Climbing up that 5.10- left all other thoughts behind.

Starting laundry and receiving the phone call – confirming plans!  I forgot!  How embarrassing!

Happy for the reminder and what a night!

Twisty-turney, beautiful conversation with two of my favourite people and wonderful food.  I even pronounced the Italian correct. I am smug.

I can’t wait until the weather warms up and we can mix our thoughts, words, food with aimless wandering.

The 5.10- means today I am forever hungry – lost track of how many meals I’ve had and I’m still hungry.  Is gluttony still a deadly sin?

And what is going on about a proposed law against overeating – some us need to eat to survive!

What I learned: Don’t be so impatient for people to get to the point, relax and enjoy the ride.