“…the mice will play.”

Facing a day in the office alone is a brilliant opportunity to come in late, take an extended lunch, fritter the time away on personal phone calls and leave early. I’m boring. At work before 7:00 am, videoconference at 7:00 am, follow-up emails sent directly after videoconference, research in preparation for a meeting about ITContinue reading ““…the mice will play.””

Grand Funk – is today Thursday?

Spending the day at the positive deviance workshop – it is way cool, but not as cool as the name implies.  A good time was had by me. Chatting with a friend online – clearing the funk out of my brain and readjusting my focus. Hocus pocus. Meandering conversation lead to thoughts of feeding catsContinue reading “Grand Funk – is today Thursday?”

Trouble with beginnings

I’m having trouble. The Olympic criticism, Toronto’s new budget, my new credit card, USA’s return to nuclear power, how King Tut died, new mortgage laws and the conversation over on the CBC newsboards about if aliens built the pyramids – today I don’t know where to begin. I got my new Beatles book via courierContinue reading “Trouble with beginnings”

Happy lunar New Year!

Rocking “The Samovar Room” on Friday night, The McFlies brought a super fantastic show, overcoming sound issues and a challenging room layout.  Only two waitresses on shift, most of the crowd opted for bottle service.  Oddness of the evening: seeing two people from high school choir who are now dating – the one of theContinue reading “Happy lunar New Year!”