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Two trips to the mall in three days – what is up with that?

New things in my life –  climbing shoes, overnight suitcase, coordinating bag to go with over night suitcase, make-up bag for travel and sports bra.  I feel like such a good little consumer.

My old make-up bag served me well, I’m a little sad to have a new one.

I love my old climbing shoes, so they are sticking around.  Need to get re-soled.

The other new stuff is accumulating – nothing old leaves.

Cleared out all the garbage and recycling – feels lighter.

Mostly packed for the trip this week – Brampton here I come!

Clothes all ready for the week and set for Monday night’s climb.

Checked out the theatre scene in Toronto – there are few that I want to see, so maybe I can find someone who is interested?

Stratford fest looks good – Peter Pan!  Yay!

Shaw – Harvey.  Yay!

So, things are looking good.

Maybe Swan Lake too?

What I learned today: It is ok to buy things, if you need them.

What else I learned today: I wasn’t the only Canadian not watching the men’s gold medal game.

Parliament is still prorogued. So, maybe now that the games are over, we can show as much interest in how our country is (not) being run?  Just saying…


Pondering why I don’t write or talk about the things that most occupy my brain – they are trite, boring, no one wants to hear about my radical theories or the things I’m wondering about. Our passions are boring and other people’s passions are exceedingly boring.  So, I don’t talk or write about those things, I don’t wish bore.

Away this week in Port Hope – spent Wednesday night to Thursday, had dinner a fabulous place called “The Palms”.  Interior – Morocan inspired and two —

oooh!  “Epic” by Faith No More is on the radio!

– people said how much it reminded them of “Casablanca”.  It didn’t remind me of “Casablanca”, but I get what they meant – “Morocan-theme”.

The food – lovely, crab cakes, salmon on salad, crème brûlée (served too cold – warm it up!).

The wine – yummy, red merlot-shiraz, drinkable and just the right wine for conversation flow.

The waiter – totally hot.

My company – completely unsubtle, seriously, they should have just slipped him my room key and called it a night.  He could hear the remarks – the place wasn’t very big.

But, he didn’t seem offended and had a nice smile, so it is all in good fun.

Lucky for me I don’t embarrass easily.

Catching the hockey game – Canada vs. Russia – after dinner.  Yay!

Early to bed for me.

Up at a reasonable hour and had the most perfect hard-boiled eggs ever.  Seriously, at a Best Western in Port Hope.  Wow!

Snow storm on Thursday did not slow us down.  The workshop was great and not a technical problem.  Drove back in the truck and bed called to me, so straight there, no diversions.

Friday the weather was awful. Very dark, blowing snow, back to bed for one hour only, up again, shoveled the drive, drove to work, by then all the snow either plowed or melted. Patience rewarded, yay!

Finally got my eyebrows done – they rock. A new overnight bag is now in my life.  “Overnight bag” is not a euphemism.  It is really luggage.

Early to bed Friday night – all this talk about norovirus freaks me out.

Saturday climb – complete bust, my climbing partner = hung over.

Two climbs.  Two!

Adjourning for soup and her colour came back, then…I am now the proud owner of new climbing shoes!  Took about an hour (totally frustrated the gentleman with the nice smile and odd sense of humour at MEC). Red and silver = I love them.  My climbing partner also has new shoes.  So, maybe not a lot of climbing, but a lot of energy about climbing.

We are adding another day too – Saturday, Monday and Wednesday.  Yay!

What I learned today: Some instructions are good to follow.

What else I learned today: I read the situation correctly. On all counts. And I’m not alone – on two counts. Hmm.  Interesting.

Facing a day in the office alone is a brilliant opportunity to come in late, take an extended lunch, fritter the time away on personal phone calls and leave early.

I’m boring.

At work before 7:00 am, videoconference at 7:00 am, follow-up emails sent directly after videoconference, research in preparation for a meeting about IT devices on Wednesday morning, cut lunch short by half and hour, didn’t want to far from the phone if my manager called, finished off some data entry and sent out evaluation summaries, almost stayed late, so caught up in more data entry…but, had to do some grocery shopping.

I’m ready, ready, ready for Wednesday morning.

My “sin dinner” of mac n’ cheese is also boring – whole wheat pasta!  Real cheese! Skim milk!  What am I thinking?!

It is really tasty, that’s what I’m thinking.  And healthy.

Climbing last night rocked my world.  Same 5.10-, but that other one is still giving me trouble – I can do it too, I made it up once, but never again.

Sore thigh today and my brain is feeling a bit dopey.  Tired, like zombie girl.

Funny, the things that I think most about, I don’t write about.

What I learned today that surprised me: Saying “Thank you” works. And even if it didn’t, it is still a nice thing to say.  When you mean it…

Other thing that I learned: A lot of people watch the Olympics.  Even though the athletes aren’t naked.  I don’t make this stuff up.

Coolest quote I’ve found since Sunday:

“work is a vampire that sucks me dry

which is a metaphor

but still the reason I stuck a chair leg through my manager”

– A Softer World

Climbing up that 5.10- left all other thoughts behind.

Starting laundry and receiving the phone call – confirming plans!  I forgot!  How embarrassing!

Happy for the reminder and what a night!

Twisty-turney, beautiful conversation with two of my favourite people and wonderful food.  I even pronounced the Italian correct. I am smug.

I can’t wait until the weather warms up and we can mix our thoughts, words, food with aimless wandering.

The 5.10- means today I am forever hungry – lost track of how many meals I’ve had and I’m still hungry.  Is gluttony still a deadly sin?

And what is going on about a proposed law against overeating – some us need to eat to survive!

What I learned: Don’t be so impatient for people to get to the point, relax and enjoy the ride.

Tweaking a recipe for peanut soup last night – the peanut soup being something of a grail…we read, reviewed and tore it apart and came up with something far different from the recipe.  It was wonderful – the score: Enchanted Broccoli Forst – 0, Jane and bex – 1.  Brief look through the book to find the next recipe to save…curried apple soup?

We cut back on about half the ingredients, put in veg stock in place of water and added more veggies – red pepper, sweet potato and carrot.  Only onion, fresh garlic and fresh ginger.  With crunchy peanut butter.  Delightful and hearty, yummy and filling.  With some of that very nice bread it was a dinner to remember.

Missing PodCamp 2010 today – oh well, interesting how most of the topics are now more…corporate.  I miss the grassroots/early adopted topics of past years.

Must be off – climbing walls this morning and have to go see what my friend is up to.

What I learned: I can cook.

What else I learned: WordPress thinks “PodCamp” should be “WordCamp”.  Subtle plug.

My heart rate is back to normal.  Mostly.

Anxiety earlier in the week has left me – limp.

Feel like a complete tool for canceling this evening’s climb, but when I can barely walk straight and keep my eyes open, perhaps trying to climb walls and belaying a climber is not the best activity.

I imagine a personality iron to give me some body and life back – crisp up my pleats and make me ready to wear.

The raccoons in the city have distemper and are dying. Makes me want to cry – and I don’t even like raccoons.  Better stay away from long distance phone commercials, they could really mess me up tonight.

What I learned today: How to work the new wireless mic system.  Yay!

What else I learned: Always watch for that first step – it’s a doozey.

Spending the day at the positive deviance workshop – it is way cool, but not as cool as the name implies.  A good time was had by me.

Chatting with a friend online – clearing the funk out of my brain and readjusting my focus.

Hocus pocus.

Meandering conversation lead to thoughts of feeding cats pasta in Italy, turning into a tropical fish and living in a tank and speculative plans for a much desired visit.  Hmm, doable. More so than hopping a plane this week and going to that conference that looks kicking.  Yes, I do want to talk about the future of literature.

Bombing of Dresden – 65 years ago today.

Still missing Kurt Vonnegut.

Shaking off the feeling that I’m stuck in an after school special, things are better, in the here and now.

Thanks.  Knowing that you are out there helps.

I’m having trouble.

The Olympic criticism, Toronto’s new budget, my new credit card, USA’s return to nuclear power, how King Tut died, new mortgage laws and the conversation over on the CBC newsboards about if aliens built the pyramids – today I don’t know where to begin.

I got my new Beatles book via courier today.

I’m going to leave the world and go and play.

To all the werewolves and Romans – Happy Lupercalia! I hope the werewolves are content with their mates for the next year and Romans have a good harvest.

I can’t figure out how that pregnant woman climbs.

Incredible lunch today, still full and I had to bring leftovers home.

Good climbs today, six varying degrees.  Right knee hurting, so the 5.10 was a no go.

What I learned today: February is better with a long week-end.  And chocolate.

Rocking “The Samovar Room” on Friday night, The McFlies brought a super fantastic show, overcoming sound issues and a challenging room layout.  Only two waitresses on shift, most of the crowd opted for bottle service.  Oddness of the evening: seeing two people from high school choir who are now dating – the one of the nicest basses with the meanest, bitchiest alto. A good time was had by all. The Eastern European music videos were really weird – all the women looked the same.

I think I may have someone to see Carmen with.

Cool thing: Seeing a friend and finding out he and his partner are starting up an artist’s retreat near Belleville – way cool.

Climbing on Saturday was so short – climbing partner still a bit wacked from meds taken on Friday.  It was safest for all to just stop. Lucky for us, Monday is a holiday, which means another day to climb in the morning.  Yay!

Happy Lunar New Year!  Celebrating by hanging out babysitting my niece last today, while my bro and sis-in-law go out to celebrate Valentine’s Day.

Funny, how different family celebrate different holidays.

What I learned: It is time to get my hair hi-lighted.