t mean that it doesn’t work, it just means that they can’t explain why it works.

Word to be used more often to explain things that lack proof or evidence or when they are just hard to explain: “Magic.”

Rocking Wednesday climbs – 6 climbs total, 3 at 5.10-.

Walking, picking things up, sitting, standing, smiling were…issues on Thursday. Everything hurt.  Especially my fingers.

Soaking in epsom salts relieved the achy pains. So already to climb in the morning!  Yay!

Question of the day: What are epsom salts?

Other question of the day: How do they draw the lactic acid out of muscles?

What I should’ve done: Come home and done yoga.

What I did: Went grocery shopping, cracked open some sparkling wine to have with dinner.

Today’s rain has turned to – snow! Just in time for spring skiing.  Too bad I don’t ski.

What I learned today, wait, what did I learn today, oh yes, don’t drink and blog.

These chocolate covered macaroons are really fresh and tasty.

What else I learned today: My colleagues will not rest until I let them set me up with someone.  I mean, a man.

What I’m going to do about it: Nothing.  It’s working for me so far.

Or maybe I will let them… who knows what I will do!

This sparkling wine is quite tasty – Bubbles by Yellowtail, I’ve been saving for..some reason…yum yum!  It is a good everyday sparkling wine.

Happy world water day!

Didn’t know it was “world water day” until the day was almost over – is it a social faux pas to talk to the water bottle delivery service and not wish them “Happy World Water Day!”?  Maybe.

Climbing was good – sushi was better.

We got some advice about climbing technique – you reach with the same side you step with – here I had thought it was opposite.  Any advice on how to handle fear of heights – ‘cuz this totally messed me up on the last attempted climb.  It was only 5.8, so I should have been all over it.

What I learned today: I’m climbing the “wrong way.”

What I must remind myself: The “wrong way” doesn’t mean up!

Very tired.  Very sore.

Just a phone number?  Maybe.

So, why have a bunch of people been getting calls from this number?

After missing call at work from this number, without a voice mail, for funs-ies I googled it.  I am not alone!  There were like five separate discussion boards about this number!

I checked three of the boards – didn’t find anyone I know nor could I see any kind of pattern, except, well this number seems to call a lot of work/business numbers.


Interesting mystery.

What I learned today: Wisdom can arrive by mail.

This morning – an adventure in pain and tears.  Giving up and going back to bed would’ve been so easy – but then I would’ve missed out on all the weirdness.

Ran across an article that talks about a possible evolutionary reason for depression. Quote of the day:

“There is nothing profound about depressive rumination. There is just a recursive loop of woe. “
– Jonah Lehrer, author of  “How We Decide” and of the blog The Frontal Cortex on “The Depressed Person,” a short story by David Foster Wallace.

What is the evolutionary purpose of depression in my view?  Nothing.  It is totally against evolutionary principles – but, maybe people/possible mates who are prone to depressive bouts are just sexier than some who are not.  Depression is rampant in humans and we always have to remember, everyone alive today is the direct descent of someone who was successful at reproduction.  We are not only the strong, but also the sexy.

I think it matters less about what makes you strong and able to survive and matters more about what makes you sexy and gives you opportunity to have sex and possible reproduce.

Take that Darwin!

Some clever TV producers in France have started a fake TV game-show based on the psychological studies of Henry Milgram about compliance.

You remember these crazy experiments – two people were brought into a lab, one, “the learner” was taken to another room and hooked up to machine that gave them an electric shock.  The other person/”the teacher” was seated in front the machine that was able to administer the electric shock.  It was a learning exercise, for every wrong answer”the learner” gave, they were given a shock administered by “the teacher”, in increasing volts, all the way up to fatal. “The teacher” could hear the reaction o “the learner” to the shocks, could them beg and plead not to be shocked.  Those who refused to continue giving shock were instructed to continue.  Those who demanded to know who was taking responsibility for “the learner’s” well-being were told the experimenter would.  Shades of Nazi Germany.

So, they created a false game-show and Christophe Nick, producer, commenting on four of five players giving fatal shocks said: “People never would have obeyed if they have trust. They told themselves, “TV knows what it is doing.””

Um.  Wrong.

People are hard-wired to obey and willing hand over responsibility for their actions when someone else assumes responsibility.  Cretin.

Totally depressing. Want to have sex?

What I learned today: Sometimes you need a bit of slack.

What else I learned: Some news articles would be more interesting if the context were given.

“Nature is not rocket science.”

– Biologist, in interview with CBC radio, on the declining Blue Fin Tuna population.

New climbing routine – Monday, Wednesday and Saturday.  Wuv new shoes – red and silver sped me up the walls.  Didn’t push, still out of shape and Wednesday is only two days away.

Good hair = good mood.

What I learned today: I sometimes make mistakes, sometimes when I do, they are the right mistakes.

Rumour I need to dispel, again: I can’t read minds.  I know it seems like I can, I can’t.

No Caesars were harmed in the making of this post.

Thank goodness Google is here to let us know about all these interesting days during the year – Pi Day! Yay!

Up early and tackled all the things that I hate doing on Sunday evening, so the week-end now seems extra looooong.  Grocery shopping, kitchen cleaned, dishes done, laundry finished yesterday along with ironing, plants watered, credit card paid off.  Lovely.

Feeling a bit restless, finding some place to stay for a trip to..Paris!  Paris?  When did those thoughts start?  Not sure, but I guess that is another downfall of the internet – fleeting thoughts become possibilities soooo easily.  Finding a place to stay, checking up on airfare, looking at the CDN-Euro exchange rate and working up a quickie budget…How I love these lazy Sundays!

Seriously, I could fly away. Anywhere.

I wonder why getting my hair done always makes me want to take a trip.

Time change has kicked it right out of me – even with last night’s early bed-time and sleep-in this morning.  Going to flake out on the couch.