Review: How to Tame Your Dragon (in 3D!)

Loved it! Rich colours, great animation, excellent characterization and great story-telling.  The only thing that really bothered me was how the adults spoke with Scottish accents – so now we are going to have a bunch of kids (and grownups!) walking around thinking Vikings were Scottish…just what we needed. Actually this really bothered me.  TheContinue reading “Review: How to Tame Your Dragon (in 3D!)”

Epsom salts and Earth Hour

There is no scientific proof that Epsom salts do anything except soften water. Spent Earth Hour with the lights and in a very hot Epsom salt bath with beeswax candles flicking.  Lovely. I don’t care about scientific proof – my muscles feel better. Things are very…uncertain at work. I haven’t received my contract extension, so,Continue reading “Epsom salts and Earth Hour”

This is my brain on climbing

Rocking Wednesday climbs – 6 climbs total, 3 at 5.10-. Walking, picking things up, sitting, standing, smiling were…issues on Thursday. Everything hurt.  Especially my fingers. Soaking in epsom salts relieved the achy pains. So already to climb in the morning!  Yay! Question of the day: What are epsom salts? Other question of the day: HowContinue reading “This is my brain on climbing”

Rain, rain, rain, snow?

What I should’ve done: Come home and done yoga. What I did: Went grocery shopping, cracked open some sparkling wine to have with dinner. Today’s rain has turned to – snow! Just in time for spring skiing.  Too bad I don’t ski. What I learned today, wait, what did I learn today, oh yes, don’tContinue reading “Rain, rain, rain, snow?”

“Water, water everywhere…”

Happy world water day! Didn’t know it was “world water day” until the day was almost over – is it a social faux pas to talk to the water bottle delivery service and not wish them “Happy World Water Day!”?  Maybe. Climbing was good – sushi was better. We got some advice about climbing techniqueContinue reading ““Water, water everywhere…””

Thursday, March 18, 2010: Weird Science

This morning – an adventure in pain and tears.  Giving up and going back to bed would’ve been so easy – but then I would’ve missed out on all the weirdness. Ran across an article that talks about a possible evolutionary reason for depression. Quote of the day: “There is nothing profound about depressive rumination.Continue reading “Thursday, March 18, 2010: Weird Science”

Pi Day

Thank goodness Google is here to let us know about all these interesting days during the year – Pi Day! Yay! Up early and tackled all the things that I hate doing on Sunday evening, so the week-end now seems extra looooong.  Grocery shopping, kitchen cleaned, dishes done, laundry finished yesterday along with ironing, plantsContinue reading “Pi Day”