Two trips to the mall in three days – what is up with that?

New things in my life –  climbing shoes, overnight suitcase, coordinating bag to go with over night suitcase, make-up bag for travel and sports bra.  I feel like such a good little consumer.

My old make-up bag served me well, I’m a little sad to have a new one.

I love my old climbing shoes, so they are sticking around.  Need to get re-soled.

The other new stuff is accumulating – nothing old leaves.

Cleared out all the garbage and recycling – feels lighter.

Mostly packed for the trip this week – Brampton here I come!

Clothes all ready for the week and set for Monday night’s climb.

Checked out the theatre scene in Toronto – there are few that I want to see, so maybe I can find someone who is interested?

Stratford fest looks good – Peter Pan!  Yay!

Shaw – Harvey.  Yay!

So, things are looking good.

Maybe Swan Lake too?

What I learned today: It is ok to buy things, if you need them.

What else I learned today: I wasn’t the only Canadian not watching the men’s gold medal game.

Parliament is still prorogued. So, maybe now that the games are over, we can show as much interest in how our country is (not) being run?  Just saying…